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Places to visit post-lockdown

Making the most of it! All the best places to visit after lockdown

11 June 2020

Although it may seem far away – blurry and just that little bit out of view – if you squint hard enough, you can just about see it.

That’s right.

Lockdown will be lifted.


So, we got to thinking, as well as continuing the habits and ways of life that we’ve established during these challenging times, wouldn’t it be nice to think about the things we want to make the most of when life returns to ‘normal’ (whatever normal may be)?!

The things we may have took for granted before. Things such as going to theme parks, taking a wild swimming dip, or simply visiting new places. The things that have always been on our to-do list; but never got done.

Well, we say a resounding ‘let’s go’ to all those activities left unticked. We say ‘of course’ to the places begging ‘pick me, pick me’. We say ‘yes please’ to getting up at 5am and driving to Scotland. Ok, fine. Maybe not 5am.

But we do think it’s super important that we make a ‘Things To Do When Lockdown Has Lifted’ list!

The future is uncertain, and we could all do with some (Face Soap And) …clarity –  but there will be a time when we are able to return to doing things we love, even if that looks a little different to what we are used to.

We’ve sat down, scoured and searched for all the best top-tips and some super ideas to add to your list:


Go on holiday!

Let’s start with the obvious. We are all desperate for a little holiday, right? Whether that’s a cosy weekend get-away to a cottage with a hot tub, or a sunny full-blown, lay-around-the-pool-abroad type of holiday.

While we are in lockdown, you can plan a few holidays ready for when we can take them again. If you are a little nervous to fly abroad when we are safely able to (us too!), why not take a stay-cation?!

There are SO many hidden gems in the UK. Either on our doorstep or a little drive away that we should all make the most of.

A few of our favourite key spots are:

o   Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a GEM that everyone needs to know about. If you’ve never been, you must go. You’re in for a treat! If you go in the summer, whack on some flip-flops and the factor 30 and it’s essentially like being abroad.

There are so many places to visit in the area and each of them feels like its own destination –you definitely get a ‘10 for 1’ type deal with a Bournemouth holiday.

There are miles of award-winning blue flag beaches which means the sand is clean and golden – so go dip your toes and get some vitamin ‘sea’. It’s so relaxing there, week will feel like a month. Ahhhhh, we already don’t want to leave.

Yes we know, you couldn’t help but research those lovely beaches straight away – but make sure you come back to read the rest of our list!

o   Cotswolds

Do you even live in England if you don’t want to visit the Cotswolds? Spanning over five counties, a plethora of that gorgeous golden stone and of course, the rolling hills – can it get more quintessentially English than this?

Almost slap bang in the middle of the country, The Cotswolds are the perfect destination for wherever you’re travelling from. Not only can you take a deep breath of country air, ramble through beautiful villages such as Bidbury and Chipping Campden, but you can also visit some of the country’s greatest palaces, castles and country houses. We recommend putting on your fanciest get-up and pretend like you’re in Downton for the day.

o   Brighton

Beaches? Check.

Sea? Check.

Sun? Come on, it’s England so we can only hope for the best.

Even if the sun isn’t shining, Brighton will make you feel as if it is with the crashing of the waves and the abundance of fish and chips. Take a spin on the waltzers, pop your head in a cartoon pirate, or find your inner child on the trampolines – Brighton Palace Pier has it all. If you’re not the greatest fan of rides, then no worries – we think it’s just as fun watching people pretend not to be scared.

If that’s not entirely up your street (we’re not judging, we promise) then Brighton has so much more. A cultural hub, with it’s never-ending supply of vintage shops, record stores and live entertainment you’re sure to be in retail heaven. You can even pop and see a Banksy – now how often do you get to do that?!

Go to a zoo

Secondly; our multiple viewings of the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’ has ramped up our desire to visit a zoo!

Visiting a zoo is a glorious day out for everyone; whether you’re a couple, a family or going with your friends.

We recommend Yorkshire Wildlife Park as they have so many different animals and you even get a complete walk-through experience there.

You’re even able to go in the huge cage with the Lemurs and they have Polar Bears too! Enough said.

Visit the cinema

A simple thing to add to your list, but one that is a mini event that we’ve all missed.

Munching our way through a large popcorn before the trailers have even finished, in a comfy reclining seat whilst watching the newest releases is something that we will all enjoy even more when were back to normal. Pass us the Tango Ice Blasts!

Why not feel extra guilt-free and visit an independent cinema? Not only do they have everything your normal Vue has, but you get to support a local business too!

What is the best thing to do after a visit to the cinema? Go for some food of course. If you can get a mid-afternoon film slot, it’s always a good idea to go for dinner at a restaurant or fast food place afterwards.

Go bowling

Naturally along with the cinema, follows bowling.

We don’t know about you, but we almost forgot about being able to enjoy playing a competitive, but fun, game of bowling, whilst at the same time, having such a laugh with those you love to spend your time with. Rails up or not.

Go on a long scenic drive, stopping off at a country pub

Do you remember how to drive your car? Us neither.

Driving can be so relaxing, especially in the summer days. Drive out to somewhere like the Lake District to enjoy those beautiful views. Stopping off at a lovely scenic country pub is a must.

We can almost imagine it now.

Have a picnic in the park

Picnics are so underrated. Going food shopping and preparing for a picnic is so much fun and can involve the whole family.

Once you’ve topped up a basket of your fave snacks and tipples; go to a nearby park, lay out your picnic mat and enjoy doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company and the fresh air. You can even top up on that tan if you’re lucky.

Visit a castle

Alnwick castle, like most castles make for a lovely day out. Did you know a few scenes of Harry Potter were filmed there?

Warwick Castle, with a range of castle-themed activities like history tours, birds of prey training and a Horrible Histories Maze – what’s not to love?! Oh, and they also have the largest siege machine IN THE WORLD. We’re sold.

Why not explore the home of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace?! Marvel at the paintings, wonder at how they baked, and fill your boots with everything Tudor.

Let us know what you most looking forward to doing (when we can return to whatever normal is). Leave us a comment as we’d love to see!


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