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Meet The Team Q&A During Lockdown


Being nosey is in our nature and thank goodness, as being nosey can be fun!

Have you ever wondered who the glorious team were behind Soap & Glory?

Of course, we know you have 😉

Well, you’re in luck!

Because we’ve filled in a soaper Q&A so that our lovely readers (that’s you!) can take a sneak peek behind the scenes and get to know the facts and faces of some the people who keep our pink world spinning.

Find out who we are, what our favourite Netflix shows are, what we are going to do when lockdown has lifted and even meet some of our fur-babies too! Need we say more?

Read on for the inside scoop (with extra sprinkles)…

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Meet: Amy

Who do you live with?
My dog Indie. She is a new team member with her new pink collar I popped on her. She’s loving having everyone at home and joining in with video calls.


Favourite show on Netflix or Amazon Prime?
I have started watching gossip girl from scratch- how have I never seen this show before!?! Also -Killing Eve on a Monday night is the new highlight of my week!!


Any hobbies you’ve gained since working from home?
I’m working on my baking and cocktail making skills! I’m not the best cook.. but enjoying getting creative with new cookie and brownie recipes, plus mixing up some new cocktails too.


What do you love about working from home?
Having time to make a proper breakfast in the morning! I’m loving pancakes, definitely need to get up earlier to make time for this when I’m back in the office again!


What is the first thing you want to do when lockdown is lifted?
Visit restaurants! I love eating out (unluckily for me right now this is my favourite hobby!), can’t wait to try out some new restaurants, in the meantime I’ve seen people creating their own ‘restaurants at home’ so might give this a go!


What is your skincare routine since working from home?
I’ve always been skincare obsessed, and I’m enjoying having more me time for my skincare routine, I’ve been giving myself at quick at home facials in the evenings using our new Scrub In The Fast Lane.


Share your fave podcasts?
My two favourite podcasts are ‘The Estee Lalonde Show’ – I’ve been catching up on a few from last year, plus I really love ‘Table Manners with Jessie Ware’; they have the most amazing celebrity guests and I LOVE food so this is the perfect combination!

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Meet: Hollie

What is your current role at S&G?
Web Content Assistant. I update the Soap & Glory website and blog. Digital & beauty are my passions, so naturally I love my job!
Working on Soap & Glory is a bit of a dream.


What’s your favourite Netflix show?
13 reasons why! It has such a vibe and teaches important lessons.
I’ve been waiting for the final season to come out and thankfully that happened on Friday 5th June!
Weekend. Sorted. Seriously – we’ve finished it in 2 days and now i’m sad I don’t have any more to watch.


What is the first thing you want to do when the lockdown has lifted?
Go on holiday. I’m very lucky to still be living with my mum, sister and my boyfriend (& my cat Bella <3) so thankfully I haven’t had the pain of not being able to see family during lockdown like others have had. Therefore, my top priority is to go on holiday. In 15 years, I’ve been abroad once and I was ill the whole time 🙁 We actually have one booked for Spain in September so fingers crossed it’s deemed safe to travel by then.
Other than that, I’m desperate to visit a zoo <3


If you could travel anywhere with no limitations, where would it be?
I would fulfil my dream holiday of a huge American road trip! I’d hire a Mustang (my fave car!) and drive along route 66! I’d love to visit places such as San Francisco, Florida, New York & Salem.


What’s your current favourite song?
I’m addicted to TikTok and discovered ‘Roses’ by SAINt JHN which is probably my favourite song right now. It’s so upbeat and happy.


What’s your favourite self-care activity? 
I LOVE going on a daily walk as I find it so peaceful at the end of a busy day. It’s so nice to just slow down and unwind. I also love cooking and watching YouTube videos whilst I cook – I find it very relaxing.


What’s more important to you, skincare or make-up?
I have to say I LOVE makeup. I once won an award for essentially ‘having mascara in my veins’! However I know skincare is so important, especially to a girl who suffers with skin conditions.
My heart is saying make up  as it simply makes me feel good.


What is your favourite S&G product?
I love the ‘Clean on me shower gel’. The smell is just DEVINE! Any body product with the Original Pink scent is a winner for me

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Meet: Richelle

I’ve definitely been wearing less/no makeup while working from home but I do find that getting up and putting on as little as some mascara & filling in my brows makes me feel much better to start the day!


