Soap and glory stocking filler gift ideas

Fill Your Stockings With All Things Glorious



Fill your stockings with this year’s spectacular treat sized gifts, all just £10 and under!  


We aren’t quite sure how it’s nearly Christmas time again; but we’re not mad about it. Quite the opposite in fact.


In our opinion, one of the most exciting and fun tasks at Christmas is buying presents for our loved one’s stockings!


It’s a challenge we love to accept.


We’re here to help give you thoughtful and glorious stocking filler ideas. Psst - they also make great Secret Santa gifts. 


Soap and glory hand care kit christmas gift set

All In Hand Duo Christmas Gift Set - £10


Perfect for someone who likes to take care of their hands.


Containing a full-sized Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream, a travel-sized Call of Fruity Hydrating Hand Cream and a nail file., this is everything you need to get soft and well looked after hands. 


Soap and glory jingle blooms duo christmas gift set

Jingle Blooms Body Duo Christmas Gift - £5


A festive feast of a travel-sized body wash and body butter in our delight-filled Jingle Blooms fragrance, containing notes of white florals & tonka bean. 


A great gift for someone who loves minis, Christmas and travelling. 


Soap and glory feely smooth christmas gift set

Feely Smooth Body Duo Christmas Gift - £5


Containing travel sized Scrub of Your Life and The Righteous Butter Body Butter. Buff and butter your way to body bliss with our power duo of delights, scented with our iconic Original Pink fragrance of rose & bergamot.


Soap and glory feel of four tune body care christmas gift

Feel Of Four-Tune Body Wash Christmas Gift Set - £10


It's time to spin the…FEEL OF FOUR-TUNE.


Containing four travel-sized body washes including, Simply the Boost Body Wash, Clean On Me Hydrating Body Wash, Call of Fruity Hydrating Body Wash and Perfect Zen Body Wash. There is something for everyone.

With a scent to suit every mood, it's time to spin the wheel and shower yourself in glory. 


Soap an dglory feely soft christmas gift set

Feely Soft Hand & Foot Duo Christmas Gift - £5


Keep your tips & your toes feeling super soft with this dynamic duo. This gift contains two of our nourishing and hydrating best sellers.


Our super hydrating hand food hand cream & heel genius foot cream. Your hands and feet won’t want for anything else. 


Soap and glory spa feeling bubble bath christmas gift

Spa Feeling Original Pink Bubble Bath Christmas Gift Set - £10


The only bottle of bubbles you need this holiday season. Decadent decanter filled with shimmery suds in our iconic Original Pink rose & bergamot fragrance. 


This is a real treat for anyone who loves a good soak in the bath. 


Soap and glory glow bubble pink christmas candle gift

Glow Bubbly Original Pink Candle Christmas Gift - £10


Need we say more than ‘Original Pink scented candle!’. We didn’t think so.


Enjoy an on trend, bubble, pink candle scented with our most popular Original Pink fragrance of rose & bergamot. 



Happy stocking stuffing!


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