Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump™ XXL


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Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump™ XXL

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Ultrashiny, smoothing, and hydrating, Sexy Mother Pucker™ Pillow Plump™ XXL lip plumping gloss features LIPSWELL™ natural flower oil infusion and glassy-shine technology.

The extreme volume moisture gloss formula has also been injected with 3XL-PEPTIDE PLUMP™ complex, the components of which have been shown in in-vitro tests to help increase levels of hyaluronic acid, support fat cells, and give an ‘autoplump’ built-in cushioning effect. Lips are left lustrous, moisturized, and looking perfectly plumped!

WARNING: As your lips boost, it's likely you'll feel a bit of a buzz (and create one). TINGLE level = HIGH! Not for the meek of mouth.

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Active ingredients

- 3XL-PEPTIDE PLUMP™ - LIPSWELL™ Natural Flower Oil Infusion - Glassy-Shine Technology


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Thelma from Bristol said on 19/01/2017

Very disappointed. Lots of tingling and shiny lips. May as well used vaseline. Rubbish. Waste of £10.

Carmen from Belgium said on 19/01/2017

I really like this lip gloss, I already have quite full lips so I couldn't tell if it did make them look fuller or not but the shade Cherry Up is quite pigmented, not opaque since it's a gloss but it is pigmented. The tingy sensation is really weird, not bad but weird and after a while it feels minty on the lips. Also lasts on the lips for a good few hours, can't wait to come back to the UK and get some more. :) xo

Blue from Berkshire said on 19/01/2017

Absolutely rubbish!! Made no difference, don't waste your money on this!

Blue from Berkshire said on 19/01/2017

Absolutely rubbish!! Made no difference, don't waste your money on this!

Cara from scotland said on 19/01/2017

I love this product, it tingles and makes my lips fuller, I definately see a diffence when using it,.

Lauryn1506 from Lichfield said on 19/01/2017

I got a sexy mother pucker lip gloss last xmas and I thought it was amazing ! It tingles for a bit but plumps your lips up well and the gloss lasts for some time. The colour of mine is nice as it isn't too strong- so you can't really notice if you put it on over your lip line etc. However, after using for about a week and using it around twice a day, I had a big rash all over my lip- little lumps and spots and dry skin round my mouth. It wasn't sore and not impossible to conceal but i was disappointed as I wanted to continue using it. As it is one of my favourite lip products, I still apply it once if I'm going out to a party etc. However, if I use it even twice in one night , I still get a little rash. But that's just me, I know plenty of people who use it and are fine with it

Chloe from Solihull said on 19/01/2017

Shocking waste of £10 lots of tingling but didn't make my lips look any bigger wouldn't recommend to anyone

Chloe from Solihull said on 19/01/2017

Shocking waste of £10 lots of tingling but didn't make my lips look any bigger wouldn't recommend to anyone

Dannn from Newcastle said on 19/01/2017

Fantastic it worked on my lips almost straight away! A lot of tingling but it's a amazing I will definitely be buying another one

Tam from canada said on 19/01/2017

Lots of tingling but my lips did not swell/plump up like it said they would.Would I buy this again, No way, waste of $24 plus tax..

Bonny from Edinburgh said on 19/01/2017

I love this gloss so much, I have nude in town and use it with a nude lip liner and what an amazing difference to the fullness of my lips...even the morning after I woke up with swollen/fuller lips. Give it a bash and stuck at it you will see a difference. I will be buying every other shade It's that good and trust me I never write reviews but I just had to with this product. Yippee I have found something that actually works.

Courtney from Edinburgh said on 19/01/2017

Very disappointed.. Waste of £10 !! A little tingilly but don't absolutely nothing to my lips, made them look a bit shiney that's all wouldn't recommend this at all.

hayley c from crewe said on 19/01/2017

I bought this lip gloss today in the nude shade after seeing good reviews for it online. I was a bit put off by the price which is £10 but I still went ahead with the purchase. I put it on and after a minute or so it started to tingle quite intensely and it lasted about 10 minutes. I think my lips looked slightly plumped which is all you can expected without plastic surgery so I was very happy as a lot of products don't actually do anything. I also love the shade and the shine!!! would definitely recommend this product!

kenny from uk said on 19/01/2017

Awful. I purchased this gloss instead of sexy mother pucker lip gloss (the 1 with the brush) as boots don't stock it any more... big mistake and such a waste of money. Whereas the other 1 is really thick and stays on for ages this 1 is a thin consistency that you feel needs to be reapplied after 15 minutes. It feels like vaseline (apart from the tingling, which does nothing) and the pinkwell shade is barely more than a nude. So disappointed, I'm giving up on soap and glory.

Beth from London said on 19/01/2017

It's a gimmick, makes your lips tingle but doesn't have any visible effect. I wish I could get my money back.

Sib from Ireland said on 19/01/2017

I have never tried a plumping gloss before. My top lip is thinner than my bottom so I was looking for something to even them out a bit. I had no expectations. The tingling lasted about an her after application and my top lip looked much fuller than before. The gloss itself stays on for hours and so only needs to be reapplied every few hrs really. I am very happy with this product and would definitely recommend it. I never bother writing reviews but I decided it would be a good idea seen as I am so happy with it!

Hayleydb from Surrey said on 19/01/2017

I used one of the glosses before, the pluming one in a tube with the stick applicator and I had an allergic reaction to it so I tried to help it using the EOS lip balm however I broke out with that as well (you can find other stories of this online).
This product uses a different extract for the plumping so I thought I would give it a go. It never plumed, just gave me pins and needle in my lips for half an hour.
Then the following day I go loads of water/clear liquid filled lumps all over my lips. Then they dried out and it looked like scales.... I'm still repairing a week later, constantly slathering vaseline on.
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone!
p.s. I don't have sensitive skin or lips.

goatsandcheese from Bristol said on 19/01/2017

I was quite pessimistic about this product however after the first use I noticed a difference in the plumpness of my lips. My top lip is quite a bit thinner than my bottom lip and it makes such a difference in the 3D volume, especially from the side! I have it in nude in town and clearvoyant and I love both of them - I use the clear one over lipstick and it works brilliantly. They do tingle quite a lot but I enjoy that! Great product!
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