Do you have any pets?
Rex! He is a Borador (Border Collie x Labrador), he is 6 months old and he LOVES food, playing fetch & drinking from the hosepipe. It’s been great being at home with him more! Keep scrolling to see a pic!


Any working from home tips?
Create a space that you can dedicate to being your ‘office’ preferably somewhere that you can leave at the end of the working day & is separate to the spaces you relax in.


Life led you to Soap & Glory but what was your back up plan?
I wanted to pursue a career in either makeup artistry or photography!

Any hobbies you’ve gained since working from home?
I have become quite obsessed with baking the perfect loaf of bread!


Favourite thing to watch?
Disney+ has been a wonderful addition to my life during lockdown <3 I’ve also loved streaming Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the start and Season 7 has been amazing!


What is your favourite Soap & Glory product?
Breakfast Scrub will forever be my no1! Smoothie Star is my favourite scent it smells good enough to eat!

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Meet: Eleanor

What is your current role at S&G?
Social Media Manager


What’s your favourite Netflix show at the moment?
Money Heist! It’s a Spanish heist (didn’t see that one coming) crime drama which is equal parts enjoyable and anxiety-inducing to watch. It’s full of characters you’ll love despite their questionable morals, and the plot is really clever and unpredictable.


Have you made any banana bread yet or anything else?
I have indeed become a social media cliché and baked not just one, but TWO banana breads since lockdown. I’m ashamed. But I guess it was better than throwing overripe bananas in the bin. I also had a go at making Pret’s vegan dark chocolate and almond cookies, which were my favourite snack to buy in pre-lockdown times *sniff*.


What is the first thing you want to do when the lockdown has lifted?
Obviously being able to see friends and family is top of the list but aside from this, I can’t WAIT to go out for dinner again. To sit in an actual restaurant and eat food I haven’t had to cook. Accompanied by lots of wine (although this something most of my meals in lockdown have also included).


If you could travel anywhere with no limitations, where would it be?
I’d love to do a long trip around South America – particularly Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Argentina


What’s your current favourite song?
‘Nothing’ by Bruno Major. I liked this song before lockdown but it’s become even more relevant in current times – the lyrics start ‘Track suits and red wine, movies for two’ which is a pretty accurate description of my life at the moment.


What’s your favourite self-care activity?
We have a hot tub in our garden (this sounds really bougie but it’s not one of those fancy wooden ones) and while the weather has been nice we’ve been out in it every evening. It’s essentially like having a bath outside and super relaxing.


What’s more important to you, skincare or make-up? 
Right now, definitely skincare. I can’t actually remember the last time I put makeup on and I’m enjoying having the extra time back in the morning when I would usually be making myself presentable to leave the house. My favourite S&G product is such a hard one! I LOVE the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, I think it might be the nicest smelling bath product of all time (although it does make me hungry), but then I couldn’t be without the Face Soap & Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash, it’s been my daily cleanser for years now.

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Meet: Andros

What is your current role at S&G?
Digital Content Editor

What’s your favourite Netflix show at the moment?
So many to choose from… I’m enjoying a mix of The Witcher, Dead to Me and Our Planet.

Have you made any banana bread yet or anything else?
I love vegan banana bread so it’s definitely on my lockdown to do list!

What is the first thing you want to do when the lockdown has lifted?
I can’t wait to be able to go out and eat again with friends. In the meantime I have been trying some of the local restaurants with delivery services that I hadn’t tried before.

If you could travel anywhere with no limitations, where would it be?
This has been the perfect time for planning trips (and I have so many places that I want to go to). Right now I’d love to be on a tropic island!

What’s your favourite self-care activity?
Getting outside as much as possible and doing some daily exercise routines.

What’s your favourite S&G product?
I love baths, so my favourite S&G product is Call of Fruity™ SOAPS & DREAMS ™ Multi-Tasking Body Bar, the scent is amazing and feels great.

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Meet: Faye

What is your current role at S&G?
Global Brand Manager (and keeper of the team points chart)


Favourite shows to watch?
The U.S Office. Every season back to back, no questions! I never get bored of that show!…. “That’s what she said”


New hobby you’ve found during lockdown?
Running! I was always a gym-goer but I invested in a new pair of trainers and it makes the pain worthwhile.


