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Rosie from Chicago said on 05/04/2015

Wow...this stuff is GREAT!! My feet were BAD, and after 1 night, boom, like magic my feet were 75% there! I used it 2 more nights after and they're almost back to normal. I have tried so many foot creams, but none worked like this.

S&GLover from USA said on 03/01/2012

I received a gift set filled with S&G products as a X-Mas gift from my sister who was visiting from the UK. It was the BEST gift I received! Thank you sis! :)

All of S&G products are good, some are excellent, in my opinion. Heel Genius is EXCELLENT!

I have extremely dry feet, as it's winter time and have not had a pedi or paid any attention to my feet since summer. I used this foot cream, and my feet were INSTANTLY softer.I have tried SEVERAL foot creams here in the US, and NONE come even close to comparing to Heel Genius. I definately recommend.

So glad I can finally get S&G Products here in the US at Sephora.

Brianna Pap from Brighton said on 28/09/2011

I use this product religiously every night before bed. It has a great consistency, is not sticky. I love waking up to soft fresh feet in the morning!

Techgurl from Brunswick said on 28/09/2011

Love, love, love this stuff! I've shared my secret of summery soft feet with all my New England gurlfriends and they couldn't believe how magical this potion really is
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