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Panel of Glambassadors – FAQs

What is the GLAMBASSADOR Panel?

As a member of our Glambassador Panel, you’ll have the chance to try our latest products and give us in-depth feedback so that we (and Soap & Glory fans) know what you really think.

How can I get involved?

For now, this opportunity is by invitation only. If you’ve been chosen, we’ll be in touch soon. Meanwhile, read the next answer to find out we hand select our panel.

I didn’t get chosen but I’m a SOAPER fan!

Well, if you’ve ever flown our flag (or tooted our horn), you could be picked to be a Glambassador next time. To increase your chances, here are some ways to declare your love (we won’t know unless you tell us!):

  • Perhaps send us an email or letter showing an interest in any of our beautystuffs – or the whole darn brand.
  • Or if you’re really moved, make some fan art (we love you already), write us a poem or simply show off your creative flair in celebration of Soap & Glory.
  • Sign up to our NEWSLETTER and WISH LIST
  • Enter our competitions.

P.S. In the meantime, we’d love to get your feedback on any of our pamperstuffs – just write a review on our website if you feel inspired.

Who can take part in the panel?

You need to be living in the UK so we can send you a sample.

You have to be over 18 years old.

You must have received an invitation by email to be a Glambassador.

See full T&Cs

Can I still give my feedback & review?

Yes please! You can always leave a review on our website. Just go on the relevant product page and click on the ‘WRITE A REVIEW’ button.

More questions? Read our T&Cs or contact us.

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What have you got to say

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  1. Marilyn Paren said:

    Your products is amazing and I love the scent so much like no others!

  2. Kelly32ni@hotmail.com said:

    Love love love soap and glory products I use them every single of day of my life! I take them everywhere I would be a fantastic asset to you’re panel so please bare me in mind 🙂 xx

  3. Marilyn Long Paren said:

    My first time get to know this brand is when I use my partner mom body scrub cream, I fall in love with the scent immediately and I told my partner about the product. It’s an amazing scent! Guess what? He bought me the gift set of soap&glory for my Christmas gift. I was so excited. Every time I use it , I try to use it less because I worry it would finish fast haha. Then I found out in boots they sell dry shampoo as well!! I straight away change the previous brand and stick to soap & glory. I’m hooked and obsessed over the products! I can tell this is my top favourite product NOW! Then, I realised I’m not the only one love this product when I found out my partner mom have more other products of S&G, she got the body bath& gel and more. I start to browse on s&g website and check out on all the items they sell. I’m amazed that there’s variety and more choices. Here comes the difficulties for me, I feel like to click on all of the products and try but that’s greedy and gonna kill my wallet. Plus, I’m still confused with the different packaging not sure which one is the one my favourite scents. Now i found out about this glam ambassador, I would be grateful to be part of this and I promise s&g I’m your no.1 fan! I will shout out loud about this products to everyone I bet they would fall in love same as me.

    Love, Marilyn xx
    Instagram: @marilynparen

  4. Annabel limb said:

    I just want to say that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE all soap and glory products!! I literally use so so many of your things, all of my face products, body products and your new ‘split happens’ oil is so so good. I would love to represent Soap and Glory by showing off your products or trying new ones for you! Anything to get involved, I would love to do it along side my degree as I’m so passionate about your products! Thank you for making my skin so fabulous!

  5. Tanya said:

    I really love your products. I started using them in December last year and I can’t even think of changing to another brand that is not soap and glory.
    I love taking videos of my skin care routine with your products. I love soap and glory.

    • Tanya said:

      I really love using your products and I’d be honoured to be a part of the glambassadors

  6. Ebony said:

    The Breakfast Scrub is addictive and one of the best smelling scrubs ever to reach my nose!

  7. stephanie petersen said:

    Hi does the glambassador panel still exist? I’d love to join