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ways to uplift your mood

3 Ways to Feel Uplifted!

17 March 2021

One of the quickest ways to move your mojo is through your sense of smell. Light your favourite scented candle or sniff the invigorating zest of a lemon; smell is scientifically proven to evoke happy thoughts and stimulate your mind. At the same time, water has been used in mood-boosting therapies for millennia; a shower or full-body submersion in hot soapy suds releases endorphins (AKA: feel good hormones) into your bloodstream and brain.

Merge these moxie makers with S&G’s new Uplifting Body Care Collection, featuring a mood-boosting fragrance that is expertly designed to enhance happiness. Scented with notes of citrusy grapefruit (known as the ‘wake-up’ fragrance by aromatherapists) and warm and fruity rhubarb, as well as peony, rose, cedarwood, raspberry and vanilla, you won’t only smell sensational, you’ll feel it too!

1. Stimulate your suds

Begin your day with a blast of positivity with fantastically fragrant Best Washes™ Body Wash, a hydrating shower gel enriched with multi-vitamins B5, C and E.

2. Get your blood circulating

If your skin is feeling a little under-enthusiastic, get the blood circulating with Scrub for Joy™ Body Scrub, which will renew, revitalise and refresh unmotivated skin. This vitamin-loaded body buffer is enriched with walnut shell power to gently remove tired skin cells and impurities, leaving behind supremely softer, smoother and silkier skin.

3. Hydrate it to make it

Imagine a moisturiser that worked while you were still under the steamy jet of H20… sound good? That’s why we’ve invented All The Right Smoothes™ In Shower Moisturiser . This super smoother is scented with our signature Uplifting blend and loaded with ultra-nourishing avocado and brazil nut oils to leave your skin feeling happy, healthy and intensely moisturised.

Want even more ways to feel uplifted?

As much as we make it our mission to spend as much time in steamy showers and bountiful baths, we can’t step into the hot stuff every time we need a happiness hitch, so here’s five more mood boosters to try:

1) Open your curtains as soon as you wake up (or sleep with them open). Serotonin is released by daylight and promotes feelings of calm and focus.

2) Sit up straight. If your body is in a slump, so will your mood.

3) Do something kind. If you are feeling down, intentionally do something kind for someone else.

4) Write down one thing you did well and are proud of every day, no matter how small.

5) Have fun for the sake of fun. Trampoline for kicks not calorie reduction; colour in because it looks pretty (park conscientious mindfulness for the moment); buy some FIMO or clay and get creative.

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