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Soap and glory gifts

Gifts So Good You Won’t Want To Give Them Away

19 November 2020

Christmas plans are likely to be a little different this year (a buffering Zoom quiz is likely to replace the annual Monopoly competition for one: “You’re on mute, Gran!”). However, we bet our last mince pie that we’ll upscale the celebrations any way we can. Hands up who’s already gone overboard on the fairy lights order?
That means getting ahead on gifting with no-brainer beauty ...

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Soap and glory how to clean your makeup brushes

How to be Hygienius

10 November 2020

We’ve all upped our clean scene recently. It’s the new normal to wash your hands several times a day, hand sanitiser is the new handbag essential, and you have enough face masks to match every outfit. But have you thought about how hygienic your makeup is?
Makeup kits are notorious for committing heinous grime crimes – bacteria, e-coli and even funghi can all be found ...

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Be Kind to Your Mind

27 October 2020

Welcome to the age of worry. Or at least that’s what the experts claim; that we live in unprecedented times for anxiety. We like to keep a hyper rosy outlook on life but can relate to the niggling panic of FOMO when we can’t find our phone, or the reality of waking up in the early hours with conversations playing on a loop in our ...

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Soap and glory the ultimate guide to maskne blog

The ultimate guide to maskne

20 October 2020

Like them or loathe them, face coverings and medical masks are part of our ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable. Besides being great protection from coughs and sneezes, we especially enjoy any excuse for an additional accessory. (Not to mention an easy escape from close talkers.)
But an unexpected and not particularly lovely legacy of mask wearing is a steamy microclimate (yuk), which causes break-outs of ...

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Soap and glory body exfoliating

Bump & Grind: Your guide to body exfoliation

16 October 2020

The arrival of autumn brings a welcome world of chilly weather changes. For one thing, it’s totally legit to swap your morning skinny latte for frothy hot chocolate (with cream, thanks). And overnight, the park becomes a place for golden-lit, sophisticated strolls, rather than the wasp dodge of August.
However, just because you have relegated your denim cut-offs to the back of the wardrobe, and ...

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