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We’re in Vogue

3 November 2011

We’re in Vogue, we’re in Vogue, da da daa, we’re in Vogue…

Forgive us doing our ‘We’re in Vogue’ dance – we’ve been beside ourselves ever since we opened up the latest BRITISH VOGUE and found our cosmetics staring back at us from its hallowed, glossy pages!

Getting the nod for BEST BUDGET BEAUTY LAUNCH, this is a proud day indeed. But don’t worry – we won’t let it change us. Now if you could just have the driver pull up around the back, and tell him we’ll be out in five!

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  1. belle paige said:

    you MUST come to the states next year. MUST!

  2. Loulou said:

    I am dying to get my mitts on Cheekmate! Do you stock in New Zealand by any chance?