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19 October 2018

Special Edition The Righteous Butter Gift

For all you RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ fans out there (that’s everyone right?!) we’ve got a new gift you’re going to fall butterly in love with.

Uh-huh, our bestselling body butter now comes in a beautiful special edition tin that you can keep long after you’ve scraped the last of that buttery goodness from the tub. Inspired by our signature ORIGINAL PINK™ fragrance, the tin features a bespoke vintage rose design that is just crying out to be the star of your next #shelfie.

And while the tin is perfectly formed for keeping your precious RB safe from thieving hands (sisters, mothers, boyfriends), we’ve also come up with few other ideas of what you could keep in it…

1. Jewellery – keep all your sparkly knick-knacks from going walkabouts.

2. Treats – maybe putting them in this cute tin will stop us eating ALLL the chocolate in one go (or maybe not).

3. Tea bags – makes a much nicer alternative to the slightly battered cardboard box currently sitting on your desk.

4. Hair grips/bands – if like us you only ever seem to have the 1 hairband that is permanently around your wrist, this could be the start of a new hair band-filled era for you.

5. Receipts – anybody else got a purse full of receipts? Keep them safe in the tin so you can always find them again.

Available now at Boots!

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