Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump™ XXL


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Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump™ XXL

$14.00 / €16.38


Ultrashiny, smoothing, and hydrating, Sexy Mother Pucker™ Pillow Plump™ XXL lip plumping gloss features LIPSWELL™ natural flower oil infusion and glassy-shine technology.

The extreme volume moisture gloss formula has also been injected with 3XL-PEPTIDE PLUMP™ complex, the components of which have been shown in in-vitro tests to help increase levels of hyaluronic acid, support fat cells, and give an ‘autoplump’ built-in cushioning effect. Lips are left lustrous, moisturized, and looking perfectly plumped!

WARNING: As your lips boost, it's likely you'll feel a bit of a buzz (and create one). TINGLE level = HIGH! Not for the meek of mouth.

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Active ingredients

- 3XL-PEPTIDE PLUMP™ - LIPSWELL™ Natural Flower Oil Infusion - Glassy-Shine Technology


Overall Rating:

2 out of 5 (15) Review(s)

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Melodie from Temecula said on 13/04/2017

This stuff works better than most lip plumpers. I have uneven lips and it really helps fill them out. It tingles like crazy but that's how you known it's working! Not super sticky either

FP from Washington said on 11/04/2017

Doesnt work, overpriced and smells horrible

Shannon from COVINGTON ga said on 13/03/2017

Wasn't impressed. Purchased from Target and I felt the buzz feeling but NO PLUMPING ACTION at all.

Shannon from Conyers ga said on 13/03/2017

Very disappointed. Purchased from Target and wasn't happy with it. I felt the tingle and buzzing but NO PLUMPING happened.

Deery from New York, USA said on 19/01/2017

I heard this described as "Pop Rocks on your lips". It's WAY more intense than that. For me, it feels like a low-voltage electric current on the surface of my skin for quite awhile. It's a little distracting and, if you had very sensitive sking, potentially painful. On the plus side, it's more plumping than any plumping gloss I've ever tried (clearly, the stinging is working) and the moisturizing element stays through eating and drinking. I love the sheer pink color.

Snugglebear64 from Usa said on 19/01/2017

I received this product in a beauty box. Wanted to try it so put some on. It was ok @ first but actually got painful more over time. Seemed like I could actually feel my lips swelling but it was very weird n not a pleasant feeling. After a while, I wound up grabbing a tissue n wiped it off. Didn't have much color really either.

Kavon from Austin said on 19/01/2017

OMG! This is the BOMB!! ...I've tried several 'lip plumping' (air quotes) products...but nothing compares to XXL Sexy Mother Pucker!!! I freaking LOVE this stuff! I love the tingle, I love the gloss, I love the PLUMPING! I wish I had a huge jar of this stuff so I could just dip in it any time I choose!
THX for making ME a Sexy Mother Pucker!

Rhonda from US said on 19/01/2017

I LOVE this mother pucker lip gloss because of the tingling. I have pink well and love the color for a nude look of gloss. I dont think they look plumper, but my lips look awesome.

Patty cake from Winnnipeg said on 19/01/2017


calisunshine from napa said on 19/01/2017

Love the gloss!

AJacobs87 from USA said on 19/01/2017

This gloss is AMAZING! Obsessed with the tingle!!!

Esse from UK said on 19/01/2017

it's a great product but the smell is unbearable. wish you guys would create a new one with the same formula but without the out-of-date chocolate smell.

Esse from UK said on 19/01/2017

it's a great product but the smell is unbearable. wish you guys would create a new one with the same formula but without the out-of-date chocolate smell.

DNG from San Antonio said on 19/01/2017

I bought this gloss in high hopes that it would make my lips a lil bigger. Unfortunately it didnt do that. It did tingle and the scent is great but my lips looked the same. Save yo money people!

KatK from Seattle said on 19/01/2017

I absolutely loved this product but after using it for a couple of months on and off it started to feel like a chemical burn on my lips. It is fine when I wear it but after it has worn off I'm left with swollen, blistered lips that hurt really bad.
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