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Soap and glory the glory of missing out

The Glory of Missing Out

18 January 2021

Remember when FOMO (that is, the fear of missing out) turned into JOMO (the joy of missing out)? It felt revolutionary; JOMO became a legit way to engage with our friends on social media but be happy with our own choices IRL. And how prescient does that feel now? After almost a year of lockdown and social restrictions, feeling content in your own company has ...

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Soap and glory good vibes for 2021

The Glorious Guide to 2021 Good Vibes

8 January 2021

We only have one new year’s resolution this year, and that’s to fill our lives with positive vibes. That means rethinking downtime as a productive part of our day, making the most of micro moments of me-time, and feeling guilt-free about things that make us feel good. Sound good? Join us and spread the joy.
Recognise burn out
Remember when exhaustion and stress was a ...

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Soap and glory in the glow how glycolic tonic

Introducing Our Supersonic Glycolic Tonic

22 December 2020

Putting acid on your skin might sound scary, but many of your beauty besties will likely contain varieties of acid that are sourced directly from natural substances. In fact, ‘acids’ are having a moment in our skin care conscience, with more and more of us seeking out their benefits. Some of the most recognisable are lactic acid (found in milk), malic (fruit) and salicylic acid ...

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Retox & Detox – Your Christmas Beauty Game Plan

17 December 2020

‘Tis the season to be wildly overindulgent, so naturally Christmas is our favourite time of year. However, you can have too much of a good thing and our skin is usually the first to show it. So, how do you balance the festive overload without the beauty implode?
Christmas food is actually really good for your skin
Quality Street and Tia Maria aside, much of ...

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Soap and glory Lazy Foodie main

4 Festive Food & Drink Recipes by The Lazy Foodie

3 December 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and whether we will be celebrating with our friends, family or even alone at home, we all deserve something fun and glamorous!
Here are 4 quick and simple recipes for some festive drinks, nibbles and desserts, along with styling tips to add that extra sparkle this year!
1. Drinks – Christmas Snow Globe Mimosas

This is a twist ...

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