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Sunbathing Slip-ups

Sunbathing Slip-Ups To Steer Clear Of

6 July 2018

Sunshine, GLORY-ous sunshine!


It feels like it’s been winter for YEARS, but at last it seems summer has arrived in the UK! BUT, before you grab your towel and head to the nearest patch of sun-drenched grass, take our advice and make sure to avoid these classic sunbathing slip-ups (trust us, we’re speaking from all-too-recent experience here)…

Number 1: Thinking that because this is BRITAIN you couldn’t possibly need SPF. The sun just doesn’t get as hot here as Spain right? WRONG.

Number 2: Wearing a bikini with (overly) complicated straps. Great for swanning round a beach club bar, but when you just want to subtly undo it to avoid tan lines while sunbathing, you find yourself caught up in a Houdini type struggle.

Number 3: Wearing make-up. It might look good for your sunbathing selfie, but give it an hour and you’ll have panda eyes and smudged brows (sadly not the latest new brow trend).

Number 4: Falling asleep with sunglasses on. You close your eyes for just a minute… and now you have reverse panda eyes to match the conventional kind provided by number 3.

Number 5: Attempting to drink water whilst lying down. You’ve finally found the optimum position for both tanning and comfort, but you’re just SO THIRSTY. You attempt to take a sip without moving position aaaaand now you’ve dribbled the majority of it down your front like a 3-year-old. On the plus side, it was quite refreshing in this heat.

All in all, we’ve come to the conclusion that sunbathing is WAY more trouble than it’s worth. If anybody needs us we’ll be slapping on the RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion for a hassle-free glow and sipping our margaritas in the blissful shade…


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