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Retox & Detox – Your Christmas Beauty Game Plan

17 December 2020

‘Tis the season to be wildly overindulgent, so naturally Christmas is our favourite time of year. However, you can have too much of a good thing and our skin is usually the first to show it. So, how do you balance the festive overload without the beauty implode?

Christmas food is actually really good for your skin

Quality Street and Tia Maria aside, much of Christmas’ foodie offerings are a bonus for skin health. Turkey contains selenium, which is an immune system-boosting antioxidant, and Brussels Sprouts are packed with skin-plumping potassium. Snacking on satsumas gives you a hit of vitamin C and the festive raw nut basket is loaded with skin-friendly vitamins A, C and E. Even the humble carrot is a beauty gift with glow-giving beta carotene.

Eat your hangover

If you’ve had too many Christmas Snow Globe Mimosas, a breakfast of poached eggs with avocado is your get-out-of-jail-free pass. Eggs contain an amino acid that helps break down the toxins that give you a pounding head, and avocados have been proven to help your liver detox blood faster. Add some segments of orange (fruit is better than juice) as vitamin C helps your body process the alcohol out of your system.

Drink loads of water

You’ve heard this a hundred times, but drinking water at strategic points throughout the evening and day after really will help keep up the Christmas cheer. Because booze has a diuretic effect (translation: it makes you pee more), for every glass of fizz, vino or G&T, your body loses three to four glasses of water. Alternate your alcohol with H2O as much as possible. If you get carried away and forget (we’ve all been there), coconut water is a good thing to drink in the morning as it’s brilliant at replenishing lost electrolytes.

Establish your beauty rescue plan

You’re only human, and Christmas can’t all be about Brussels Sprouts and coconut water. So, it’s a good idea to put your skincare SOS strategy in place. If your skin is looking more crackers than cracking, treat yourself to Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask. This hydrogel mask is packed with winter wonder-stuff hyaluronic acid and it’ll leave your skin as plump and juicy as a Christmas turkey.

Tip – when you’re done with the mask, make the most of all the marvellously moisturising ingredients by giving yourself a lymphatic massage before you wipe the excess off.

Go one step further and stock up with the Mask Force Collection – a glorious (self)gift set, which contains five skin-saving masks to create Christmas miracles of smoothing, hydrating, and radiance boosting. Plus, you’ll have 5x the excuse for disappearing for 15 minutes me-time when the rest of the family are watching Christmas specials on the telly.

Sleep like a (Christmas) angel

OK, it’s a bit of a reach but if there is a bonus to 2020 Christmas, it’s upping our sleep quota and starting the new year feeling refreshed (rather than needing another holiday). While late nights out are on the back burner, bank up your shut eye. Buy yourself a really good pillow, and make sure your bedroom is cool, rather than hot (around 18 degrees is ideal). Put a ban on phones or iPads, and light a calm-inducing candle to scent your sanctuary of snooze.



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