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Get Fit - No Gym

Get Fit – No Gym

25 January 2018

Oh January! Month of dieting, detoxing, and desperately underused (yet overpriced) gym memberships. It’s true! On average, gyms get their highest percentage of sign-ups in Jan, but most people have quit or stopped going 24 weeks later (i.e. when they’re FINALLY released from that ill-advised 6 month contract). We’re all for good intentions, but good intentions that drain your bank balance in an already cash-strapped month? Not so much. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list we’ve imaginatively dubbed ‘Get Fit, No Gym’. As you might have guessed, it includes some suggestions on how to get fit – no gym required…


If the hardest part of exercising is actually forcing yourself out the door to do it, then Youtube is your new get fit BFF! Whether you want to do cardio, strength-training, Tabata, kick-boxing, yoga, or any other conceivable type of workout, there’s probably a Youtube video for it. The best part? They’re free and you there’s no one to embarrass yourself in front of when your ‘tree pose’ becomes more of a *ahem* fallen tree. Check out one of our fave channels – Popsugar Fitness.

The 30 Day Squat Challenge

This is a great one if you don’t have much time to spare. Just spend a few minutes every day getting down with these variations of a basic squat, and you’ll be twerking like Rihanna in no time (maybe not well… sadly we can’t all have her rhythm and coordination). Now squat it like it’s hot! Find the full workout, with helpful lil’ graphics here.

Aerial Yoga

So you will actually need to leave the house for this one, but it’s worth it – we promise! Aerial yoga or anti-gravity fitness involves performing traditional yoga exercises and stretches all whilst hanging (occasionally upside down) in your own personal silk hammock. Like regular yoga, this is great for increasing strength, agility, and balance, BUT it’s just so much more fun when you’re hanging from the ceiling. There are a tonne of studios across the UK and most allow you to pay per class – so no getting locked into difficult contracts. Our top pick? Flying Fantastic – they have some great introductory and bundle offers.

Cycle to work

Okay so this one is considerably less fun than the previous option. However, what it lacks in fun it makes up for in frugality. Obviously we know it’s not possible for everyone to cycle to work, but if it is and you can, think of all the money you’d save commuting. Instead of paying to stand on a sweaty, overcrowded train, or sit in never-ending rush hour traffic, you could be breezing by on your bike, getting your workout in at the same time. Multi-tasking never felt so good!

Running clubs

If you think running’s not for you, we don’t blame you. BUT, have you ever tried a running club? Bear with us here… you see, running clubs are a whole different experience to ghastly treadmill running. For a start, you’re not alone in your misery; sharing the occasional half smile/half grimace with your fellow running club members while you all struggle up that hill (both physically and metaphorically), really helps with motivation levels! Secondly, the route has been planned out for you – you’re actually going somewhere. No more feeling like the world’s most reluctant hamster running round a wheel of pain. Finally, many sessions are free of charge, or only cost a couple of quid at most and you can pay as go. You go girl! Find a running group near you with RunTogether.


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