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Hydrating body butter for all skin types


 A super skin-softening, richly melting body butter, starring shea butter, aloe vera, Vitamin E and rosehip oil. All scented with the warm aroma of our signature fruity floral, ORIGINAL PINK™ fragrance.

This product is vegan. 


•          Scientifically proven to hydrate skin for 72 hours

•          Leaves skin feeling velvety soft and smooth

•          Rich and creamy texture that's easily absorbed and non-greasy

•          Beautiful fruity floral scent that leaves skin delicately fragranced

•          Suitable for all skin types including very dry skin

•          Dermatologically Tested


FRAGRANCE NOTES: Rose & Bergamot


Our signature fruity chypre fragrance where crisp bergamot, crushed green leaves and mandarin refresh a gorgeous bouquet of rose, jasmine and violet. Sensual base notes of patchouli, oakmoss and musks combine to complete our cult-classic signature scent.

Instructions for Use


We’re not ones to tell anyone what to do, but it really is better to butter after a good dose of FLAKE AWAY™ Body Scrub and CLEAN ON ME™ Shower Gel.

Massage a velvety handful of THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ Body Butter into damp skin until it’s all sunk in.

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Packed with key ingredients; Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Rosehip Seed Oil


Overall Rating:

4.7 out of 5 (145) Review(s)

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Clare from USA said on 06/08/2017

I have struggled for several years to find a moisturizer that would help the extremely dry & flaky skin I developed on my midriff and chest as I aged. Nothing worked for long. Then I "discovered" righteous body butter while shopping for makeup for my daughter. After about a week, it's like I have new skin. And the smell is heavenly! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from severe dry skin issues. And Thank You Soap & Glory!

Harriet from Suffolk said on 04/08/2017

I love this product! It keeps my skin soft and hydrated and there's no brand that does the job better! My whole family use it and it never fails any of us - id definitely reccomend this to anyone!

Stewarthef from rzlxbklk said on 08/05/2017

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Pinnella from Brighton said on 07/04/2017

I have used this body butter for some time now and would not change to another. I love the way in which it makes my very dry skin soft and supple - I believe that I am probably older than most women using this product and at a certain age if you do not give your skin attention, in my case especially my legs, you do tend to go around with "lizard legs". Thank you for this product S & G I love ieverything about it including the lovely perfume.

Jeza from Philippines said on 28/03/2017

I got this as a "pasalubong" (present/treat) from my sister when she got home from Dubai. I have really dry skin and tried different lotion products but they always felt sticky and not moisturizing at all. So I tried this. It felt really good and my skin didn't feel dry anymore. Now anytime she go back here I always ask this as my "pasalubong".

nic84 from belfast said on 13/01/2017

i was so excited to get the whole lota glam set as a present. i have never used soap and glory products. I have really dry skin so could not wait to try this body butter. but i was very much disapointed it was to heavy on my skin and did not leave me felling moisturised at all and it slightly irrated my skin.

sophia from uk said on 16/07/2016

honestly one of the best moisturiser's i've used - skin feels instantly smooth and it dries SO quickly! a little goes a long way with this too

sophia from uk said on 16/07/2016

honestly one of the best moisturiser's i've used - skin feels instantly smooth and it dries SO quickly! a little goes a long way with this too

Chase from UK said on 01/05/2016

At first, I thought this product was going to irritate my sensitive skin from its perfume-like smell. However, due to my incredibly dry legs, I used it. The smell can be overwhelming at first but it eventually becomes softer and more bearable throughout the day. However, the product itself is great. It can take a while to really soak in but it leaves my legs super smooth and moisturised, which is very good as my legs get extremely flaky. Also, a little bit goes a long way, so it is worth the price.
5 stars product-wise but I took away one star because of its powerful smell.

Pinkfluffyunicorns from England said on 19/04/2016

This body butter is AMAZING. I love the fresh smell you get and how smooth your skin is afterwards. I am rating this 5 star because I take really bad reactions to most beauty/ body products/ bath bombs and with this I can smell great without coming out in a rash or extremely bad exema.

Ella from Uk said on 03/01/2016

I don't like this product I got it in a box for Christmas last year and it really irritates my skin and leaves it oily. Wouldn't reccomend.

Leia from england said on 29/12/2015

this product is holy greal. its amazing. leaves my skin feeling smooth, doesn't take long to dry and doesn't turn sticky when drying. the smell is delightful and int to over powering. recommend.

Yollie from London said on 14/12/2015

When Soap and Glory first arrived on the shelves of Boots all those years ago , I was eager to try the products and bought a few items, I fell out of love with the scent of the righteous body butter and did not repurchase after my first tub, but I always remembered that the formulation had been incredibly moisturizing for my dry skin. Recently my skin has changed again due to medical issues etc and my usual body cream had been discontinued, so I decided to buy a tub in the hopes it would sort out the scaling on my parched pins. Alas I feel that they formulation has been altered, it is not as moisturizing as before. I used to get a lovely sheen on my skin when using it, but it no longer has that effect..

arpa from Bangladesh said on 02/12/2015

I've ordered this butter online and was a little skeptical about this. The tin says that "you can swear you're wearing velvet" well this is absolutely true! I had ugly dry legs with dry red patches on it and whatever I've used before made my legs burn and itchy. But THIS is the best! It makes my legs so soft and definately calm my patches. I'm surely going to order another soon. LOVE IT.

arpa from Bangladesh said on 02/12/2015

I've ordered this butter online and was a little skeptical about this. The tin says that "you can swear you're wearing velvet" well this is absolutely true! I had ugly dry legs with dry red patches on it and whatever I've used before made my legs burn and itchy. But THIS is the best! It makes my legs so soft and definately calm my patches. I'm surely going to order another soon. LOVE IT.

