No Clogs Allowed™ deep pore face mask

No Clogs Allowed™ deep pore face mask


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Super Self-Heating Face Mask

No Clogs Allowed™ is perfect for weekly use on areas prone to blackhead build-up or more often as a deep-oil-emulsifying face mask and all-round scrubby WONDER!

- 1-minute Hot Poreclear™ Technology - a fast-acting, smoothing and polishing blend of micropumice, salicylic acid and hot clay
- Glycerin - to help skin feel soft and supple
- Surface-polishing micro beads
- Strategically formulated for oily/combination skin

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Zeolite, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isononyl Isononanoate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Myristyl Myristate, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Pumice, Laureth-3, Tribehenin, Salicylic Acid, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed oil, Dipropylene Glycol, Jojoba Esters, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool, CI 77891 (Titanium dioxide), CI 19140 (Yellow 5 lake), CI 42090 (Blue 1)


Overall Rating:

3.7 out of 5 (24) Review(s)

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Ellie from Kent said on 07/05/2017

The product has stained my face blue and is not coming off at all!

MK from Manchester said on 05/02/2017

This mask is absolutely fantastic. I have oily, spot prone skin & a lot of open pores & blackheads & this is the only thing that clears my skin up. I'm a real beauty junkie & have tried various masks including expensive brands & this is the one item I always return too.

Gwen from Wrexham said on 02/04/2016

I love this product I struggle with outbreaks and oily skin and I have definitely noticed a difference this is a product I will always carry in my wash bag

Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

Feels nice when it warms up, but it doesn't turn blue for me. My face skin feels great afterwards, definitely helps with the pores.

SparkleM from Manchester said on 11/05/2015

I have used this for a while now & it's absolutely fantastic at clearing skin. I use it daily as a quick scrub & it works wonders, definitely recommended.

Caramella from England said on 09/04/2015

Really good for oily skin. I use it 0nce a fortnight. It leaves my skin looking radiant, smooth and evenly toned. Well worth every penny.

vik from Angus said on 04/04/2015

This is a good product. Does what it says and leaves my skin feeling nice. Don't think I would buy this again as I've not used it much and don't really feel like I want to unlike the deep pore mask, that is ace. The good thing with this one is that it lasts a while and like I said, it does what it says & leaves your face feeling good. Would reccomend it but wouldn't buy it again.

RCHLCX from Manchester said on 19/01/2015

Very good at deep cleaning your skin, pulls out all the impurities however if you have dry skin or combination skin it can be very drying, i only use this on my tzone as the rest od my face is too dry to handle it. Also as mentioned by others the blue can get stuck in your pores if not washed off properly.

flinny from Solihull, West Midlands, England said on 26/12/2014

I am furious about this self- heating detox pore mask. I spent my good money on it, expecting a good working product because I used to always buy from Soap & Glory before this product. When I took the product home, excited to use it, disappointedly it didn't work what so ever. Yes, the product was sealed but it seemed that after I shook the tube for a good 2 minutes to make sure before opening it, water came seeping out, this was not supposed to happen, also I found that it didn't heat up, it just turned cold. I called my friend who had also bought the product with me and she said that hers worked exactly how it said on the box and no water seeped out. The point I am trying to get across is that the manufacturing of my product was not taken with any care, or Boots may have not kept it in the correct conditions and the product could not do what it guaranteed to do on the box. I hope that I have helped some people, because this product is too costly to buy for it to just not work.

Nat from Manchester said on 16/10/2014

This product has good and bad points. If you have very oily skin it does a great job of sopping up excess oil and drying out spots, without leaving your skin feeling tight. It also is gently exfoliating, and I found my skin was very soft after I'd used it. I found the heating aspect only worked as I was physically rubbing the product into my face, whereas other self-heating face masks I've used in the past continued to heat after I'd stopped applying friction. Also, the only trace of blue I noticed were bright turquoise streaks on my flannel whilst cleaning the product off; the mask itself didn't seem to turn blue.

To conclude, this product works as a nice mask if you have oily skin, but the fun aspects it claims to have (turning blue, self-heating) are a bit of a let down. It also has a somewhat strange smell, but this doesn't bother me.

Tonje from Norway said on 08/07/2014

I think this is a good product if you need to kill those pimples too. I use this when my skin gets zits, and it dries it out after one use. The heating sensation feels very good too!
But if you have it on for longer than 5 minutes, some blue particles can get stuck in your skin.

Zoe from Southampton said on 04/05/2014

I do like the product, the self heating works well, my skin does feel clean after use, however it's supposed to unclog pores... yet it just got blue stuck in my pores, and once its in, even after squeezing and squeezing, it takes about 2-3 days to come out, so i'm unsure

SG skincare from Hackney said on 22/03/2014

I really loved this product it is amazing . I have used other skincare products didn't like it at all but soap and glorys no clogs allowed is amazing. I had a lot of blackheads on my nose after using no clogs allowed my blackheads disappeared.

MartaPortugal from Edinburgh said on 10/03/2014

I simply love this product. I use it once a week religiously and it just erases all my spots and makes my skin feel clean and soft. Best mask I have ever tried in my life, I even bought the rest of the (blue) line because this was so amazing.

Bex from London said on 26/02/2014

I would not recommend this product, yes it heated up, but the blue in it got stuck under my skin, having to rub the blue out with a soft cloth has removed the skin from my face, this is one of the worst products i have ever used

Maya from England said on 14/02/2014

The whole thing is liquid (even after shaking a lot) and the product had no noticeable effects. Also, was blue in the package and did NOT change colour when I scrubbed with water. It just washed off. Very disappointed. However the heating sensation was nice.

Goosie from US said on 06/02/2014

How come we don't have this in the states????!!!!!!!!! NEED THIS!

Eli from north east England said on 19/01/2014

I love this product!
I have oily acne prone skin and some exfoliator aggravate my acne however this leaves my skin feeling crystal clear and unclogged without being drying. I use this once a week or before I go out, my make up stays on much longer after using it. I will definitely purchase again!

Patsy from Brighton said on 12/01/2014

This really works :) I've struggled with oily skin and terrible spots for years now, and this is the only thing that actually gets rid of them. It makes my skin feel so soft, I just make sure I moisturise afterwards because it dries your skin a little bit.

Kit from England said on 02/01/2014

I used this once and thought it was amazing! Second time I used it, over a week later my skin was so dried out, nothing would sort it out, so it's one I shan't be using again unfortunately

corey20ox from oxford said on 14/12/2013

Loved the smell and the small grains but the effectiveness?.... Im a huge fan of S&G but this product was a little of a let down for me.... after using it my skin was dry and looked as though I'd baked myself in the sun all day

Shyamane from Abudhabi said on 09/11/2013

I just LOVE this product , really works on the skin . I would recommend this to anyone .

Lynn from Bath said on 19/09/2013

Love this!! Treated myself a couple of weeks ago and have used it twice so far. After the first time my skin felt as smooth as porcelain and my make up glided on so much better the next day. It feels really weird on the skin with the warming effect and you only leave it on for 5 mins, but honestly my 48 year old dry, tired, dull skin looked fab afterwards. This will definitely become part of my regular skin care routine. Well done S&G

Amanda from Gibraltar said on 10/09/2013

I bought this in the Airport on my way back to Gibraltar and I have to say I was really impressed, it's really straight forward to use and my skin feels amazing when I wash it off. 5 stars all round :)
Shame that we can't get Soap&Glory in Gibraltar.
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