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20 March 2018

    1. It’s official, Spring has finally sprung (according to the calendar at least) and that means two important things: 1) warmer (hopefully?), longer days 2) the re-emergence of sandals. While on the surface, both these things seem like good things, we can tell you what’s definitely NOT a good thing – gross feet. Yepp you heard us, if you don’t want people pulling this face:


  1. (a haunting mixture of disgust and disappointment) when you first decide to break out the sandals, you best have put some real thought into your foot care prior to donning those strappy lil numbers.

    Thankfully, we have been doing just that, and created this 3 step guide to sandal-acceptable feet…

    1.THE HEEL DEAL™ Foot File

    First things first, you gotta smooth down any hard skin. Skip this step at your peril – it doesn’t matter how much moisturiser you slather on, if your skin is rough and hard to begin with you might as well be moisturising your leather boots (not recommended). SO, grab THE HEEL DEAL Foot File and use the ‘RUFF’ side to buff off all the rough stuff, followed by the ‘SMOOTHIE’ side for a final smooth.


    Now that your feet are feeling less like boots and more like feet again, you can bust out the HEEL GENIUS and slather on to your heart’s (or should that be foot’s?!) content. This fabulous foot cream is a toe-tally transformative treatment all on its own, but it works even better when you use it with…

    3.THE HEEL DEAL™ Snooze Socks

    These cotton-rich, moisturiser-enhancing lil’ foot cosies (otherwise known as socks) help to boost the effects of your foot moisturiser while you get some much needed zzz’s. So, once your tootsies are caked in a layer of HEEL GENIUS thick enough to be a slip hazard, pop on the Snooze Socks and let them work their sole-softening magic.

    Aaaand voila! You may now dust off your sandals and step out into Spring with your best foot forward (as long as that foot is not in crocs, these are NEVER acceptable no matter how nice your feet).

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  1. Sandra Kelsey said:

    Sounds good to me my feet need some attention so the heel deal foot file sounds like something i would like to try.

  2. Shirley hodson said:

    I would love some soap an glory to help my feet for spring. As I love soap and glory products.