Beautybell020 from Leeds said on 29/11/2015

I love this! It's got a very thick texture so good for all over you're body. I had eczema so I used this and it's such a deep moisturiser it got rid of it! Personally I don't like it on my face because it's greasy but I don't feel the greasiness on my body!

JadeC from Lancashire UK said on 24/08/2015

AMAZING, Thats all i can say! its my fav

Rach from Belfast said on 04/08/2015

I recieved the righteous butter for Christmas 2014 and it is my holy grail moisturizer! I have very bad eczema particularly on my forehead and cheeks, in the colder months I get very dry on my chin and in the creases of my arms and on my neck and this cream has absolutely changed my life! I'm on my last drop at the minute so I'm praying someone buys me it for Christmas, big huge giant thank you to soap and glory for making my life a lot easier and smelling pretty good in the process

Smunch from Birmingham said on 04/07/2015

I love this product! Firstly, as with all Soap and Glory products, the packaging is beautiful, and unique to the brand, and secondly, that scent! It's as if heaven has been stuck into a tub for all of us females to indulge in! Now the actual purpose of this product is to moisturize the skin, and for that alone I have to rate 5 stars as it does exactly that. My skin feels so smooth after using this product and makes my legs look so healthy after continuous use. Well done Soap and Glory, you have given us the best body butter ever, as usual.

Milli from Crawley said on 13/06/2015

This product is wonderful it does what it says and smells lovely but the scent isn't over powering. I have tried many of the different moisturisers from soap and glory and i think this is the best. It doesn't make you feel greasy, it leaves your skin feeling super soft. I would put this on after shaving and the next day my legs are super soft for the whole day! I have gone through 3 tubs of these and they last a long time! Definetly something you should buy. Thanks Soap and Glory! xx

nanny mc fee from runcorn cheshire said on 05/06/2015

I absolutely love this body butter i use it every morning and night as i wont use any other products on my skin i use nearly the whole range of Soap and Glory and have reccomended it to my friends i love it

Harryxoxox from England said on 26/04/2015

Best body butter! I have dry skin and this is brilliant, haven't even run out of my first tub and already bought a back up so I don't run out!

Caramella from England said on 09/04/2015

The search for a body butter that leaves your skin feeling heavenly ends here. It delivers. Doesn't last as long as the 500ml lotion so I tend to get it when on offer for the 3 for 2.

Biancawonka from USA said on 29/03/2015

this body butter is amazing. It makes my skin feel as smooth as butter. I absolutely love the formula and I have never used anything that makes my skin this smooth. I only give it 4 stars because the scent is too strong for me. I wish they made a milder scent or an unscented version for people like me who are sensitive to fragrance. other than that, the formula is perfect.

Alegria from West Sussex said on 23/03/2015

This a a gorgeous, thick, great quality body butter. It has a lovely fresh scent that means that you don't really need to wear perfume after you use it. I love it!

It is very highly recommended for women of all ages.

bethany from england said on 10/03/2015

Had this cream for about a year now and I still love it! Asking for it for my birthday again. Makes my skin smell really nice and smooth would highly recommend!!!! :)

Dev from London said on 28/02/2015

Male Reviewer ALERT:
Great moisturising cream that calms dry skin. My shoulders and upper back get particularly dry and this cream helps soften and sooth the skin.
Bit of a girly flowery, slightly citrusy fragrance (I can smell Patchouli and perhaps Vanilla - Not checked ingredients yet) so I sometimes dilute it with another cream. Diluting does not dimish the fragrance too greatly which is something I like. The scent is strong!
Great buy for all over body moisturising. Men needn't fear the pink packaging!

saima from bradford said on 25/02/2015

This is one of my favourite products it smells gorgeous i use it every night and after a skin feels smooth and moisturised after every even got rid of my dry skin on my ankles i definitely recommend

saima from bradford said on 25/02/2015

This product is amazing its myone of my favourites i use it every night and after a smells gorgeous and skin easily absorbs it leaving your skin feeling smooth and moisturised for me it also got rid of dry skin on my ankles...brilliant product cant praise it enough

amy from manchester said on 16/02/2015

i love this stuff! someone got it for me for christmas and i am in love with it. it absorbs easily, is non-greasy and is amazing for getting rid of dry skin, which i am unfortunately covered in. would definitely recommend!

c from nottingham said on 11/02/2015

I love this. All my life I've never really moisturised and thought how can skin feel any different. That was until I turned the big 40 and accidentally stumbled across rightous butter. Wow , I'm now addicted to baby soft skin and I feel the smell is so comforting . I'm getting my nine year old daughter to like S&G products as well because I wish I'd found them when I was a bit younger . Amazing.

