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Have a PINK-CREDIBLE Easter!


26 March 2018

It’s nearly eat-your-weight-in-chocolate day (or as the more restrained among us call it – Easter)! Now we don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that could make this already joyous day even better it would be if all said chocolate were PINK. Luckily, these days, this is a highly achievable dream with a plethora of pink eggs on the market, and because we’d do anything for you guys we rounded them up and tried them all (we know, we’re just so selfless)…

Bettys Pink Shimmer Easter Egg

Bettys Pink Shimmer Egg

First up from Bettys (Yorkshire Tea Rooms and Confectioners) the Pink Shimmer Easter Egg. We almost didn’t want to break this one because it was just so pretty (look at that hand-piping!). Thankfully we did because it tasted even better than it looked! Unlike most ‘pink’ chocolate, which is usually actually white, this egg is all milk on the inside – and the finest Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate at that. So if you’re a milk kinda gal but still want your pink fix we can’t recommend this enough!

Pick up your own at Bettys

Waitrose Hand Decorated White & Dark Chocolate Egg with Raspberry Pieces

Waitrose hand decorated white & dark chocolate egg with raspberry pieces

Our next egg is technically only half pink, but we’ll let it off because it was so blimmin’ tasty. Half creamy white, half deliciously dark and adorned all over with raspberry pieces, this egg is perf for the indecisive (greedy) chocolate lover. You want dark one day? White the next? Feeling fruity? This is THE egg for that. Plus, it really did taste like raspberries which is massive tick in our book.

Get it now at Waitrose 

Prestat Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg

Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg

Oh man, if there were prizes for beautiful packaging (actually there probably are and we would like to nominate!) then this egg would CLEAN UP. Thankfully that was not all it had going for it, and the egg itself was equally beaut: deliciously smooth milk chocolate, lined with fizzing pink chocolate, and filled with mini popping pink prosecco truffles (try saying that with a mouth full of said truffles if you want a laugh).

Buy now at Prestat

Tesco Chokablok Fairground Easter Egg

Tesco Chokablok Fairground Easter Egg

This one looked deceptively like normal white chocolate, but was in fact bubblegum flavour chocolate. Yepp, you heard, BUBBLEGUM. Sounds like it’d be weird, and it sort of was, but we also kinda loved it. It’s called the ‘Fairground’ egg which didn’t make sense initially, but now it does – we ate the whole thing in one go, felt ready to puke, then wanted to do it all over again. Which pretty much sums up all our past experiences with fairground rides.

Find it at Tesco

Hotel Chocolat Champagne Easter Egg – Extra Thick

Hotel Chocolat Champagne Easter Egg - Extra Thick

They were not lying, this is one thick egg. It’s like that bit at the centre of a regular egg (which everyone knows is the best bit), but about ten times thicker and the whole shell is that thick. THICK basically, in case you weren’t getting that. Plus, it’s filled with HC’s Champagne and pink Champagne truffles if you have enough room left after conquering the beast that is the shell.

Take on the challenge at Hotel Chocolat

M&S Globetrotting Percy Easter Egg

Globetrotting Percy Pig Easter Egg

Now this one was hard to break into just because it looked so cute! Look at little Percy staring up at you all trusting (we were riding an all-time sugar high at this point which may have addled our senses somewhat). If you can bear to break in it, then you’ll enjoy a subtly fruity white chocolate, very much like the Percy Pig sweets themselves but it chocolate form. It does of course also come with a bag of Globetrotting Percy Pig sweets so you have the best of both worlds!

Head over to M&S to buy

Now HOLD ON before you go, we’re also offering you the chance to WIN one of these delectable pink eggs – the Prestat Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg no less! This really does make the most gorgeous gift (if you’re feeling generous), but we’d highly recommend eating it all yourself.

Just fill out the form below to enter!

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  1. Fiona cheetham said:

    That is nice

  2. Leila said:

    I’d love to win the egg as it’s something different that I’ve neved had before!

  3. Gemma said:

    Please enter me in the giveaway 🙂

  4. Caterina Bruma said:

    Pink easter its all i need

  5. Lyndsey clyne said:

    Love love love soap and glory and all things pink

  6. Naomi said:

    On Wednesdays we wear pink!

  7. Dani Ella Wynn said:


  8. Eleanor Denny said:

    Would love to win this prize, chocolate, pink and prosecco. Is there a better combination??!!

