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#SlayYourPay Success Stories

23 February 2017

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve teamed up with Betches to empower girls everywhere to get what they deserve!
Last month, we declared December National Ask For A Raise Month and challenged you GLORYOUS girls to ask for the pay raise you deserve (not before giving you a few tips, of course).
And GUESS WHAT?! You girls went out and SLAYED your ...

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19 January 2017

So we had a chat with our besties at Betches HQ to try get you girls the hottest career advice on how to SLAY, thoughts on female empowerment and their Soap & Glory favorites.
1. What would you say is your #1 secret to success? What advice would you give to younger women?
Say something no one else is saying! We have always been firm ...

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Data Capture Blog


12 January 2017

In case you haven’t heard, we have partnered with our kick ass friends Betches to empower girls everywhere to get what they deserve. Did you know that a woman makes 20 cents less for every dollar a guy makes for the same job? We, at Soap & Glory, champion the right of every girl to succeed in her own way and on her own terms, so ...

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Orangeasm Exfoliating Body Polish Wins Teen Vogue’s Game Changer Award

10 January 2017

We scrubbed up well at the Teen Vogue awards!

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I’ve Got 99 Problems & A Raise Is 1!

19 December 2016

We all know how scary it can be to ask your BO$$ for a RAISE : / . So how can you get over this fear and help conquer your career goals?

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Pink Sunday – 50% OFF SOAPER SPA™

9 December 2016

It’s here – our Walgreens Gift of the Week 2016, SOAPER SPA™

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Soap & Glory Wants You to #SLAY YOUR PAY

2 December 2016

Listen up girls! THIS IS IMPORTANT. Did you know that girls make 20 cents less for every dollar a guy makes for the same job?

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FAQs with the SERIOUSLY SASSY @Betches!

7 February 2017

As champions of every girl’s right to succeed in her OWN WAY and on her OWN TERMS, here at Soap & Glory USA we’ve teamed up with the totally awe-mazing Betches to help you girls get what you deserve through our #SlayYourPay campaign! Since then, we’ve received SO many great questions about how to ask for a raise, how to negotiate your first salary and much more! Luckily, the ...

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Get The Look: Galentine’s Day

31 January 2017

It’s the most LOVE-ly time of the year… Galentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and we just can’t WAIT to she-lebrate with our squad! What’s on our agenda, you ask?

First, a beautifying BFF spa night obvs, to pregame the big day! We’ll put on The Bachelor and indulge in some bubbles, because Galentine’s Day Eve is on a Monday after all, and ...

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