Blue from Scotland said on 18/01/2015

Love this moisturiser. It's very thick and creamy and has a lovely light scent. Recommended :)

SouthernLass from Thurstonland said on 06/01/2015

I am a slave to this stuff after every shower or bath! I have sensitive skin and it is not irritated by this magic butter. It smells lush & makes my skin feel lush. What started out as a luxury item has become an everyday necessity.....

I bought it for my niece for Christmas and got a text saying how fab it was.

DJ from Wales said on 29/12/2014

The best butter you can buy, perfect in every way!

HelpingAngel5 from UAE said on 29/12/2014

If I could give this 20 stars I would. I've been using this for over a year now. Its a miracle cream. I use it for my body, face, hands, feet and even for my 2 and 1/2 yr old son. Due to diaper usage, his skin gets dry and this really helps. He too loves this smell.

HelpingAngel5 from UAE said on 29/12/2014

If I could give this 20 stars I would. I've been using this for over a year now. Its a miracle cream. I use it for my body, face, hands, feet and even for my 2 and 1/2 yr old son. Due to diaper usage, his skin gets dry and this really helps. He too loves this smell.

SoapyBubblez from London said on 24/12/2014

Gorgeous smell, makes your skin silky soft and absorbs well. However, I do prefer the Lotion version in the pump bottle as it gives you an even serving within each pump, whereas it's easier to overuse and make a mess with he tub (which doesn't have as much in and is also 50p dearer!).
I still love it though and it's great as a deeper moisturiser you'd use every once a week or so rather than everyday. All in all, it's beautiful!

Haylz from Bradford said on 14/12/2014

I love this stuff! It's really thick and rich but it sinks into your skin quickly so you're not left greasy and sticky. It makes my skin really soft and the smell lingers for ages. Big thumbs up from me!

Rach from Teesside said on 12/12/2014

Oh gosh! I don't know how to start about the beautiful 'The Righteous Butter'. I find this is the one and only body butter I can work with. First of all let's talk about the smell! This Body butter has such a refreshing smell but I tend more to use this on a nighttime rather than a day time! The smell is so tempting which made me choose that one. I first if all used the travel size of this on holiday. I compleat lay fell in love! As soon as i got home I rushed to boots to buy the full size. I know my mom should but she's so naughty and didn't use body lotion/butter so she gave me her full sized one! I now have 3 but ones nearly gone! So happy I've got another one for Christmas in the 'the next big thing' gift set! Exclusive for Christmas time. Next I'm going to talk about how it feels on your skin. I hate it so much when you apply body butter and you have to stand like a scarecrow waiting for it to dry! No! This body butter dose not work like that! It sinks into the skin so lovely and buttery. I use this after I'm shaved all over my body so on the morning after I don't just smell like a goddess I feel so smooth too! I hope youse all like this review and go check it out! Next thing on the list for me to try is the smoothie star body cream!:-) love youse s&g x

Sarah from Wigan said on 31/10/2014

I love this product! I have been buying this for a couple of years now, and hope that S&G never take it out of their range. I use it on my face and body, my skin is so much better since I started using this. The smell is gorgeous and I can smell it throughout the day which is great. It's also a perfect base for underneath make up and fake tan as it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

I recommend this product to all of my friends

amz from Manchester, UK said on 23/06/2014

I hated this product, the fragrance irritated my skin. Made my skin really soft, yes, but left it red and irritated

Ciara from England said on 27/05/2014

Perfect product!! Smells great and mousturises so much!! Feels great and leaves skin smelling perfect and so smooth and soft!! :)

ME from BCN said on 21/05/2014


HelpingAngel5 from UAE said on 17/04/2014

My first S&G product. I was intrigued by all the hype. I've only started using it and I'm so so in love with this blissfully scented adorable thing!! I've battled dry skin all my life and I go through a tub of body butter every 20-25 days. Love the texture, love the scent.. it just grows on you. I use this atleast twice a day and my skin glows and feels like silk, satin and velvet.
Thanks S&G, I'm a fan and grateful for this blessed thing :)

Loopy loves s&g from East Sussex said on 14/04/2014

I cannot be without!

A from Birmingham said on 19/03/2014

Amazing product. I have eczema and I've been using this product on it and it has made the dark eczema patches lighter and my skin feels moisturised

iloves&g from england said on 21/02/2014


Anz from UK said on 13/02/2014

I love soap and glory! This smells lovely and when I use it so do I.
Love most of the ranges in the soap and glory range.
Thanks to my sister in law for buying me some of the products for Christmas....I will now be using he products in the future.

Only product range I don't like the smell of is 'the cream team'.... too sweet and sickly for me.

Tina marie from USA said on 07/02/2014

I finally love my skin. Thank you!!!!!

