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Beauty Resolutions

Beauty Resolutions

5 January 2018

Oh hey Soaper-fans! We’re almost a whole week in to 2018, and in-between bingeing on leftover Christmas chocolate and moaning about how tired we are, we’ve been having a little think about 2017 and what we might do differently this year. Now, we’re not signing up for a marathon or anything (we prefer to stick with actually achievable goals), instead, these are some little changes you can make to help you look and feel better inside and out. These are our beauty resolutions…

1. I will remove my make-up every night

No matter how much I want to go straight to bed.

2. I will wash my make-up brushes once a week

Because what’s the point of resolution 1 if I then use dirty brushes the next morning?!

3. I will try going veggie

Failing that, I will drink a veggie smoothie every week. Find our recipe here.

4. I will pamper myself with a face mask once a week

Because I deserve some quiet me-time and glowing skin!

 5. I will exercise three times a week

Well, if there’s nothing more exciting to do, like get pizza and watch Netflix. 

6. I will do stretches in the morning

That way, even if I don’t make it to the gym, at least I’ll have better posture.

 7. I will give my hair a break from heat-styling

My hair gets a break and I get 10 more mins in bed – win, win!

8. I will give myself a digital detox

And swap social media for socialising.

 9. I will wear SPF everyday

Or at least find a moisturiser that already has it in.

 10. I will drink 2 litres of water a day

Even if a good litre of that comes from coffee.



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