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BEHIND THE SHOWER CURTAIN: College Glambassador Tessa T.

6 March 2017

This semester, we’ve kicked off a GLAMAZING College Glambassador program with 20 gloryous gals across the country. This month, we caught up with College Glambassador TESSA TUDOR to get the low down on one of the newest members of our #SoaperSquadUSA.  

  • Name: Tessa Tudor
  • Nickname/Alias: Queen T
  • School: University of Washington
  • Hometown: Bellevue, Washington
  • tessa_1
    What ONE Soap & Glory bath product would you take with you to a desert island? Yep, you’re allowed to take just the ONE! 
    The Righteous Butter Diamond Edition! This is my favorite all around product! Not only does it have all the skin nourishing qualities of the traditional Righteous Butter (keeping skin moisturized, especially when it is exposed to sun, which is important to improve the overall health of the skin and extend the life of any tan), but the Diamond Edition also has a shimmer infused into the body butter that makes for both a luxurious feel and a sassy look—perfect perfect for the beach. Hopefully the diamond-like shimmer lures a sexy lifeguard in to rescue me J Functional and fabulous!
  • What is your favorite S&G scent? I’m all about the Original Pink scent—it is feminine and simple.
  • What advice would you give our 16-year-old self? Take care of your skin! Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize! 
  • What are you currently studying? I’m currently studying Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Marketing!
  • What is your dream job? Becoming a beauty and lifestyle blogger!
  • What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received & who gave it to you? “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The most notable beauty advice I receive is always from my mother. She taught me to be unapologetically me and to experiment with beauty rather than following the status quo. 
  • What’s the biggest beauty mishap you’ve ever had? C’mon girls, SHARE! Where to start?! Looking back at makeup looks I wore in high school can be pretty horrifying. But, what I regret most is the hair color I had in my senior pictures! I was working on going lighter… and I dyed my hair myself! UGH! It ended up being a very orange color. By the time I took my senior pictures, my roots had completely grown out to a dark brown. It was bad. I ended up retouching a lot of the photos to make my hair look completely brown.
  • You’ve got FIVE minutes to apply your morning makeup…which ONE Soap & Glory cosmetic product are you reaching for? When in a time crunch, my focus is always on lashes and lips! I wear my Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Spun Sugar every morning—that stuff is seriously addicting! I love the youthful glossy glow it gives my lips, and the jolt of energy I get from the tingling sensation!
  • tessa_2
    What is your spirit animal? 
    Can Beyoncé be my spirit animal? I know this is very basic, but she is pretty much everything I aspire to be! I find her message empowering to all types of people all around the globe. I also like that she doesn’t play by the rules. She is professional and kind, but also SASHA FIERCE!
  • Winged cat eye or daringly bold lip? Daringly bold lip.

Why do you think #TheFutureIsFemale? The future is female because females have been continuously fighting our way forward. We have not grown tired or complacent—we’re rapidly breaking through barriers while simultaneously exceeding all expectations. The Women’s March truly demonstrated the progress we’ve made by supporting each other and growing our community. When Women come together there’s nothing we can’t do.


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  1. sophia halajian said:

    i love your products! i think it amazing that we are celebrating women’s day and it is something that’s so important and i am so happy that we are now recognized for all of the hard work we do ! 🙂