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Happy Mother's Day!

Inexpensive Ways to Make Her Day!

2 March 2018

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on March 11th to be exact (you’re welcome). So if you haven’t already got your present sorted, we suggest changing that – sharpish. Luckily we’re here to help with a few ideas that 1) won’t break the bank and 2) you can pull together in a matter of hours, tops. You can thank us later…

1.Hand-made coupons/vouchers

These cost next-to-nothing to make but are worth their weight in gold (to your Mum at least). Create coupons that entitle her to things like: help with the laundry, a meal cooked by you, control of the TV remote for a whole evening. If you can sit through 2 hours of Dancing on Ice, you def deserve to be favourite child.

2.Bake a Mother’s Day cake

Get your Great British bake off, on and make a cake worthy of this Mary Berry GIF:


Plus you’ll get extra brownie points (see what we did there ;)) for proving you can operate the oven without setting the house on fire!

3.Make her breakfast in bed

We’re talking pancakes or a full English here. Cereal does not count, sadly. As with option number 2, this one is also great for proving you’ve got the whole adult-ing thing sussed – can make food that doesn’t give anyone food poisoning? Check. And really is there any better gift for Mother’s Day than that?

4.Make her a mixtape/cd

Yes, believe it or not, CDs still exist and we’re betting this is in part due to Mums (and Dads) everywhere refusing to move into the digital age. Make her a CD of all her fave songs, and maybe some of yours, so you don’t have to sit through Take That’s Greatest Hits on long car journeys ever again.

5.Give her our SOAPREMELY SPECIAL™ Mother’s Day Gift

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning our soaper-indulgent new gift set. Created especially for Mother’s Day, it includes some of our fave bath and body heroes, perfect for a relaxing at-home pamper sesh (we’ve really done all the work for you here). Pick one up at Boots before everyone gets wind of this bright idea!

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