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Sworn off men

25 October 2011

The girls of SOAP & GLORY HAVE SWORN OFF MEN. (Strictly from a new product development perspective, of course.)

Eyebrow-raising research has now confirmed that despite us really, really trying, the majority of male Soap & Glory fans still opt to share the Clean On Me that’s already in their shower, and ‘the wife’s’  Righteous Butter, than shop for themselves. So if you love the scents, the styles, the soaps of our men’s range, we’d suggest you buy a year’s supply of SOAP & GLORY FOR MEN CHRISTMAS SETS. (It’s still all out there, just packed up for ‘Santa’.)

Once we get down to the last 100 products, we’re going to do a little giveaway. (You’ll have to be signed up here to find out about it.)

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  1. caroline thompson said:

    my hubbie loves your mens range , im so pleased i bought quite a bit that wa s half price in boots, he is gutted it is discontinued, he never uses mine it is forbidden.

  2. Alexandra Scratch said:

    I recently had the pleasure of buying Wash Almighty and Soaper Man for my man, and he loves them! He only uses his manly products in the shower (which is good for both of us… more Clean On Me for me and he gets to smell like a babe magnet!). I’m very sad to hear that the line is being discontinued!

    • Alexandra Scratch said:

      Woops! I meant to write Fresh Man Face Wash instead of Wash Almighty, even though I love Wash Almighty as well 🙂

  3. Alison said:

    Gutted that the mens range has been discontinued, my husband loves the range 🙁

  4. Gavin said:

    I’ve uses the men’s range since it was released and I’m annoyed and gutted that its been discontinued because I love the stuff and so does my missus, I tried buying some last week but saw in all stores that there were none at all, I just hope you see some reason to bring it back into sale

    • David Krupski said:

      Am totally gutted. I have ben buying this for about 2 years and love it. Is there any product left? Shower gel? I’ll buy the flaming lot

  5. Sharon Dunsmuir said:

    I got an s&g set for xmas and I love it. I particularly loved the pulp friction and would be interested in a mens version for my husband whenever men’s set is done again. I love how it is foamy and exfoliatey at the same time making me feel really clean. My husband liked an exfoliating shower gel lynx used to do but I think he’d love pulp friction if it didn’t come in a pink bottle!

  6. Jill said:

    My husband Simon has never really been into the whole men’s product thing – until – he used the Soap and Glory range for men. He has since been addicted and brought most if not all of the range. We are both really sad that it has now been discontinued and so is our son who was over the moon to use his Daddy’s products and smell like a proper ‘little man’. Please reconsider discontinuing this brand nothing else on the market even comes close!!

  7. kenneth said:

    please more men!

  8. kenneth said:

    more men stuff please!

  9. Daran bellingham said:

    OH MAN great product smells fantastic on apar with the best

  10. Mike said:

    I’m so upset! Dry Hard was the only anti-perspirant for men that actually worked and it smelt dead nice. I’m gonna miss it.

  11. Billy said:

    That’s a bummer you’re stopping the men’s stuff. I’ve been buying it for two years now ever since my fiancé bought me some back then!

  12. Cotswold Mum said:

    Oh No !!! It’s taken a long time to find a range of products that work, and that are equally pleasing to both my son and daughters (the arbiters of good smells). Such a shame…. why should the girls get all the good stuff ??

    • Soap & Glory said:

      Hi there, the men’s products will still be making appearances around Christmas each year in the gift section of Boots and Harvey Nichols, so you’ll be able to provide your son and daughter with the products they love!

  13. Nick George said:

    Soaper man is still my favourite, I have 1 bottle left from when I bought some on offer, will have to make it last, it’s the best, long lasting smell I’ve found in man’s product, I got the body spray and aftershave to match after trying it, but that’s gone now.

  14. Clare Watson said:

    Mistake to discontinue mens’ range.

  15. Chris Vaneeathan said:

    Why have you discontinued the mens range?
    its the only mens shower gel thats half decent the rest are dogsh@t!!!
    can i order the clean of england shower gel from you?
    Why was it not ever marketted??
    I read papers watch tv and read mixmag,fhm,four four two, mens health and cycle monthly and never saw one advert??!!
    someone in marketing needs to be had words with for allowing these wonderful products FAIL!!
    you could of had wonderful patriotic adverts to go with these products.
    if someone explained how to make it, i would seriously make it myself!! lol well maybe?!?
    i really do love this product!!!!
    please please get back to me 07746 333 415

    • Soap & Glory said:

      Hi Chris, unfortunately we’ve almost completely sold out of the men’s range and as we don’t sell directly to consumers ourselves, there’s no way for you to order from us – we’re flattered you’re such a fan, though! Rumour has it there may be a giveaway of the last few products coming up soon, so keep an eye out on our blog. We’ll announce it here!