Loulou from scotland said on 03/02/2014

Best soap and glory product i have used, and i have used a lot. Smells fab, feels silky and lasts a long time. It's my go to body butter.

jc1993 from Birmingham said on 23/01/2014

I have been having problems with eczema on my face and arms, i have been through every cream to try and help and i am allergic to most perfumed products yet i got given a small pot for a birthday present and i tried it - it make my skin soft after twenty minutes i love this and feel brilliant when i have it on it is great

Macy from United Kingdom said on 01/01/2014

I got the Righteous butter as a gift for Christmas in a soap and glory gift set and have been using it on my skin after a shower and applying onto damp skin and letting it soak into my skin ever since. I was really excited to try this product as I love Soap and Glory and have never tried it before, and I wasn't disappointed! It's a really thick and creamy butter which is perfect to use to give yourself a bit of moisture, although, I haven't seen much improvement it's nice to use after a shower or bath. The scent is very fruity and distinctive, but it's a wonderful scent that I can't stop smelling myself after I've applied this stuff! It's not greasy and not like most moisturisers when you have to sit around waiting for it to soak in before you can put clothes on. It's quick and easy to apply and overall a really good product. Would definitely buy this again! Love it!!!!

Myesha from Fishguard said on 17/12/2013

I absolutely love the smell of this product, but it's definitely not for everyday use. It's very greasy and doesn't really work on super dry skin. It's good as an all over body moisturizer to add a bit of moisture.

hlw from United Kingdom said on 21/11/2013

A good product to always have in your cupboard, I don't use this everyday as I feel it can sometimes be a little heavy on the scent, however its great it you need instant moisture. Smells lovely and is always a great gift for a first time S&G user!

t. from UK said on 19/11/2013

I bought this cream so excited as I had read such good reviews on it. Unfortunately, I am a bit disappointed. So far I haven't noticed any dramatic change - I have very dry skin during winter and this cream only makes it nice-looking for that day.

At first, I wasn't a big fan of the scent but that quickly went over. However, I don't think it's "fantastic" as many have said.

Third thing to disappoint me is the fact how quickly you run out of it. I bought mine in the end of August this year and am already half way through, maybe even more. But as I said, my skin is very dry so perhaps I just need to use it a bit more than usual, who know.

All in all, I won't buy this product again :(

Linda from Arlington VA said on 14/10/2013

I have extremely dry skin, and have slathered my hands and body in every product on the market. In addition, I have concocted my own using petroleum jelly and baby oil. Then I received a sample of Righteous Butter, and my search for the perfect product ended. Anyone who has problems with dry skin should put a jar of this cream in every room of the house. My hands stopped cracking almost overnight. Thanks to the chemists who created this formulation! I love it!!!

Elliott from UK said on 26/08/2013

I got The Righteous Butter as a gift for christmas last year and up until now I've been a little apprehensive to use it 'cause I'm not generally a body butter kinda girl, but I started using it recently and I can honestly say the product is FANTASTIC!! My ordinarily dry skin is a thing of the past! The fresh fruity smell it just an added bonus.

John from twCYa4YOLHc said on 13/08/2013

wow RELI. ok well there is tones to know this is the begining.1. The three gdeoln rules to perfect skin: cleanse,tone,moisturise ( investing in a good moisturiser always pays off)2. The abouve are soo important, but it also depends on ur skin type. You didnt mention what type u were but there are many products out there to suit your type i.e oily, dry or combination skin.3. Another thing that is realy important is your diet and thats were it starts with skin. Your skin will reflect your diet so make sure you drink lots of water an eat fruit an veg.4. Another additional thing you should add to your cleanse tone, moisturise beauty regime is exfoiliating once a day. It removes dead skin cells and improves the texture of your skin.5. Remember though that you have tp keep to the regime otherwise you wont see results!!!+6. oh an one more thing, if u can, have a facial once a mounth its an instant lift for your skin it looks ever soooo radient after.hope this helps!!

Gemma from Lincolnshire said on 27/07/2013

I've used a lot of moisturising creams on my lower legs (as they're alwys dry from shaving) even ones more expensive than this, but nothing beats this cream, I put it on straight after shaving in the shower when my legs are still damp and my legs feel wonderfully soft and moisturised for days afterwards....

Lilo from London said on 15/06/2013

A beautiful, sweet smelling body butter. ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I watch loads of youtube videos and Tanya Burr got me into buying this and I have absolutely no regrets. It leaves the fragrance on your skin all day. It leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and despite it being heavy, it literally melts into your skin (and I was expecting it to be greasy and sticky, but its the complete opposite!). I am definately gonna buy more S&G products. I 100% recommend it to people with ALL types of skin because it's just simply... wow.

bird23 from United Kingdom said on 19/05/2013

A gorgeously lady like fragrance that softens tired and dry skin. It's great after a long soak but can be a tad too heavy if you get carried away with it's loveliness!

It's a beautiful, fragrant and rich body butter that is great use all round. It's particularly good on cracked/dry knees and elbows.

Charlotte from Abu Dhabi said on 18/05/2013

This is amazing! I used to be really lazy moisturising, now the scent of this wants to take care of my skin more! Got it as a Birthday Present!

