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Alex & Eliza Review Happily Ever Lather Book Club

Happily Ever Lather – Alex & Eliza Review

27 December 2018

Review by Joanna Beamish – Global PR Manager

The story that inspired the award-winning musical, Hamilton; Alex and Eliza is a love story set against the backdrop of the American Revolution.

With echoes of Romeo & Juliet (without the two warring families), Alex & Eliza explores the epic romance between socialite Eliza Schuyler and General George Washington’s right-hand man, Alex Hamilton.

The story begins in 1777, introducing the Schuyler family, who have recently lost their fortune when the British torch their estate in Saratoga, and now must marry off their three eldest daughters before the news becomes public knowledge, thus making their daughters a less than desirable option to prospective suitors.

What follows is the account of the two main characters, Alex and Eliza, and the journey of them falling in love, despite all the odds they face in a world very different to our own.

It did take me a while to get into the story – the language and writing is, at first, tricky to understand if you don’t know anything about American history, and there are a lot of historical references to get to grips with.  But once you get over that, the story of two people falling in love, along with the challenges they face, pulls you in until you suddenly realise it is 2am and you have work in the morning so should probably go to sleep…!

Overall, I found Alex and Eliza beautifully written, with well-rounded and interesting characters that have you cheering from the side lines.  Melissa de la Cruz takes you on a journey and truly transports you back to the 1770s.

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