  16. Mike said:

    Im a bit miffed that the men’s line has been discontinued I have very sensitive skin and it was one of the only things I could use that didn’t give me several rashes. If its only being sold at Xmas times I might have to try stock up for the year. These were truly brilliant products as the other things I can use just smell horrible. These should be bought back it is not as if nobody was buying them so why were they discontinued?

    • Soap & Glory said:

      Hi Mike, we couldn’t agree with you more about them being brilliant products. Sadly, it seems we just couldn’t convince quite enough men. However, we know the men’s range has a loyal following and so the products will make a reappearance every Christmas as part of our limited edition gift sets, so you can stock up!

  17. Chad said:

    I am soooo gutted you stopped doing your men’s range been going to boots for moths now and can’t see it anymore. (well what I normally buy that is) your body sprays have got me do many complements :D. 🙁 is there anywhere out there I can still get some pls pls pls.

    • Soap & Glory said:

      Hi Chad, from now on you can purchase the men’s products in our limited edition gift sets around Christmas and the holidays. We will be announcing a giveaway of the last few products very soon, so make sure you’re signed up to our newsletters!

  18. aman said:

    Fresh men face wash was lovely and I miss it alot.Hope to see in market again soon 🙂

  19. Chris Burnett said:

    What a tremendous mistake you have made here!

    As a lot of the people have also said above, your product was miles above any other range out there!

    I took some with me to Australia and the response was amazing! You have missed out on a trick here. More so you have lost out of some easy money from me.

    Poor show, or should I say ‘Pore show’

  20. Soap & Glory said:

    Hi Chris, thanks for letting us know how much you liked the products; you’ll still be able to stock up at Christmas when they’ll appear in our limited edition gift sets!

  21. Ben said:

    Soap and glory men’s rock !!! So disappointed that its not sold throughout the whole year , its my favourite deodorant and shower gel ever !!! Nearly ran out and really need dome more , please please please make more!!!!!x

    • Soap & Glory said:

      Hi Ben, thanks for letting us know how much you liked the products; you’ll still be able to stock up at Christmas when they’ll appear in our limited edition gift sets!

  22. melanie said:

    This is the worse thing ever, my husband loves the products and beleive me it is a struggle to find anything that we both like when I think of his smell it is eau Man…… we are both gutted please can you carry on with the mens products please !!!!!!!!

    • Soap & Glory said:

      Hi Melanie, thanks for letting us know how much you liked the products; you’ll still be able to stock up at Christmas when they’ll appear in our limited edition gift sets!

  23. Georgina said:

    My husband is gutted. We had no idea that the men’s Soap and Glory was being discontinued or we would have bought a bumper supply. He loves the shave gel – it was years before he found one that worked well on his skin.

    He first bought it in Bangkok of all places on our honeymoon as he forgot his normal one and has never looked back.

    Please bring the range back one day

  24. Kate said:

    Please bring back the mens range – I want it for my husband cos smells delish.

  25. Sarah Allard said:

    Hello, I notice boots now have all thier christmas gift sets in, but no mens S&G products. I have checked online also but they dont have anything. Can you please advise where I can find these gift sets for men.


  26. Luke Hart said:

    christmas is coming….are you releasing mens gift set? eau man body spray, soaper man and billy wildhair please!

  27. Elaine Carr said:

    Am absolutely gutted Spoap and Glory for men has been discontinued. I bought loads of this stuff for son, hubby, son in law last Christmas and they loved it – had promised them more this year 🙁


  28. Sarah Allard said:

    Any update on the men’s christmas gift sets?

  29. Elaine Carr said:

    Am gutted Soap and Glory for men has been discontinued – bought loads last year for hubby, son and son inlaw – had promised them more this year 🙁

  30. Daphne said:

    Boooh! I just booked a trip to the UK for x-mas shopping and the 2 males in my household already gave me their wishlist which stated a large supply of Soap & Glory for men… I hope I might find some left by British ladies shopping for their husbands but I’m afraid they were cleaver enough to have scooped it all up! Why, Soap & Glory, why? Please do some special X-mas sets for men!!!

