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BEHIND THE SHOWER CURTAIN: College Glambassador Kathleen C.

4 April 2017

This semester, we’ve kicked off a GLAMAZING College Glambassador program with 20 gloryous gals across the country. Last month, we checked in with Glambassador Tessa T. This month, we caught up with Kathleen C. to get the low down on one of the newest members of our #SoaperSquadUSA.  

  • Name: Kathleen Carpenter
  • Nickname/Alias: Kat or Kitty
  • School: University of Kentucky
  • Hometown: Westerville, Ohio
  • What ONE Soap & Glory bath product would you take with you to a desert island? Yep, you’re allowed to take just the ONE!
    • As hard as this is, I’m going to have to choose my current favorite, the Smoothie Star Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream. If I’m going to be spending my days basking in the island sun, I’m going to need a product that will keep my skin hydrated, moisturized, and smelling even better. I love nothing more than to sit at the beach and bake in the sun, but without proper moisturizing before and after, my skin can get incredibly dry. This past Spring Break I used the Body Buttercream every day; the 5-oil super nourishing formula incorporated with the vanilla and coconut kept my tan lasting long after my vacation.
  • What is your favorite S&G scent?
    • The Original Pink. The clean scent is so versatile for anytime of year!
  • What advice would you give our 16 year old self? 
    • Don’t follow the crowd and dare to be different! Embrace what makes you unique and run with it!
  • What are you currently studying?
    • Integrated Strategic Communications with a minor in Digital Media and Design.
  • What is your dream job? 
    • Becoming a Girl Boss. Whether it be starting my own company or working for a large firm, I want to channel my passion and hard work into whatever I do.
  • What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received & who gave it to you?
    • “Take care of your skin,” the wise words of my Mother from as far back as I can remember. My Mom and Grandma have given me tons of beauty advice as I’ve grown up, but as I get older this one has become the most important. Your skin is your body’s canvas and it’s so important to develop healthy skincare habits as early as possible.
  • What’s the biggest beauty mishap you’ve ever had? C’mon girls, SHARE!
    • My biggest beauty mishap…I know I’ve had many, but my worst was probably back when I first started using makeup. I would load on the foundation, bronzer, and blush thinking it looked so good, when in reality, it was just way too much! I think I was just so excited to finally get to wear makeup that I underestimated the fact that a little can go a long way. Over the years, I’ve learned what products work well with my skin type; sometimes the smallest amount of product can get the job done.
  • You’ve got FIVE minutes to apply your morning makeup…which ONE Soap & Glory cosmetic product product are you reaching for?
    • I’m all about the eyes, anything to make them pop and make a statement, so definitely my Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen–Coat Mascara. I am OBSESSED with this product! Not only does it give my lashes some serious length, but also leaves my lashes looking full and voluminous.
  • What is your spirit animal? 
    • Jessie James Decker. This girl is unapologetically herself and I love it! She’s building an empire that ranges from music and television to fashion and beauty—and I have a feeling it won’t stop there. With her confidence and desire, she’s the type of woman I aspire to be!
  • Winged cat eye or daringly bold lip?
    • Winged cat eye—it’s all about the eyes!
  • Why do you think #TheFutureIsFemale?
    • I think the future is female because we’ve finally created a culture where women have no limits. We encourage, support, and inspire one another to be the best versions of ourselves by building each other up and questioning the status quo. We’re all kick-ass in our own way and we’re about to show the world what we’re made of!
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  1. Nancy Pawlowski said:

    Great article! I just started using Soap&Glory body butter, a gift from my beautiful granddaughter Kathleen and it is terrific even for an old gal like me! Love the way it feels and smells! Good for grandma’s too!!❤

  2. Andrea said:

    Soap and Glory are my absolute favorite beauty products pretty much the only products I use daily and I can’t get enough. One day I’ll have a never ending supply

    soap and glory addict