Lav-senior from Dublin said on 08/05/2013

Great smelling, beautiful product but I use this pretty liberally. Too much of a good thing and all that.....

mrscookiecrew from Worcestershire said on 03/05/2013

this was the first product i ever had from S&G. i love the smell but i think if your a bit heavy handed with the moisturizer it can be a bit too strong.. but it does help my dry skin so i do tend to leave this and just use it for when i self tan on my dry areas and use butter yourself instead.

Sayuri from Dubai, UAE said on 27/04/2013

I got The Righteous Butter alongside with some other fantastic S&G products as a birthday present. At first I had really dry skin on my elbows and knees, but after using this product for only 3 days, I'm starting to see an improvement. Unlike many other moisturizers in the market, The Righteous Butter actually works. I would definitely recommend this product.

Emma from Scotland said on 23/04/2013

The perfect body butter! The nicest scent of any body butters I have tried, and it does what it's meant to do. A very deep moisture, and it doesn't irritate the skin at all. The smell totally lingers which is lovely, perfect for a pamper evening!

Alice from Crawley said on 03/04/2013

This product is great if i haven't moisturized in a while or after shaving my legs as it is great for dry skin, i wasn't use this product as a daily moisturizer as it is very heavy and rich. But it smells amazing!!!!!

francisca from malaysia said on 21/03/2013

The product is amazing, just the smell is too strong. It would be perfect if it can have some refreshing smell

shiv from London said on 10/03/2013

This is such a nice body butter! I used to use this one all the time but on my recent trip to boots I noticed there's a version with a pump now which is waaaay more convenient! I used to finish the tub up far too quickly but the bottle version with the pump stops this from happening, it's also easier to spread and equally as moisturising! I recommend the pump version, it also seems a little more hygienic as you aren't dipping your hands in. The smell lasts forever, a random lady started sniffing me on the train the other day and told me I smelt incredible so you should definitely give this a whirl :)

Marilyn from England said on 03/03/2013

This is a great cream! It has a lovely, gentle fruity smell, which isn't too powerful.

Jade from Leicester said on 23/02/2013

Another must from the S&P range, it smells amazing and feels fantastic.

I get quite dry elbows and knees due to my tattoos and this is a lovely solution. I always keep it beside my bed for late night applications, and couldn't manage without it.

Check out my Blog for my other product reviews:

instagram @jadewaterfield

Hayleigh from Cornwall said on 19/02/2013

Fantastic product! Used it today, it left my skin so soft and with a healthy-looking glow. It has a nice scent that I can only describe as light and feminine.
Definitely my favourite Soap and Glory product for moisturizing and softening skin - highly recommended!

Clare from Coventry said on 19/02/2013

I have only used the small travel size pots of this (not the large pot) as they have come in gift sets that I have had for my birthdays & Christmas but this is a truly beautiful product.

Most moisturizers make my skin look greasy & do not absorb into my skin properly but Righteous Butter doesn't do this at all! I use it twice a day every day on my face & it leaves my skin totally smooth. It also smells delicious - people have commented on how nice I smell after I've used it.

The tubs also last for ages (& that's the travel size ones, so imagine how long these big ones last) which is amazing when I use it twice a day every day. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Sophie from UK said on 18/02/2013

My absolute fave S&G product. Pricey for a body butter but a tub lasts ages and the gorgeous girly scent stays on my skin all day so I double it up as a perfume! I love putting this on just before I go to bed too, as it leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and pampered. Not at all greasy, soaks right in.

dill from hartlepool said on 14/02/2013

Thought scent was overpowering on first use but it does fade slightly after jar has been open a couple of weeks. Love it now. I am now a new soap and glory convert since the bodyshop store has closed near me I have been trying various body butters.

HunFar from Singapore said on 13/02/2013

I bought this tub along with my first bottle of Clean On Me not too long ago. Initially i thought this was going to be a waste of money since it is an impulse buy and i rarely use body butters. Surprisingly, its not at all greasy and of course the scent is wonderful. Extremely good for dry elbows and hands. Highly recommended!

Poorva from New Delhi, India said on 26/01/2013

A wonderful body moisturizer, which does its job extremely well! Read my full review here.... from Lowestoft said on 22/01/2013

Check out my review at

Louisa from England said on 20/01/2013

I think this product is very moisturising an good for dry skin but, although I like the scent, I find it slightly overpowering and this product is overpriced.

Lou from Sheffield said on 19/01/2013

I have been addicted to S&G for many years now, I struggled to find anything that kept my severe dry skin moisturised, I fell upon S&G when it first appeared in Boots and have never looked back. Nothing can ever compare to the lush products. I cannot live without my righteous butter. Thank you Soap & Glory x

michd93 from England said on 15/01/2013

I love the scent of this product clean and fresh. Previously I have been bought high end body lotions for xmas costing 20 pounds plus and this is a much cheaper product yet the results are amazing. At this time of year my legs are prone to dryness but this sorts them straight out.

s & g addict from westmids said on 15/01/2013

this year I made a resolution to make more of an effort with myself and before xmas I never bothered with moisturising, I got a tub of this in a xmas gift set and there is no going back! Love it so much feels great and smells lush! and my knees and elbows along with the flake away are soo smooth :) very happy

riam from Liverpool said on 15/01/2013

Smells great! makes my skin soft, doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. i absolutely love it!

