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It’s A Beauty Blogger Takeover

23 June 2016

It’s no secret that here at HQ we’re a little bit obsessed with our Archery™ brow range. And it turns out that we’re not the only ones!


We’ve asked some of our fave beauty bloggers to try out our eyebrow essentials and to tell us which are their faves. Check out what they have to say below.

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The Soap and Glory Archery™ range is perfect for creating wow brows with real depth of colour and impact. I’m OBSESSED! I have been trying out the Volu-Boost Fibre Gel, the Brow Putty & Dip Pot and the Tint & Precision pencil, all in the darkest brown shade ‘Dark Chocolate’. The Tint & Precision pencil gives an accurate and ‘neater’ effect – ideal for creating the initial shape, which can then be filled in using the Putty and Fibre Gel. The cool brown undertones of these products works perfectly and blends in with my naturally black hair.


Here’s a suuuuper close up shot to show you how natural texture can be achieved! Once I was happy with the overall colour and shape, I set the look using the Fibre Gel to ensure that no hairs dropped down to ruin the silhouette.


YAY for wow brows all day every day! There is a shade and a finish for everyone, regardless of whether you want the lightest most natural look or something a little more sculpted. I would really recommend the Brow Putty and Dip Pot – it feels very fresh and a little different to any other brand’s offering. Love, Uzy x


I love to create brows with impact and drama and the Archery™ range in mid-dark brown shades has allowed me to do just that. For my final look I actually used all 3 products to create a full, blended look. I first used the Tint & Precision Pencil to lightly sketch the shape and create my fade in the middle of my brows. I then used the Brow Almighty Crayon to fill my brow for a darker colour. To finish the look, and to keep my hairs in place, I used the Volu-Boost Fibre Gel as a light ‘top coat’. Taa-daah!


Sleek and sassy packaging and great versatile shades that can be layered together – these #SoapandGlory brow products have got it all!


Here you’ll see the Volu-Boost Fibre Gel (top) in ‘Talk of the Brown’ and the Power-Glide Crayon and Tint & Precision pencil in ‘Brownie Points’ (below). These products are all SO good for layering and building colour and texture for a natural looking WOW BROW.

Layla x



Here it is! My finished wow-brow-selfie! First, I brushed my brows through with the clearfix wax from the DIY Brow Bar, then I built colour using the powder.. To fill in gaps, I used the Brow Putty in ‘Brownie Points’, and then added texture and impact with the Volu-Boost Fibre Gel.


In this snap you can see the Brow Putty & Dip Pot, the Volu-boost Fibre-Gel and the DIY Brow Bar. My number one brow tip? Never underestimate the power of a subtle highlight! A small amount of soft shimmer under the arch can really make such a difference.


My top tip for building a natural looking brow with these Soap and Glory products is to build up the shape and shade slowly. My fave of all the products I tested has to be the Volu-Boost Fibre Gel because even though I go for a natural texture and shape I also like my brows quite bold. This product is fab to give real depth of colour without overdoing it.

Amy x



Brows on fleek, a liner wing and a pink pout: This is my go-to makeup look for everyday girly glamour! I hope you agree that these brows look natural, full and shapely. The best thing is that by finishing the look with the Volu-Boost Fibre Gel, I can rest assured that this look will stay in place all day.


Here’s how I used a combination of the ‘Love is Blonde’ and ‘Brownie Points’ shades in the  Archery™ collection to create gorgeous natural looking brows. I used the Brow Putty & Dip Pot, the 2-in-1 Filling Pencil and the Volu-Boost Fibre Gel. I was so impressed with these products and the cute packaging just makes them even more appealing!


Up close and personal! Here are my finished WOW BROWS *yay*. To create this look I first sketched the shape using the Filling Pencil – this gave me precise edges and enhanced the natural arch in my brows. Next, I used the Putty & Dip Pot to fill in the shape and finished the look with the Fibre Gel for more depth and great long-lasting hold.

Grace x



I’ve always found it tough to find eyebrow products in a shade that suits me and looks natural. STEP UP the S&G Archery™ range – the answer to my fair-haired problems. The ‘Love is Blonde’ shade is ashy enough to stop brassy notes coming through and colour can be built slowly and precisely. You can see the different finishes from the Brow Almighty crayon, 2-in-1 Crayon & Gel and Volu-Boost Fibre Gel within the swatches on my wrist.


Pretty flowers and pretty brows, it doesn’t get much better really does it?!


And that’s it… my wow-brow-selfie using my new wonder products! I personally favour a very natural, textured finish for my brows and these products have given me just that look. Fifi x

So, there you have it – loads of lovely ways that you can try our brow products.

And don’t forget to check out our comp so you can nab some of the Archery™

range for yourselves.


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