One Heck Of A Blot™ Primer

One Heck Of A Blot™ Primer

£10.00 / €11.7


Want perfect, shine-free skin? Meet, arguably, the best primer ever – ONE HECK OF A BLOT™ Instant-Perfecting Power Primer. It absorbs oil and controls shine all day. So pores look smaller – your skin smooth. (For all skin types.)

With PORE-SHRINK™ Technology to instantly diminish the appearance of pores and SHINE-BLOC™ 12HR Matte Spheres for all-day-shine control, our magnificent, multi-action primer helps hide imperfections, even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of redness. It also helps makes your make up last longer and, with vitamin E, leaves you good to glow.

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4 out of 5 (4) Review(s)

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Lisab from Bury said on 08/03/2016

100% the best primer I've ever used. Reduced the visibility of pores. Made my foundation stay put all day. So unbeliebely happy with this product x

Megan from England said on 05/12/2015

A great product its smoothed and preps the skin perfectly before putting on my makeup! Love it

Megan from Birmingham said on 05/12/2015

This product is amazing it really smoothes out my skin and covers my pores, it goes really well with the matching foundation I love it!

Tina27 from Netherlands said on 01/12/2015

This is the worst primer I have ever used. I had high hopes for it as there are other soap and glory products that I love but this one really disappointed me :( I have tried it with all kinds of different foundations (liquid, mousse, powder, serum) and it fails horribly no matter what I use with it. When I use this primer, the foundation doesn't spread well throughout my face and it makes it look patchy. In addition, my face starts to get oily quite fast and the makeup gets all cakey. Won't buy this product again.
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