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How to treat dry hands from over washing. Soap and glory hand food hand cream.

How to Treat Dry Hands from Over Washing

28 April 2020

Soap, scrub, rinse, repeat…Sounds familiar right? We thought so. The constant cycle of washing, scrubbing and rubbing can leave you with dry, dare we say, chapped hands (gulp) that are far from heavenly hydrated and happy.

If, like us, you’ve now picked off what’s left of your gel manicure or acrylics to reveal the HORROR that lies beneath, you may be thinking that it’s time to take things into your own hands (pun intended)! So, we’ve pulled together a few useful tips and tricks for a mini-mani from the comfort of your own home that’ll take your hand-care routine from meh to marvellous!

Firstly, ditch the cuticle cutters!

Cutting your cuticles can make them grow tougher and more jagged if it’s not done properly. The cuticle is like the root of your nail – if you want healthy and long nails, you need to start taking care of your cuticles. All you need to do is use a little cuticle oil or cream and push back your cuticles gently and occasionally.

Next up, time to nail it!

When removing bright or glitter polish, or a complicated nail art design, if you soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and let them rest on your painted nails for a little while it’ll help loosen the polish. Then, if you squeeze the cotton balls down and pull them off the nail, the majority of the polish should come off. Et voila!

And… always use a base coat when you’re painting your nails anything colourful. We’ve all learnt the hard way, and no one likes waiting for stained nails to grow out.

Now, exfoliate hands!

We recommend using a moisturising body buffer. If you’ve never thought about exfoliating your hands before, then now is the time. Why leave the joys of exfoliation to the rest of your body and forget about your forlorn fingers? Remember, top-to-toe treatments include your hands. Exfoliation will remove any dry skin on hands in preparation for some serious hydration.

And, last but by no means least, moisturise those mitts!

For nourished nails, fab fingers and pampered palms, slather on some hand cream (we recommend our HAND FOOD™ Hydrating Hand Cream of course, to intensively moisturise hands) and massage it in thoroughly, making sure to get right in between your fingers – then pop on some overnight gloves.

For a less full-on treatment, grab your favourite face mask, put on your top Netflix binge (Gossip Girl, no question), hop into a bubbly tub, and soak the day away.

Or, for the ultimate treat for seriously dry hands, leave the gloves on all night long. Your skin will soak up the goodness while you get your beauty sleep, so that you’ll awake to hands that feel truly GLORIOUS!


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