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How to look after your wellbeing in lockdown

Self-Care Made Glorious

29 April 2020

Given the crazy times we find ourselves in, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of not taking care of ourselves like we should (and normally would). Our usual routines are out of sync; we aren’t seeing friends and family in person and a lot of us are working from home – which can mean it’s hard trying to find a work/life balance.

This just means that it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves. With that in mind – we’ve put together some self-care advice you can try out in order to take care of your wellbeing, reduce stress (and anxiety) during isolation:

  1. Exercise

As much as you might need some motivation to start exercising (some days it’s a struggle – we know), just remember that you WILL feel better after being active. No-one ever regrets a workout – you can thank endorphins for that.


The easiest way to get active is to simply go for a walk around where you live. Remember to keep to the social distancing rules and stay local. Getting some fresh air and time away from the house will do wonders for your mind and soul. You might also be surprised at the things you see when you take your time – things you could have walked past a thousand times and never noticed. Trust us, one walk down and you will be looking forward to the next.

Hula hooping:

Happen to have a hula hoop? If you do, NOW is the time bust it out. Hula hooping is not only fun but also a fab way to keep fit while keeping your energy up. You can even watch TV or listen to music whilst you’re doing it. If you’re a beginner, it may be tricky at first, but you will get the hang of it (practice makes perfect) plus it will give you something to focus on.


Why not try yoga? It’s brilliant for focusing and relaxing your mind. There are plenty of YouTube videos (literally thousands) you can find online to practice yoga from the comfort of your living room. Practicing breathing techniques is key and will help aid relaxation too.

Joe Wicks P.E Lesson:

Join your kids P.E lesson with Joe Wicks! It’s a great way to have fun with your kids and they will likely enjoy it even more if you partake too! No kids? No problem – we’re not afraid to admit we’ve been trying it on our own…

  1. Keep to a routine

Keeping to a routine is so important for wellness. If you are currently working from home, having a regular routine will help you out. Make sure you have your lunch break and shut down your devices after your usual finishing time.

For full advice, check out our ‘Working from home tips’ blog post here.

  1. Take a nice relaxing bath

Simple isn’t it? Although often forgotten. A bath can do wonders for your spirit.

In fact, why not take your bath time to the max and create your own home spa.

Run yourself a nice, hot, bubble bath. If you have one, grab a bath pillow, add in some bath salts or a bath bomb (one of our Fizz-A-Ball bath bombs for the full S&G experience!), light some candles, and pour yourself a glass of something (that’ll be a large wine for us). To top off your session, pop on a face mask and allocate a generous amount of time to relax with a little music and NO distractions.

You’ll come out feeling like a new person!

  1. Stay connected

Keeping in touch with your friends and family is super important right now. If you’re feeling lonely or even just bored, pick up the phone and give someone a call. Chances are, they’re feeling the exact same way!

You can also use apps such as House Party which allow you to not only have a good chat but play games too! You can play ‘Heads up’, trivia games and ‘Quick Draw’.

  1. Listen to an upbeat music playlist

Music soothes the soul, right? It acts as powerful mood lifter and can usually make us feel better.

To save time, we’ve even put together some truly GLORIOUS playlists for you. Search ‘Soap & Glory’ on Spotify to chill out to some Smoothie Star or dance around to some Call of Fruity!

  1. Colour or draw

A great way to relax is to get creative. Arty activities are a wonderful way to stay calm.

Maybe you have a mindful colouring book, or you could download some designs, print them off and colour them in. Alternatively, why not channel your inner Picasso and try your hand at drawing something freestyle, either for fun – or for a loved one.

And last but not least…

Stay positive.

A positive mental attitude will help see you through until life gets back to normal. Remember this isn’t forever and we will get through it together!

We hope you found our tips helpful. We’d love to hear from YOU on your top self-care tips in the comments!


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