  9. Cathyx said:

    Yes yes yesssssss!!! Eggstatic about this giveaway. Massive Easter goals!!! Pretty please pick me ❤️

  10. Nina John-Clement said:

    This would be amazing to win

  11. Ashley said:

    Yummy the eggs look delicious

  12. Jacqueline Robinson said:

    That prestat egg though!! Its amazing! Cute article and as always loving soap and glory!!

  13. Alexandra Racz said:

    This would make such a cute gift!

  14. Vickie Knight said:

    I was thinking about who I could give this to, but you’re right, all to myself! 😛

  15. Donna dyer said:

    I wanna win a yummy egg to treat myself after dieting for 8 months and losing 8st. I need this haha

  16. Jessica said:

    This looks utterly delicious. Having given up chocolate for over a month and being the crazy chocoholic (and prosecco lover) that I am, I am so excited at the thought of consuming the egg.

  17. Simra Malik said:

    I love chocolate eggs and I adore soap and glory my fave brand ever always in boots buying everything xx

  18. Zia said:

    Love champagne love soap and glory

  19. Katy said:

    Such pretty Easter eggs! My friends are going to love them!!

  20. Hannah Laidler said:


  21. Lydia said:

    Looks delicious!

  22. Alice Goudie said:

    I’d love to win the competition!

  23. Ebony Tuck said:

    It would be EGGcellent to win the SOAPreamly pink amazing EGGstravegant prize

  24. Carlene said:

    Mmmm love soap and glory, love chocolate….both together, would be the best day

  25. Lavinia said:

    Love this, would love to win

  26. Lilli Morrell said:

    I’d love to win this prize. Everything looks so nice and I loveee Soap & Glory

  27. Latifa Morrisette said:

    I’m new to Soap & Glory but I just love everything being offered. Thanks for the chance!

  28. Molly said:

    I would love to win

  29. Holly McCulloch said:

    This egg looks delectable! I would love to win this egg because it looks super fancy and I’m usually a Cadbury’s kinda egg gal – but it’s always good to try new things right?! Also, I just love chocolate and I love winning things (because it’s really rare and when I do it’s literallt one of the most exciting things) anyway back to chocolate…. #EatYourBodyInChocolateDay – that’s kind of everyday for me… I kind of have to have at least one bit of chocolate a day… it’s just too tempting!!

    Okay…. I think this comment is getting a little on the long side… (soap & glory is also great!) xx

  30. Shannon Hanrahan said:

    So cute!

  31. Niamh said:

    I would love to win to get an exciting Easter egg – not just a plain one

  32. Tanya Bruno said:

    There’s a plethora of pink, there’s chocolate, there’s fizz, oodles of cuteness and Soap & Glory are raving about these adorable, scrummy yummy beauties…..so what’s not to love?! Never too old to appreciate the good (pink) things in life

  33. Juliette Cartwright said:

    I’d love to win these

  34. Nicola Jane said:

    Pink pig needs pink pigs to eat

  35. Rebecca Pagett said:

    They all look amazing

  36. Ashlyn said:

    YUM! This is so fun!!!!! Looks yummy

  37. Beth eley said:

    I love these Easter eggs they look the best!!!

  38. Majesty said:

    Everything is so PINK! It’s practically heaven!

  39. Rebecca said:

    Would love to win the egg they all look so yummy

  40. Angela said:

    Amazing amazing chocolate

  41. Emma said:

    Is there anything better than a pink Easter egg?!?

  42. Suzanne Callen said:

    Would love to win!

  43. Fiona said:

    So ready for all the easter choc

  44. Kirsty said:

    Now that’s living the dream!

  45. Anjelica Victoria said:

    Those eggs all sound so delish but the prosecco egg especially so!

  46. Elaine Cowie said:

    How pink-redibly eggs-iting! Would be Soap-er to win this Glory-ous prize. ❤️

  47. Katharine Pink said:

    Fabulous looking Easter egg!

  48. Hannah Regan said:

    I would love a pink egg for Easter!

  49. Stephanie S said:

    These pink eggs look amazing! How generous to give away

  50. Heather Rutter said:

    Yum yum yum. Just to add to the pinkness in our home – my husband is out numbered by girls

  51. Nicole Ghalwash said:

    I’d love to win this! It’s so unique but so cute and irresistible, as are all Soap&Glory products. I love your guys brand and can’t wait for what else you have!! Xoxo

  52. Molly said:

    I’d love to win a pink egg to share with my mum & sister. All the eggs are so pretty!

  53. Beth said:

    Yasss these eggs look super cute!!

  54. Beth said:


  55. Kate Pocock said:

    This is all mine.