  31. Kelvin said:

    I also think you are making a massive mistake, I am 33 years old and never really bothered with make grooming products and just bought any old tat off the shelf until I found soap and glory, even my mum commented last Christmas when I actually specifically asked for soap and glory product, it is amazing and a crying shame that you won’t be making it available all year round, we men need this back please please please bring it back all year round I am running out and am being forced to buy overpriced soap and glory anywhere I can find it!! Men need you

  32. Soap & Glory said:

    Hi All!

    Where were you guys when we had Men’s products? We thought no one loved them and preferred to share with their ‘other-halves’ – well, that’s what people told us.

    Thanks for all your comments. We’re taking all your woes and feedback on board. There won’t be any Men’s Gift Sets this Christmas, but we’ll see what we can do for you next year.

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

    Kind regards,

    The Soap & Glory team

    • Elizabeth McGroarty said:

      Bring it back next Christmas and I promise to buy sets for every man I know haha! We only discovered the men’s range last year!x

  33. Stephen said:

    Hi, I am really disappointed to find out the mens range is no more!! I am 26 and really love all of the products and am desperately trying to find everything ‘Eau Man’ as it is amazing!! I only have 1 deoderant can left of this now and think it is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!!!!! BRING THE RANGE BACK!!! Please!

  34. Jen said:

    Oh soap and glory!!!!!!!

    I reply on you and your fantastic products throughout the year and the men in my family have been looking forward to their s&g Xmas treats as they’ve not been able to indulge during the year. Now you tell us that there are no men’s gifts sets 🙁 I hope you realise that I am going to have to deal with lots of unhappy men on Christmas Day !!!.

    The market is flooded with women’s beauty produces and as much as the boys can annoy us we still love them and love them looking and smelling gorgeous, but the thought of sharing my s&g products with my man, dad, brother, uncle, cousins or my best mate tips my over the edge! I love and rely on your products and there is no way I am sharing them!

    Personally, I think your merchandise provides a quirky take on men’s grooming which men find refreshing (so I’ve been told) as well as fantastic skin/body care product.

    Perhaps you should reconsider your decision to discontinue the men’s range as feedback on here proves it is popular. Even if its just special Xmas editions were s&g lovers can stock up. That way you will keep the production costs down but your customers happpy?

    As kelvin stated:

    MEN NEED YOU!!!!!!

  35. Anna said:

    Sad lady here…other half specifically asked for mens Soap and Glory stuff for Christmas…in fact he asked for some for his birthday in August but we couldn’t find it so thought perhaps Boots only stocked it at Christmas. Gutted to find out it’s been discontinued, he used and loved all the products in the 2 gift sets he had last Christmas (very unusual for him, he’s got loads of partially used products lying around the house), and I loved the smell! And it looked good in the bathroom! Pleeeeeeeeeease bring it back!

  36. claire.cresswell@btinternet.com said:

    No mens Christmas sets either, oh no!! please can we have some next year? the other half will quite happily use mine at home…even though I tell him he’s not allowed but, when its comes to business trips away he’s not so keen to pack it in his wash bag! please bring back the mens range, it was fab!

  37. Tylah said:

    I am devastated that you haven’t made gift sets this year! My dad is very picky with his deodorants etc, and S&G was the only thing he asked for for christmas! Please bring it back ASAP!

  38. Nick said:

    I miss your products — please get them back!

  39. Adele Garside said:

    I don’t know how to do a very very very sad face!! :((( My Hubby Never liked a particular “smellies range”, so never asked for any. For the past couple of months we’ve been scouring boots’ as he actually asked for some more!!! Now I read this!!! Gutted :’o(

  40. Elizabeth McGroarty said:

    Noooooooo!! I get where you’re coming from, but he can’t borrow my shave gel/deodorant/strictly men stuff.
    Please please please bring it back? Even if it’s only online, it’s the only wash range he’s ever liked!

  41. Sue irvine said:

    We only realised there was a men’s range last Xmas at boots and bought a couple of sets for hubby and dad for Xmas when getting my own ! I dont think the products were well advertised very well , I only found out by word of mouth about the female range 2 years ago and fell in love with it and now it’s a regular item as part of my shopping ! My husband and dad really loved the range , I’d looked previously in store throughout the year for the men’s body wash and deodorant and couldn’t find it , we then thought it must be just on over Xmas which we planned to stock up on for the rest of the year as my husband is a mechanic and wanted something to give a deep clean wash without drying his skin and found your range to do this and leave a nice smell afterwards , he also loved the aftershave balm ! Please please bring this range back hopefully all year round if not at least for Xmas !! Please email me if I can get any items sooner

  42. Jason King said:

    Gutted that you have dis-continued your men’s range. Loved your products. Any plans to give the range another shot in the future???