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27 August 2018

It’s the TV event of the year – Bake Off is officially returning to our tellys tomorrow night (28th August)!
Oh how we’ve missed it! After all, where else can you get moments of such heart-warming wholesomeness offset by constant, and quite frankly shameless, innuendo?

Mary Berry meme



(Yes we know Mary is no longer in it, but we’re still not over it)

To celebrate this delicious addition to our Tuesday nights, we’ve collected our fave recipes for creating some truly Soap & Glory approved treats…

Smells like… ORIGINAL PINK™

Strawberry and Rose Layer Cake

Original Pink Cake

Get the recipe @Pinterest

Smells like… SMOOTHIE STAR™

Mini Almond Honey Cakes

Smoothie Star Cake

Get the recipe @Pinterest

Smells like… SUGAR CRUSH™

Key Lime Pie

Sugar Crush Key Lime Pie

Get the recipe @Pinterest

Smells like… FRUITIGO™

Fig and Orange Cheesecake

Fruitigo Fig and Orange Cheesecake

Get the recipe @Pinterest

Smells like… MIST YOU MADLY™

Blackberry, Lavender and White Chocolate Naked Cake

Mist You Madly Cake

Get the recipe @Pinterest


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