gebbie_lou from England said on 14/01/2013

I have a problem with body moisturisers in that they actually make my skin greasy and spotty and seem to build up! However, this moisturiser has been amazing! I only use it twice a week (just as a precaution to prevent build up), but it works wonders! its quite thick (compared to other products out there), so a little goes a long way! My arms and legs have never looked and felt so soft, and it leaves my skin smelling divine! Thanks S&G!

nicola from Coatbridge said on 14/01/2013

Absolutely love this product. Has done wonders for my skin & works great even when wearingfake tan - makes it glow!! Skin is smoother by the day & feels grest. Thanks to you wonderful people at soap n glory xxx

V from England said on 07/01/2013

This is an amazing moisturiser!! I think its the best because its perfect for sensitive skin and you only need a small dollop as it goes a long way! <3 <3 <3 the design and its beautifully scented! Thank you Soap & Glory xx

nicky from cambridge said on 05/01/2013

wow this cream is fanatastic.i have had really sore right hand with contact dermatitus with cracks and cream has cleared it up and i have tried other creams hadnt worked .this is blessing for me as my hand was horrible to look at .i certainly will be getting some more thanku soap and glory

Piammm from Liverpool said on 04/01/2013

I suffer from eczema on my elbows and my friend said try "Righteous Body Butter" . To say I was sceptical was an understatement as I'd tried many different lotions and potions . ( mainly
Prescribed by GP )
This cream is AMAZING not only did my elbows clear up (1st time in many years ) I've discovered a range of the most fabulous products ever !!!!
Thank you Soap & Glory I am a fan for life .

Elle from Southampton said on 03/01/2013

Definitely one of the best body butters out there. It has locked moisture into my skin for 24hrs and has left such a beautiful scent! Will definitely be buying again!!

VickyVal from Singapore said on 25/11/2012

I love this Body butter as it does not leave a sticky feeling application and it smells so good!! I use this everyday to the point that my sister is amazed at the rate that I am using and I am always buying new tubs everytime.

Mbali from Dubai, UAE said on 25/11/2012

AH-HHHHH-MAAAA---ZZZZZIIIINNNNG!!! the scent, the long lasting attribute, the texture WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!

Mrs. Archer from Akron, Ohio USA said on 23/11/2012

This stuff is AMAZING!! The smell is great and it lingers for a while! I put it on my face and arms before bed every night, and wake up feeling soooo smooth! I have a really dry t-zone and sides of my nose and this stuff takes it away. Buy this, you won't be sorry.

H from UK said on 19/11/2012

This is brilliant. buy it.

willimi115 from Waldorf, MD, USA said on 16/11/2012

Received this as a gift from a Sephora employee. When is it coming to the USA? I absolutely love it!

Al from Scotland said on 13/11/2012

This product is amazing! It smells lovely and it REALLY works. It makes my skin so healthy and smooth. I have some scars on my legs and this cream helped them heal super fast and my skin was smooth very quickly! Can't recommend this highly enough!

michelle from singapore said on 06/11/2012

i've been hooked on this ever since i first tried it in the uk way back in 2007. i had purchased it since there was some "3 for 2" offer in Boots and i needed new moisturiser, plus the packaging totally caught my attention. after one application, i was completely sold. the body butter melts right into my skin and leaves it feeling like velvet. there's also no gross oily feeling most other body butters leave. and did i mention that the scent is absolutely divine? i've never turned back. in fact, i loved it so much that when i moved back to singapore for good, i carted 5 tubs home just so that i'd have a healthy stash of this yummy stuff to last me till i went back to the uk again. needless to say, i was more than overjoyed when Sephora started stocking it on its shelves here in singapore last september. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING SEPHORA TO STOCK IT HERE.

hands down the best body butter. ever.

India from UK said on 29/09/2012

I wasn't sure about this to start with due to the price. I thought a cheaper moisturiser would have the same effect. However, how wrong I was! The product smells amazing, especially along with the other products of the same scent (clean on me, flake away, girligo, original pink perfume and hand food). I love scent layering! The body butter is nice and thick, but not greasy. It absorbs well into the skin leaving it feeling moisturised, smooth and soft. I smell great all day and my skin feels so healthy. Thumbs up S&G (:

nikki from weston super mare said on 15/09/2012

This has always been my very favourite of the S&G range. Its a timeless classic! The smell is gorgeous and it leaves my skin (and I suffer with eczema) feeling gorgeous and soft. Smell lingers all day and is a wonderful "pick me up" - if I'm ever feeling a bit low I smother my arms in this and the smell makes everything feel better :) :) :)

kritika from India, New Delhi said on 03/09/2012

Tried S&G Products @ boots recently, in love with the range they offer ever since.
Leave us skin amazingly soft and smooth. love the awesome smell. i've tried alot of other products but S&G beats 'em all out. S&G must open they brand store everywhere bcz its not always possible to get the range at boots all the time.
would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Lil high at price but definately worth it.

adelaide from yorkshire said on 21/08/2012

I first saw this on Gok fashion show a couple of years ago and how he raved on about it. So i did as Gok comandered and got a tub. THANK YOU Gok i've been hooked ever since. My bathroom has alsorts this fantastic product and I love the geat smell.
Boots have a 1 litre tub for £25. Yes a litre tub. I could'nt resist and order mine Online, its now on my dressing table waiting for me to dive in. I'm sooooooo Happy.

