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Best Room in the House

Best room in the house

29 April 2020

We know how important the spaces you inhabit are for self-care. For self-care and beauty is about much more than the products you use alone, it’s about the experience.

A little indulgence, a moment to escape, a touch of luxury and a space to make your own can keep you feeling great. So of course your bathroom isn’t just a functional room. It’s your palace. Somewhere to escape, indulge, relax, enjoy and prepare. It’s not a ‘rest-room’. IT’S THE BEST ROOM.

Show us your bathroom palaces!

We’d like to see your playful bathroom palaces. Just post your ultimate bath selfie, bathroom spaces and perfect bath to show us how you unwind and enjoy time to yourself at home using the following hashtag #BESTROOMINTHEHOUSE on Instagram.

Bathroom inspiration by Illustrator Abby Hobbs

Abby Hobbs bathroom illustrations


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