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Floored Book Review


30 September 2018

Review by Kiran Hayre – Global PR Assistant

Seven young adult authors – Sara Barnard, Eleanor Wood, Non Pratt, Holly Bourne, Tanya Byrne, Melinda Salisbury and Lisa Williamson – have collaborated to create a unique YA novel which leaves me wanting to explore more collaborating novels.

The story begins with the six protagonists meeting in a lift where they all share an experience which connects them in a way which no one else seems to understand but yet lasts for years to come. The experience in the lift instantly had me hooked, and I found myself wanting to read more and find out what my favourite character was doing next. All characters have their own quirky characteristics which are strongly communicated and differentiated from one another, as each is written by a different specific author.

I was wary about the story seeming disconnected and choppy, but all authors managed to create a story which flows and is cohesive from beginning to end. If you are familiar with one of the authors (maybe Sara Barnard who has featured in the Happily Ever Lather book club previously!) then you may pick up on which character an author is writing for.

What I thought was particularly great about this novel was how fast paced it was whilst remaining fluid. Each section moves into another year in their lives and a lot changes, yet everything is explained without the entire story just being filler and trying to catch the reader up. It was a clever technique to ensure the reader gets to know six completely different characters from adolescence to adulthood. I also found the authors managed to delicately write about issues such as financial stresses, grief, disability and LGBTQ+ without using stereotypes but instead normalising issues the characters have to go through.

Floored is a really enjoyable and easy read, which allows you to experience the writing styles of seven different YA authors.

Discussion questions:

1. As you read, could you match the character with the correct author?
2. What did you think of the incident in the lift? Was this something you had predicted?
3. What did you think the time structure added to the story?

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