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Soap and glory mask friendly makeup tips

Mask-friendly Makeup

29 March 2021

What’s the trick to mastering your makeup while wearing a mask? The answer is simple: to make the bits people can see work harder. Read on for our tips on tweaking your beauty routine to ace your base and up the ante on your eyes and brows:
Perfect Priming
At times like this, you need a fantastically no-fuss base for makeup that won’t shift. One ...

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Our guide to longer and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows

Lash & Dash: Fuss-Free Luscious Lashes

23 March 2021

Long, thick, feathery lashes are the ultimate beauty goal for people who love well-defined eyes without the fuss (and, let’s just say it, damage) of eyelash extensions. For people who like the best of both worlds, you can dress them up with lots of eye makeup when you’re in the mood, or be coolly confident au naturel.
Cue S&G’s game-changing Thick & Fast™ Lash & ...

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How to make a homemade spring wreath step 3

How To Make A Spring Wreath

19 March 2021

Ahh, Spring at last. We might have to wait a few more weeks before we break out the deckchairs and the Aperol Spritz, but you can start to bring spring into your home with a fragrant herb wreath that’s incredibly easy to make.
Don’t worry if your botanical skills haven’t passed the starter-cactus stage. Everything you need can be found in a supermarket that sells ...

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ways to uplift your mood

3 Ways to Feel Uplifted!

17 March 2021

One of the quickest ways to move your mojo is through your sense of smell. Light your favourite scented candle or sniff the invigorating zest of a lemon; smell is scientifically proven to evoke happy thoughts and stimulate your mind. At the same time, water has been used in mood-boosting therapies for millennia; a shower or full-body submersion in hot soapy suds releases endorphins (AKA: feel ...

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Soap and glory face masks

The Best Face Mask For Your Skin Type

9 March 2021

Gone are the days when face masks were only seen at teenage sleepovers and left you picking purple gunk from your eyebrows for days on end (good times). It’s safe to say that face masks have come a long way since then and are now packed with A-grade active ingredients, offering unparalleled levels of at-home skincare repair.
So now the kids have (mostly) gone back ...

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