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Q&A with Good Blood


8 March 2018

It’s International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we caught up with one of our fave inspiring females, Emily Elizabeth Hoyle, creator of Good Blood – the period power project. Read on to find out how she’s helping to make positive change for women, who inspires her, and what she’s binge-watching on Netflix currently (all the important questions obv)…

For anyone that doesn’t know, can you tell us what Good Blood is?

GB is a period power project and it’s about inspiring empathy and smashing the taboo and stigma around periods through powerful merchandise.

Where did the idea for GB come from?

It must be about 2 years ago now – I was commuting to London and I had really excruciating period pain. You know what it’s like on the tube, you often have to stand and at that time I really felt like I was going to faint. I needed to sit down but felt too embarrassed to ask someone for their seat, which is why I created these badges. They’re a way to signify you’re on your period, that you’re suffering and in pain, without having to say anything.

GB badges

What makes this cause so important to you?

I feel very passionate about creating change and making this a more liveable world for everybody. There’s still so much stigma surrounding periods, and this stigma contributes towards inequality which is why it’s so important to start talking about it. I want to create a platform and a space where women can talk about these things, where it’s encouraged.

Have you faced any obstacles in setting up GB?

Definitely financial obstacles. Being a student it can be so difficult to make things happen, especially when I’m completely supporting the project by myself. Other than that though I think I’ve been quite lucky – everyone who’s heard about GB has really supported it.

What do you do day to day, and would you like to make GB your full-time job?

I’m studying for my MA in Gender and Women’s Studies at Lancaster University, and also currently applying to do a PhD following this. GB is definitely a passion project, I wouldn’t want to turn it into a business or a full-time job. What I’d love most is for more people to get involved, and for it to be collaborative, for it to just grow organically through increased awareness.

How do you see GB growing/changing in the future? Have you got any specific plans for it?

My plan is just to continue with the badges and T-shirts, and try to create as much awareness as possible. Also, I donate 10% of all profits from the GB badges to charities that align with the GB message, such as Bloody Good Period who give menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees, and people who can’t afford them. This is something that’s really important to me and I’d like to do more of in the future.

Can you sum up the project in 5 words?

Passion, powerful, collective, empathy, support.

Who’s your female role model and why?

My feminist hero is Donna Haraway – her work is such a huge inspiration for me and definitely put me on the path for what I want to do and how I can create change. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without her knowledge.

Who would you love to see supporting GB?

Theresa May – as I think this would have the biggest national impact.

Any advice for female activists in general?

Start small, take small steps and do what you can. Don’t try and rush to the finish line. Also, listen to your gut, I think that’s really important.

Do you have fave S&G product?


What are listening to on repeat at the moment?

SZA – her album Ctrl.

Netflix programme you’re binge-watching?

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – I watch it on repeat, I absolutely love it.

Your favourite place in the world?

I would have to say Shanghai. I lived there for 6 months and it was while I was there that I decided I wanted to do my MA, so it has a special place in my heart because of that.


What advice would you give your 13 year old self?

Don’t go out with that boy! Basically, don’t waste time on people that aren’t good for you.

Head over to the Good Blood website here to pick up your own #periodpower badge or t-shirt. You can also show your support by following the project on Instagram @goodbloodperiod and follow Emily herself @emilyehoyle.

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