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Fragrant body spray

An opulent floral spray, with a glamorous twist. MIST YOU MADLY™ features essential bergamot oil and a Patchouli oil for an INVIGORATING lift using Active Refresher technology. Fresh MANDARIN and BERGAMOT oils flirt with aromatic CARDAMOM oil and sweet notes of FREESIA and MAGNOLIA… before lying down on a bed of MUSK, SANDALWOOD, and VANILLA.

Instructions for Use

Spritz MIST YOU MADLY™on whenever you need a quick uplift. WARNING: Flammable. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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Overall Rating:

3.8 out of 5 (4) Review(s)

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Katie from York said on 24/02/2016

I absolutely love this spray, it's my favorite scent. I use it as my day to day body spray, as I don't like wearing expensive scents to college. I find the scent does wear off quite quickly though- I have to respray 2/3 times a day.

elemayo from London said on 31/12/2015

I love this. You really don't need much so it lasts for ages and smells lovely. I will come back to this again and again because it is one of my favourites from S&G.

Mariana de m from Dublin said on 17/12/2015

This fragrance is delicious! I'm completely addicted to it,. I'm buying again and again and again.it is sweet, is not overpowering, is a nice fragrance to use on the daily basis.

JB from England said on 02/05/2015

This fragrance is sickly sweet which perhaps could be to some people's taste, but my main problem with this product is how STRONG the smell is. One spritz is far too much. Even if I spray it away from me and walk into the mist, the smell still burns your nostrils for at least an hour afterwards. It is completely overpowering. I think I'll be using this as a toilet spray from now on!
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