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Soap and glory the glory of missing out

The Glory of Missing Out

18 January 2021

Remember when FOMO (that is, the fear of missing out) turned into JOMO (the joy of missing out)? It felt revolutionary; JOMO became a legit way to engage with our friends on social media but be happy with our own choices IRL. And how prescient does that feel now? After almost a year of lockdown and social restrictions, feeling content in your own company has never been more vital.

Here at S&G, we don’t need much of an excuse to turn an everyday event into an opportunity for luxury. It’s pretty much our guiding mantra in life. So, why not take JOMO up one notch further – to GOMO. That’s the Glory of Missing Out. Because, if we’ve got to hunker in our bunkers, we might as well do it in style.

With us? Here’s how.

Up your loungewear game

Since staying in is officially the new going out, then it’s time to upgrade your at-home wear from baggy joggers or your same-old stretchy skinnies. Unsurprisingly, fashion brands have been quick to create gorgeously comfy outfits in luxurious fabrics. Cashmere joggers have always seemed a little OTT, even to us (don’t they get saggy bums after the first wear?) so look for premium leggings in super supple, high tech materials instead.

Wear with fluffy sweaters (for extra style points, team with detachable collars) or oversized white shirts. Hoodies are another statement stay-in staple. Look for knits or subtle sparkle and signature sweatshirts with upbeat slogans.

Take your sofa seriously

If your home office is the same room as your slump space, cultivate some classy differentiation so that starting downtime feels like more of a transition and less of a belly flop. Lamps are a great way to create zones in your living space – you can literally switch off from work. Treat yourself to some funky cushions in mood-boosting colours, and a soft pure wool throw is the ultimate way to upgrade your chill time.

Get ready like you mean it

When you aren’t seeing people face-to-face every day it’s tempting to leave your hair unwashed a few extra days, or skip on skincare maintenance. While we 100% support stretching out a home blow-dry with excessive use of dry shampoo, it doesn’t pay to strip back your beauty habits too much. Plus, there’s a huge wellbeing aspect to taking your time and getting dressed with intention.

At S&G, we advocate a daily lockdown regime of long steamy showers, invigorating scrubs, and moisturising with masses of nourishing, delightfully-scented body moisturisers. Don’t forget those weekly treats too. Keep hands soft with shea moisture-infused Hand Food™, toes twinkling with Heel Genius™, and your face radiant and relaxed with our fabulous range of face masks.

Take a cue from Cleopatra

She may have lived over 2000 years ago, but this queen knew how to rule her bath time ablutions. Who knows if she did actually bathe in asses milk (quite possibly, as milk contains lactic acid – a type of alpha hydroxy acid*, which softens and smooths skin), but the point is, she made washing an artful experience. Since you’re unlikely to be rushing out the door any time soon, embrace the extra time and make your bath beautiful.

First, make yourself a drink – be it a cup of green tea or something stronger. Then, light your favourite candle and let the scent fill the room. Set up a bath tray, so you can relax with a book or tablet, and pop an Original Pink™ Fizz-a-Ball™ into the water. Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards – because a clean queen is a well hydrated queen.

*If donkey’s milk is too hard to come by (or you’re vegetarian or vegan), try AHA-loaded In The Glow How™ 5% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Tonic instead.

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