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Soap & Glory makes cosmetics history

19 October 2011


You guessed right on day one, but that didn’t stop us dropping hints like they were going out of fashion anyway…

Get thee to Boots.com NOW and be among the first to get Soap & Glory cosmetics!

Still here? OK, if you need a little back story, for the last year or so we’ve been developing fantastically formulated, insanely wearable, flaw-disguising, eye enhuge-ening, more-gorgeous-version-of-you-making cosmetics that are destined to become YOUR NEW FAVOURITE MAKEUP.

We’ll take you from natural to smokey to a kitten flick so sharp it’s almost hazardous to have around your eyes, and then BOOM! in comes the mascara with a wand so bushy, and so magical, that you could almost think it was your fairy godmother.

But it’s not just all about the eyes. No siree. We’ve got a primer-and-foundation in one for a perfect base, Kick Ass™ Concealer (which we have on good authority…DOES) and brand new blushers & highlighters for beautifully luminous skin.

And you know how you’ve lain in bed at night, pondering, “If only Sexy Mother Pucker™ came in lipstick form, too”? We have just three words to say to you: SUPER COLOUR FABULIPSTICK™ – our innovative lip-plumping, collagen-boosting lipstick in three gorgeous shades.

Get the full collection now on boots.com (and rolling out throughout the UK to a Boots near you). To find a store locator click here.

Now don’t just sit there batting your eyelashes at us – SHOP!

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  1. Teryn said:

    Where can I buy your stuff in Seattle, Washington???

  2. Nadira V Persaud said:

    Thank you for launching your new make up range in Boots recently as a self select. I’m a Make Up Artist and you’ve made my kit ever efficient with clever products such a The Daily Double, which I have been recommending to clients during my bespoke make up session, plus I’ve been using this and Lid Stuff in Naked Beige for photoshoots.
    Thanks and I look forward to delving into more S&G products very soon! x

  3. lesley said:

    Y’ know, i just love the witty names for your products. I use your face wash and moisturiser purchased from our local Boots store, but your website is something else. It just cracks me up. Great fun, and my compliments to your clever production team. Must dash off to purchase No Clogs Allowed now. It sounds a great way to start the day!
    Thanx a million for a brilliant site and excellent products.