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7 August 2017

The most delicious craze has taken over NYC and we are HERE for it! From Instagram posts of people holding pink ice cream cones filled with edible cookies dough to gloryous globs of unicorn dough… Kristen Tomlan, CEO & Founder of , has created a phenomena that has people lining up in front of their NYC store to get a taste. We caught up with Kristen to learn more about how she got started, her fave flavor and what keeps her inspired!  

What inspired you to start DŌ?

I’ve always loved cookie dough! I’d been not-so-secretly sneaking it from the mixing bowl for as long as I could possibly remember. I was inspired to start DŌ after a trip with a bunch of girlfriends to Philly. We were looking to satisfy our sweet tooth, so we popped into a cookie shop! The five of us decided to forgo the fresh baked cookies and opted, instead, for the cookie dough that they were selling in the freezer. We passed this tub of dough around in the car, and that was the moment it dawned on me – why isn’t there a place I can go to eat my favorite, unbaked treat – cookie dough!?

So… we have to ask: What’s your favorite flavor?

My favorite flavor is Heavenly — and it is Heavenly to say the least! It is made with a sugar cookie base and layered with Nutella, sea salt, caramel bits and chocolate chips. I love that it has a hint of every flavor, including the sea salt, which tends to complement the other ingredients. 

Tell us about one of the most creative custom cookie dough options you’ve made! 

Our quirkiest offering is our cookie bomb, which is a cookie cupcake stuffed with rainbow sprinkles or Nutella and topped with cookie dough buttercream icing and a chunk of fresh cookie dough. It has a little bit of everything: baked, unbaked, frosting, filling! It’s as cute as it is DŌlicious.

Where do you find the most inspiration?

So many things! I love eating and trying new places, traveling, reading cookbooks, spending time up and down the grocery store aisles and experimenting in the kitchen! I’m lucky to be in New York – home of some of the best food, chefs, restaurants, and bakeries in the entire world!

What do you love most about your job?

One of my favorite parts of baking has always been sharing the treats with others… bringing a smile to someone else’s face through delicious, sugary treats! Even today, the best part about my job is seeing the joy and happiness that our cookie dough and the experience at the shop brings to others. Desserts are a universal language, and many of our customers enjoy that the nostalgia of DŌ brings them back to a very happy place/time in their lives.

What does a day in the life of Kristen Tomlan look like?

That’s tough! Every day is so different! Most days I’m up and out early – headed to the shop or a media appearance. Some days are filled with recipe testing, team meetings, brainstorming, traveling, and lots of emails! Other days are filled with putting out fires, lots of HR, and thinking about / planning for what’s next! Either way, my favorite days are the ones where I get to interact with customers and fill my time indulging in what I love most – cookie dough!

We know you’re SOAPER busy… so tell us: If you’ve only got FIVE minutes to get ready in the morning… what’s your #1 essential?

Oh man… trust me, it takes more than one product to make me presentable in the morning! I have super sensitive skin, so I’m very selective about the products I use! My go-to beauty essentials include a tinted sunscreen moisturizer, a combo foundation/concealer, my waterproof eyeliner, blush & highlighter, and my lip pencil/stain. Even with all that “stuff”, I’m super quick – give me five minutes and a Beauty Blender and I’m out! 

What’s one beauty trend you can’t get enough of?

I’m into the whole contouring thing – although, I haven’t mastered it yet! It always looks better when the professionals do it! 

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received & who gave it to you?

It’s all about moisturizer, water, and sleep – oh, and sunscreen! My dermatologist has the best advice… if only I followed the sleep/water recommendation more closely! 

What advice would you give to your sixteen year old self?

Get out of the sun! I’m crazy about using sunscreen now, but I certainly was not then! 

 What’s your spirit animal? 

A puppy! I’m approachable; just want to make people smile, full of energy, learning something new everyday… and not always following the rules! 

 Why do you think the Future is Female?

The future is female because woman are badasses! I’m so happy about the female movement. I truly think that the way the female brain thinks and works is amazing – and contributes so much to society, business, and humanity. Women are resilient, innovative, and best of all, thoughtful. They are natural nurturers and caregivers, which I think the world could certainly use more of! 

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