Gracie from London said on 21/08/2012

AMAZING!!! It smells gorgeous and makes my skin soooo unbelievably smooth!! Literally, after using this product and flake away body scrub, my sister would not stop stroking my legs for a whole hour car journey!!! It is also amazing for keeping my tan!!
I also agree with Mrs Soap and Glory! that s&g should really open their own store in the uk as I cannot always find everything I want in the normal boots store <3

Mrs Soap & Glory! from United Kingdom said on 20/08/2012

I love this product! Well, I love all Soap & Glory's products - but this one is great! Smells great, looks great, and makes my skin incredibly smooth.

Soap and Glory should open their own store in the UK! Would be your best customer!

Courtney from London said on 03/08/2012

I absolutely adore this product! not only does it give you incredibly smooth skin, but it smells absolutely divine. Due to the fact I wear this product daily, people associate me with the smell, which is quite flattering.
biggest bonus is the fact that I have a relatively colourful tattoo, and it does sometimes look a tad dull, so i put a tiny amount on and it looks almost new!

Emma from Singapore said on 29/07/2012

This is amazing. I personally kinda like the smell when I'm lounging at home, but it does tend to get a little fast-foody like you've been sitting at McDonalds all day, and everybody tells me to not wear it due to its scent.

paintedlady from cambs said on 24/07/2012

has anyone used this whilst being pregnant? the smell of palmers cocoa butter is making me feel sick!

Nellie from Warwickshire said on 15/07/2012

Best body butter ever! Love the packaging!

Emliy from US said on 03/07/2012

I've always had the experience that any moisturizer referred to as "butter" is way too thick and slimy for me. I live in the south and the overwhelming heat and humidity can melt the lotion right off of me in the day. Because of this, I bought the Righteous Butter Lotion rather than the original butter and I completely love it. Then I bought the Soaperwoman gift box (love travel sizes) and tried this. I love it! It's not too heavy at all, I actually can't decide if I like the lotion or the butter better. As always the scent is amazing and I feel so soft and smooth. Highly recommend!

Sophie<3 from Seaford, East Sussex said on 23/06/2012

I absolutely love this product: It smells GORGEOUS and before going to bed, I smother my hands and feet in it and it leaves them feeling SO smooth!!!
I am such a Soap and Glory fan, HOWEVER if it was a tad cheaper then I would have every single Soap and Glory product available...but because of the price, this is not possible!!!

Fuzzywuzzy from England said on 23/06/2012

This is the best body butter I have ever used. The fragrance is unique and very girlie; a combination of fruit and light spice that smells fresh and clean without being overwhelming. As a moisturiser I don't think it can be beaten and I've tried some of the best. Excellent product! Please keep the 1 litre pots on offer, as it is fantastic value for money!

daisy from colchester said on 29/05/2012

this stuff is absolutely amazing! I use it after I've had a shower and it makes my skin super soft and moisturised and has worked wonders on the drier skin on my elbows. I have fairly sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate my skin at all :) it's a huge tub so it lasts forever - great value for money, plus it smells delicious! best moisturiser I've ever used :)

karol from scotland said on 21/05/2012

when i use this, it makes my skin feel like silk.

suefami from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia said on 18/05/2012

I bumped into this brand when I'm browsing on some of the products in Sephora, KL. I was looking for a moisturiser for my dry skin. First of all, I'm attracted to the whole packaging of the Soap & Glory.

Instead of buying 1 item, I ended purchasing Flake away, Hand Food, Heel Genius & The Righteous Butter.

I love all products that I purchased especially the RIGHTEOUS BUTTER. I applied to part of my body, particularly, face, neck, hand & heel. It does make my skin more softer. My face is more moisture and my crack heal has substantially disappear.


BEXBEXBEX from sydney said on 13/05/2012

this is PERFECT

Cy from Uk&France said on 25/04/2012

I've discover this body butter (and so sopa & Glory brand) while I was living in UK.
You 'll get a soft skin and more: it smells Miss Dior fragrance! Easy and pleasant to smear on the skin.
Defo love it!

Cy from Uk&France said on 25/04/2012

I've discover this body butter (and so sopa & Glory brand) while I was living in UK.
You 'll get a soft skin and more: it smells Miss Dior fragrance! Easy and pleasant to smear on the skin.
Defo love it!

Sunnyside from UK said on 21/04/2012

WOW! Not greasy, disappears in a flash, leaves skin lovely and soft, scent lingers all day. Love, love, love it!!

LauraBelle from England&Germany said on 31/01/2012

I always get buy new products in England as they don't have many products in Germany (and they are twice the price as in England).

As I also have neurodermatitis/atopic eczema i've been long searching for creams,bodybutter that don't make it worse and S&G products are just SUPER especially this bodybutter!

Never had any problems with them so I highly recommend them for people with eczema. :)

MellyBobble from Scotland said on 30/01/2012

Love this product! I have a review of this and a few others on my blog.

