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2 Minute Rinse

2 Minute Rinse

WHY The 2 Minute Rinse™ ?

A year or so ago, Marcia and Switz (who heads up product development) were having a ‘global resource discussion’ in an effort to minimize the effect of Soap & Glory on the environment. What came out of it – along with a good many initiatives our team has decided to undertake – is that the earth’s biggest problem will soon stem from a SHORTAGE OF WATER.

At our weekly team ‘update’, Switz whipped out this big graph that illustrated how our shower gel sales keep climbing, then shook her head at us and said, “Every single one of those showers uses up water”. (We knew this, but we weren’t going to spoil the effect. We just nodded, lumps in our throats, because Switz is really convincing.) Marcia – ever the optimist – chimed in, suggesting that perhaps if girls all over the world were opting for Soap & Glory, it might be possible to convince those very same girls (who have excellent taste and their priorities straight) to limit their ‘on tap’ time.

So Judy grabbed a bottle of CLEAN GIRLS™, got out a stopwatch, hopped in the office shower, and worked out that you only need about 120 seconds of running water to get washed, shampooed, conditioned and rinsed; then barged in with a towel wrapped firmly around her torso to confirm that really: 2 MINUTES should pretty much ‘do you’. (You have to turn the tap off, she pointed out, while you suds-up, bubble, scrub etc.)

Here’s HOW you do it:

Soap & Glory lovers, are you nodding? ARE YOU IN? Great. Then could you try it tomorrow morning? It goes like this:

1. 10 to 15 seconds of hot water to get wet.

2. Then TURN OFF THE TAP while you suds, scrub, shave and shampoo. (We would recommend shampooing last because soap in the eyes can sting, and that’s more likely to happen when your head is hanging down.)

3. RINSE for 20 to 30 seconds. (If it’s a conditioner day, rub on your conditioner. Wait the required amount of time, then take another 20 second rinse).

This should get you in and out of the shower without running more than 120 seconds of water. If you can do it, WE SALUTE YOU!

(Not only will you have saved water, you’ve saved time (which, Jess rightfully pointed out, that you can use to flat iron your hair, read The Financial Times, apply liquid eyeliner, whatever pastime you may fancy).

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Waste Water Not. Want Water Not. Do the 2 Minute Rinse

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