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WIN A Mother Daughter Shopping Trip and Pamper Kit

4 March 2018

Mums are just great, aren’t they? Who else can you count on to be both brutally honest yet unfailingly supportive? Like “Yes, that haircut makes you look like a pre-pubescent boy – but don’t worry – it’ll grow back!” GOOD TIMES.

But seriously though, this is what makes them such great shopping partners – they’ll NEVER lie to you just to spare your feelings.

In celebration of such unwavering (occasionally unwelcome) honesty, we’re offering you the chance to win a SOAPER fabulous Mother’s Day prize – a Mother & Daughter Shopping Trip and Pamper Kit in partnership with our gals over at Boux Avenue. The winner will receive 2 x £100 Boux Avenue vouchers along with an invite to their local Boux Avenue store for a champagne bra fitting. PLUS, both Mum and Daughter will receive one of our SOAPREMELY SPECIAL Gift Sets and a whole host of other glamazing S&G pampering products.

For the chance to win the perfect Mother Daughter day out, head over to our Facebook page, like this post, and simply comment with your and your Mum’s names!

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