Rosie from Nottingham said on 29/01/2012

Goes without saying that this stuff smells delicious! Really does wonders for softening your skin and unlike many other scented body butters the smell stays with you all day. If you're thinking that it's a bit expensive for a body butter, don't, it's so thick and gloriously scented that a little really does go a long way. A problem I've always had with butters is they are too thick and don't absorb into my skin - not a problem with The Righteous Butter.

CuppaTiaa from London, England. said on 27/01/2012

This product is GORGEOUS! Lovely smell and works wonders! I have terrible dry skin and I've tried everything from cheap to expensive and this works the best! My boyfriend has noticed a difference and loves the smell too!

Bells from London said on 18/01/2012

Makes my skin lovely and soft although I do find it very thick.

Toni from LDN said on 11/01/2012

Velvet touch skin - need I say more?

H from UK said on 01/01/2012

I love The Righteous Butter! After using Flake Away I load this stuff onto my skin, and I come out feeling SO soft and smooth - It's lovely!
I have stocked up with 3 full size tubs so I won't run out any time soon, and I will continue to purchase this product.

Smellynelly from Suffolk said on 20/12/2011

Love this, leaves me feeling really soft all over and smells divine.

Francine from Florida said on 03/12/2011


Snob! from Dublin said on 21/11/2011

I have stopped buying Joe Malone since discovering this body cream.....Malone does have an expensive classy smell, but you pay for it... this has a beautiful scent and does what it is left feeling soft, moist and scented...a daily luxury that is affordable...thing is I slander this on where as with Malone I spared due to price and with this I get the reaction ever girl wants.."wow you smell good!" A stable in my daily routine....Please S&G don't ever stop producing this at such a good price and quality....I have recommended this so much I am now somewhat peeved that all my friends are smelling as good as me!!:-)))

smithie from USA said on 17/11/2011

A MIRACLE IN A JAR!!! A DEFINITE MUST-HAVE!!! This is an award winning body butter and there are no questions about that. It is simply amazing! This body butter is so rich and creamy, but not oily at all. Absorbs into skin very well. Results are immediate and wonderful - skin is superhydrated, radiant and smelling gorgeously thanks to it's pink scent (original S&G formula)

Alice from Cornwall said on 10/11/2011

Definitely the BEST body butter i've ever bought! Its one of my favourite s&g products and smells gorgeous!

emma e from ripley, debyshire said on 09/11/2011

awsum leaves u feelin like silk, would highly recomened it

Natalie from Harrogate - UK said on 05/11/2011

Possibly the best body butter in the world? i think so! So moisturising, with such a lovely scent.

Sophie from Niceville said on 06/10/2011


Linda from Manchester said on 06/10/2011

I think this is one of your best products. The smell is fabulous and it makes your legs feel silky soft.

Annie from Plymouth said on 06/10/2011

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Emily May from Hertfordshire said on 06/10/2011

The smell alone is delicious! I love this so much! I highly recommend to everyone! Love all of Soap & Glory's products!!!

Claire from Dublin said on 06/10/2011

This stuff rocks! Was bought some for Christmas and going back to buy more!

Claire from New York said on 06/10/2011

Non-greasy, absorbs quickly, smells fantastic and my skin is as soft as a baby !!! What more could you ask for. I've bought this for all my friends its so good !!!

Laurie Sambenedetto from London said on 06/10/2011

I love love LOVE this! It smells great and makes my skin extra touchable. My skin glows like a movie-star's with this product!

Christina from Doncaster said on 06/10/2011

I didn't like the smell of this, it works pretty well though. It's ok

Becca from Coventry said on 06/10/2011

Fabulous product!! Leaves skin hydrated and smelling delicious. Great as an after sun as well.

Isobel O'reilly from Fort Collins said on 06/10/2011

This product is BRILLIANT! The best body butter I ever tried. It's the first S&G product I ever purchased and it smells so nice. It doesn't leave a greasy residue that most body butters do.

Catherine from East Grinstead said on 06/10/2011

This is quite simply the best body butter I have ever tried in my life. It smells absolutely gorgeous and leaves my skin beautifully smooth. I love it! A must buy

Olivia Boyd from Leamington Spa said on 06/10/2011

I am in LOVE with this stuff! It was the first product I used from the S&G range and it got me hooked for life...I suggest you go buy some this very second :)

Sarah from Stalybridge said on 30/09/2011

This product is brilliant! My sister told me about S&G and this was one of the first products I bought. I have quite dry skin but find that this really moisturises without being greasy or slimy. And it doesn't irritate my skin either, which can be a bit sensitive. If you haven't used S&G before, then this is a good one to buy first - and you will be hooked ever after like me!

Emma-Louise from Worksop said on 30/09/2011

OH MY GOD!! This stuff is A class. Everything about this cream is utterly divine. My skin can't live without this cream now. :P

Michelle from Aberdeen said on 30/09/2011

I got a gift set for Christmas from a friend and just love it. Just went and bought 2 of the big tubs from Boots as they're on a great offer. After a couple of days using it my skin is so soft and my partner has noticed a big difference.
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