  56. Codey-Anne Reeves said:

    What a lovely twist to a traditional Easter treat <3

  57. Sharon Sutton said:

    Lovely selection of chocolates. Xxx

  58. Jamie said:

    I hope this is how u enter bc it was the only thing below! Looks so yummy and super cute!!

  59. Charlotte Triolaire said:

    The egg sounds delicious! A lovely Easter treat

  60. Gabriella said:

    I love easter, i love pink, i love chocolate, i love to share, i love blogging , i would love to win

  61. Emily tan said:

    Looks so yummy

  62. Emma okpalaeke said:

    Prosecco, chocolate and pink what more could a girl ask for…….. A free one that’s what!!

  63. Steph roberts said:

    So cute

  64. Emma said:


  65. Rachel Atkinson said:

    That would be lovely!

  66. Tara Treacy said:

    Thank you x

  67. Natalie said:

    This looks amazing! I have a friend who is obsessed with anything pink and she would love this!

  68. Diane Radford said:

    Looks amazing

  69. Hannah said:

    I love seeing things I didn’t know I needed!!

  70. Joli Berg said:

    What’s not to love about champagne Easter eggs!

  71. Anne Brooke said:

    I hope everyone has a pink and glitteringly gorgeous Easter – get your pink on!!

  72. Aleasha marland said:

    Would sooo love to win the egg because who doesn’t love chocolate plus it’s pink and matches Soap and Glory!! good luck everyone x

  73. Miranda said:

    Perfect easter treat!

  74. Fanni said:

    Pink is my all time favourite colour and chocolate is life so this would be so amazing to win!!

  75. Hannah walker said:

    Chocolate is my favorite thing! Plus I have never ever won a competition before. It would make my day!

  76. Emily Jones said:

    What a fun treat to win!

  77. Liz Cleary said:

    Would love to win the Easter egg thank you!

  78. Melissa said:

    All of these look incredible and I know my mum would love the champagne one

  79. Katrina said:

    Eggcellent selection 😉

  80. Samantha Rutland-Davies said:

    They all look soo delicious my mouth is actually watering right now!

  81. Beth said:

    Too cute. I’m definitely in need of a pink Easter.

  82. Morgan west said:

    These are so pretty! Would make a change to the usual dairy milk one i get plus I love prosecco and all things pink

  83. scarlett said:

    I would absolutely love to win this as i had surgery last week and need a bit of a pick me up as i’m sore and tired. happy easter!! ❤️

  84. shelby said:

    I love to win this as well as share it with my partner. Plus it’s pink and to do with soap and glory

  85. vicky holloway said:

    please pick me!

  86. Helen Man said:

    This is such a cute prize, fingers crossed and Happy Easter!

  87. Tiffany louisa said:

    I don’t know where I’d start they all look so good!! I’d out to share them but… some are too good to eat

  88. Imogen Marshall said:

    Wow! What an absolutely egg-cellent Easter prize, this makes me so egg-cited for all my weekend plans with my family.

    Would love to win the Presat Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg as a treat for my amazing Mum who is simply eggs-traordinary!

    Good luck everyone! Have a crackin’ Easter! ❤❤❤❤

  89. Janet Mulholland said:

    I love easter, pink and eating! This would be the perfect prize!

  90. Emma Mac said:

    I love pink and love soap and glory xx

  91. Imogen Marshall said:

    Wow! What an absolutely egg-cellent Easter prize, this makes me so egg-cited for all my weekend plans with my family.

    Would love to win the Presat Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg as a treat for my amazing Mum who is simply eggs-traordinary!

    Good luck everyone! Have a crackin’ Easter! <3 <3 <3 <3

  92. Emma Taylor said:

    This is lovely. I would donate Chocolate to my Dads home. They are having an Easter raffle for their comfort fund as they all have Dementia and Alzheimer.

  93. Lauren Newell said:

    I have never seen such fabulous eggs! I would really love to win this competition so that I can share them with my mum – she always gets my sister and I lovely eggs but never treats herself!

  94. Marie Leveque said:

    Did someone say Prosecco and chocolate???
    There’s no combination that works well together than these two

  95. Marie Leveque said:

    Did someone say Prosecco and chocolate ??? There’s no other things that works well together
    Happy Easter Soap and Glory

  96. Claire McArdle said:

    I’m super wine drunk and I deserve your products thank u xoxoxoox

  97. Alys Boyce said:

    O-M-Geee! Bubblegum flavour chocolate?! Where do I sign up? xxx