What You Love About being at home?
The walk to work taking about 10 seconds and spending time with my dog. Nothing quiet like having someone shadow your every move and watch every little bit of food you eat.


What is your Skincare, Makeup, Morning routine whilst working from home?
Full disclosure, I haven’t put one bit of make up on in a month. I am fully invested in my skincare routine. I’m double cleansing and daily moisturising like a pro. It helps to have cupboards of S&G products to use though!


Do you have any pets?
King. Hungarian Vizsla. 3 ½ years old. Likes sticks Dislikes Early Mornings


Life led you to S&G but what was your plan B?
Being a Spice Girl.


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Meet: Claire

What is your current role at S&G?
I’m CRM & Web Manager for Global Brands. So it’s my job to devise strategy across key digital channels which supports Soap & Glory marketing plans and helps the brand to communicate (have a conversation with) with their customers through website and email messages.  


Who do you live with? (include pets of course)
At the moment I’m cocooned at home with my husband, son (3) and daughter (7) but no pets yet (I’m working on this 😊) we are working and schooling in the same place so like many families, we have challenging moments like convincing our daughter to finish her homework and also joyful ones, like when our children put on little plays for us in really imaginative ways!


What’s your favourite Netflix/Amazon Prime show at the moment?
My favourite Netflix show is You


Are there any hobbies you have picked up during lockdown?
Apart from doing Cosmic Kids with my kids instead of Joe Wicks which I prefer, I’ve been having a go at completing couch to 5k.


What do you love about being at home at the moment?
We’re busy with all the important stuff like playing dress up and making cookies, most importantly we’ve been able to rehash what’s important in our lives like being able to have lunch as a family every day even if it’s just fish finger sandwiches!


What is the first thing you want to do when the lockdown has lifted?
Hug my parents and drink a G&T with my sister & go out for tapas with my friends.


If you could travel anywhere with no limitations, where would it be?
Kyoto in Japan and I would also like to take the children to revisit relatives in Campania, Italy.


What’s your current favourite song?
It’s an oldie but a goodie – Optimistic (Sounds of Blackness) or Get It Together (India Arie)


What’s your favourite self-care activity?
Getting a manicure from my 7 year old daughter – in rainbow colours


What’s more important to you, skincare or make-up?
I like to indulge in quality skincare, especially in the summer months when my skin is dehydrated and also for those days I don’t get as much rest – I top up my skincare with Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelorator Night Cream. It’s an intensive overnight formulation so regardless of the quality of my sleep, I wake up with a more dewy rested-looking face.


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Meet: Trusha

What is your current role at S&G?
Global Content Manager


Any hobbies you’ve gained since working from home?
Tuning into live DJ sessions and dancing around my front room (basically raving in my PJs)


What do you love about being at home?
Not having to rush to get to places on time!


What is your skincare and makeup routine since working from home?
Take time for skincare, face masks and body brushing an extra two minutes added to my daily routine but totally worth it (and I have the time for it!)


Any stay at home/working from home tips?
Be camera ready! Video calls can happen at ANY time!


Fave S&G product?
I have too many!! I think Righteous Butter or Flake Away. I just love the original pink scent!


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Meet: Beth

What is your current role at S&G?
PR Manager


Favourite thing to watch?
Disney Plus! You guys I’m obsessed with the documentary series. The Imagineering Story. Anything about Walt Disney and I’m invested (and maybe a little teary. No I’m not crying you’re crying)


What do you love about being at home during lockdown?
Lie ins EVERYDAY! No other answer is acceptable. Unless it’s about wearing pyjamas all day while eating crisps. That’s also pretty great.


Skincare morning routine whilst working from home?
I’ve been loving taking the time in the morning for a quick skincare routine, for me that’s S&G’s micellar water Drama Clean and a hydrating moisturiser. That way I can get away with being super lazy for VC calls, and have just been popping on lippie, brows and lashes.


Most overused saying?
What meeting room are we in?


Most overused saying whilst working from home?
I really thought my skin would be better from not wearing make up – When you thought being lazy in the morning with make up would have it’s benefits!


Life led you to S&G but what was plan B?
Being a Spice Girl

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the faces behind our glorious brand.

For a bit of fun, if you fancy joining in then be sure to add your A’s to our Qs in the comments!