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Working from home tips with Soap and Glory

Our tips for working from home

16 April 2020

Okay, so times are pretty weird right now (weirder than weird) that goes without saying, and you’re working from home – this is the dream you’ve always dreamed of, right? MAYBE. Why? Because, as much as an office from the comfort of your sofa dressed in nothing but loungewear for weeks on end feels like the silver lining to all of your clouds, there are a whole host of temptations standing in the way of your productivity.

There’s the urge to hit that sacred ‘snooze’ button, the untold allure of mid-meal snacks, the endless counting down of the minutes between lunchtime and dinnertime, the hours spent scouring the internet for your quarantine personality according to your sign, and the constant call of binge-watching your way through the entire Disney+ channel all driving you onto the concentration rocks. So how do you manage the pitfalls of your dream-now-made-reality when there are so many more fun things you could be spending your time on?

Like many of us, if you are working remotely, you may need a little help with your work/life balance and routine. It’s super important to separate the two, so we’ve created a few ‘working from home’ tips and tricks to help you along the way.

We’ve focused on six key areas that we think are most important in maintaining a healthy balance, so without further ado let’s…GET TO WORK!

Routine, routine, repeat, routine!

Firstly, make sure you maintain your normal working hours in your home office just like you would in your actual office. Set an alarm (no cheating and hitting that ‘snooze’ button!), get up, find caffeine, maybe do a quick work-out (we’re trying our best Joe Wicks, honestly!), jump in the shower (lathering up with some Clean On Me ofc), put on your finest loungewear and start your working day off right. Make sure to take time-out and schedule in a lunch break no matter how busy you are, and finish your day at your usual time.

Dedicate a space!

Make a little ‘you’ space where work is a priority. If you can, try to separate this out from your relaxation space so that you maintain a sense of balance and wellbeing. Maybe invest in some fancy new notepads, some posh new pens, a new plant friend (or 5) and keep this space as tidy as humanly possible.

Drink it up!

Drinking water is super important to keep your energy-levels up, but it is something you can easily forget about. Keep a dedicated flask (with a motivational quote, obvs!) on your desk, keep it topped-up throughout the day and sip on it sporadically. You can even download an app to remind you to keeping drinking (we like Plant Nanny, because even if you can’t be bothered to drink the water for yourself, you WILL to keep this cute little plant alive).

Stretch it out!

Make sure to keep moving so you don’t start feeling stiff. No-one wants stiff joints now do they?! Sitting hunched over a laptop waiting to pounce on the ‘ping’ of an email can make you feel a bit ‘meh’. If you own a hula hoop, maybe now is the time to use it. It’s fun and a fantastic way to keep your energy levels up. There are loads of great yoga apps out there too, so even if you can’t go out, you can stretch out!

Feed your fire!

Food is fire and snacks are life. Even if you’ve convinced yourself that eating a bag of Popchips counts as one of your five a day, please don’t forget to eat proper meals that may contain real vegetables. We know, we sound just like your mum right now but we’re just looking out for you!

Zoom away!

The miracle that is Zoom is your new virtual BFF. Checking in with your family, friends and work mates is so important to making sure that you feel connected and that the lonely feels don’t set in. A quick call can instantly raise your mood and help keep that productivity on form, PLUS, you can be wearing your PJs from the waist down and no one will ever know!

And that’s it folks! Hopefully following these simple steps will help make your working from home life just a little bit more GLORIOUS.


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Working from home tips from soap and glory


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