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Hobbies and Activities After Lockdown

Keep calm and hobby on! Keeping hobbies and activities after lockdown

11 June 2020

Here at Soap & Glory, over lockdown we’ve delved deep into the online world of hobbies.

Searching and scouring the web for every activity that the internet has to offer – you name it, we’ve done it. Baked – and ate – our collective weight in banana bread. Called every single person we’ve ever spoken to on a Zoom chat (that’s right, even our third cousin’s ex-girlfriend). Watched, and re-watched Normal People. Then watched it again, just to be safe. Danced to Iceland’s Eurovision entry song on repeat for five hours. Or was it seven?

But then we got to thinking – after lockdown is over, and ‘normal’ life once again returns, what becomes of all the tricks and tips we have learnt along the way?

Just because pubs are open, shops have flung open their doors and the siren-call of brunch is beckoning – doesn’t mean that all the good stuff we’ve picked up, has to get dropped again.

Yes, of course we are going to revel and bask in the freedom of going to get our nails done. Squeal with joy when you can finally pop over to your friend’s house for a cuppa. Cry a single tear when you can try on a pair of jeans in a changing room. And we should, because we deserve it (if we do say so ourselves). But it’s always important to remember what kept us going when the going got rough.

Close for comfort

When we all look back in a few months’ time, it’s safe to say one thing is going to stick out more than anything else – the importance of staying in contact with friends, family and the people you care about. For us, checking in, checking up and taking the time to reach out to people has made this whole lockdown that little bit easier. Whether that’s a FaceTime, a House Party, or – of course – a weekly quiz, having all your favourite people together in a virtual room has been the proverbial light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. So, we say – let’s keep it going! Ditch the excuses, clear a spot in your ever-so-busy, impossibly popular calendar, and make sure you still find time to check in with those you love.

Ready, set, bake

Ah, the kitchen.

Our friend, our foe.

Our source of endless lockdown supplies of cakes, bakes and frothy coffees. Whoever and wherever you are, we bet our bottom dollar that you’ve at least picked up a spatula in the past month – after all, how could you resist the lure of Biscoff lasagne (https://www.delish.com/uk/food-news/a32572410/biscoff-lasagne/)?! But even when the bakeries are open again, and you can sink your teeth into a brownie that you didn’t have to make, why not meet your friends with a Tupperware full of your world-famous (well, house-famous) bakes? After all, we believe that eating cake is practically a fundamental human right.

The wonderful outdoors

We don’t know about you, but here at Soap & Glory HQ, lockdown has got us all feeling like Bear Grylls – armed only with a water bottle, some snacks and a phone for Insta uploads. The rolling hills, the sound of birdsong and fresh air (yes, even in London) has worked absolute wonders in terms of keeping our mindset positive and our bodies healthy. Whether you have become a bona fide runner, an avid rambler or just a scenic admirer, the prospect of getting out and about has become a daily miracle so let’s not let the British landscape go unnoticed again. Instead of going to a mate’s house, why not embark on an adventure. Or you know, go to a park.

Take time for you-time

The past couple of months has been a rollercoaster to say the least, and keeping your mental wellbeing in tip-top shape has been a priority. So, as we are gradually allowed to see more people and visit more places, don’t forget to take a little time for yourself. If self-isolation has taught us one thing, it’s that self-care definitely isn’t selfish – it’s fundamental to keep you staying sane. Remember to keep stocked up on the face masks, the bath bombs and the deep conditioner – so you can truly treat yourself as you deserve post-lockdown.

Okay so it may seem a while off yet, but things will return to normal in no time at all. We are going to look back and be thankful for all the things we have learnt and grateful for the people who were there for us. Also, it might just be us, but our inner old lady is secretly overjoyed at the thought of a future of rambling and baking…


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