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Get Ready for Valentine's Day with S&G

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with S&G

9 February 2018

Romantic/cheeky card? Check. Date-night outfit? Check. Body buffed, smoothed, and moisturised to within an inch of its life? Double-check. All that’s left to decide is how you’re going to do your face. Luckily S&G are here with a few suggestions…

If you’re going for a casual kind of vibe – maybe you’ve only been dating a few months or you’re going for a daytime date – our PEACH PERFECT look is spot on. With just the right amount of smoulder around the eyes and a subtle yet enticing peachy lip this look says (to the uninitiated) ‘I threw this together in 5 mins – didn’t even realise it was Valentine’s Day! Oh you want to take me out to dinner? Weeeell, okay then.’ Learn how to recreate it with our step-by-step tutorial…


On the other hand, if you want to step it up a notch for the big V-day, we’d suggest giving our KNOCK EM RED tutorial a whirl. Nothing says ‘DAYUMMM GURL’ like a classic red lip and flirtatious feline flick, trust us. Brush up on your technique with a lil help from our tutorial below…

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