#YesSoapAndGlory Terms

The Boots Company plc has requested to use the image or photo which features you or which is your work or property (“Photo”). By responding to our request with the hashtag #YesSoapAndGlory you agree to the following:

  1. In consideration of The Boots Company plc publicising your Photo, you hereby agree to the provisions of this agreement.


  1. You agree to grant The Boots Company plc and its associated companies, subsidiaries, employees, agents, licencees and assigns (hereinafter referred to as “Boots”), an irrevocable, royalty-free and unrestricted right to use, sub-licence, transfer, copy, distribute, store, adapt, reproduce, modify, publish and display the Photo or any parts thereof, including your image and likeness as depicted therein, throughout the world for the following purposes:


  1. editorial purposes;
  2. trade purposes;
  3. advertising and promotional purposes;
  4. commercial and non-commercial purposes; and / or
  5. any other purposes.


  1. You affirm, represent and warrant that you have the power and authority to grant the licence in paragraph 1 above.


  1. For the avoidance of doubt, Boots is under no obligation to use any photos you have responded to with the hashtag #YesSoapAndGlory.


  1. You understand that licence in paragraph 1 means that all of the Photo (including your or anyone else’s image and likeness as depicted therein) may be used by Boots in any manner throughout the world in any medium, including without limitation, printed publications, presentations, promoted materials, television, cinema or the internet, including but not limited to Boots and its brands websites (“Medium”), in their original format or edited or altered in any way which Boots deems appropriate.


  1. You acknowledge and agree that other users of any of the Medium (including without limitation individuals and companies) can also share and make your Photos available on social media platforms or other services. Without limitation, in particular a user can share the Photo directly from the gallery on the Boots / its brands’ website, or Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social media accounts, and if they are accessing the gallery on their mobile device can share a photo via Whatsapp.  If you do not want to grant the permissions set out above then please do not submit #YesSoapAndGlory in response to our request.


  1. By responding to our request with the hashtag #YesSoapAndGlory, you confirm and warrant the following:



a)    You are the only author of the Photo and that it is your original work;

b)    You are the sole copyright holder of the Photo;

c)     You have not licensed or granted any rights in the Photo that will conflict with the usage / image rights required by Boots ;

d)    You are aged 18 or over;

e)    Where image or likeness in the Photo is that of another person, you have the permission of any persons whose image or likeness is depicted in the Photo (or if they are under 16, the consent of their parent or guardian) or are otherwise authorised to give consent on behalf of such persons to the use of their image or licence in accordance with these terms;

f)     The Photo does not include any other intellectual property rights or other rights of any other third person or entity;

g)    The Photo does not breach any contract or duty of confidence, constitute contempt of court or be defamatory; and

h)    The Photo does not contain names, likenesses, or other characteristics identifying celebrities or other public figures, living or dead.

  1. You shall be responsible for any claim made by any third party in respect of your Photo and shall fully indemnify Boots in respect of all royalties, fees and any other monies owing to any person or entity by reason of your breaching the terms of this agreement.


  1. Uploading of photographs of pornographic, profane, sexist, defamatory, vulgar and racist nature are prohibited and you confirm and warrant that your Photo does not breach this provision. Furthermore, Boots reserves the right to delete such pictures.


  1. You agree to waive (or to the extent that you cannot waive agree irrevocably not to assert) any and all moral rights to which you may be entitled anywhere in the world in respect of the Photo.


  1. You grant to Boots an irrevocable and unrestricted right to:


a)    store copies of the Photo, and any contact details you provide e.g. your social media account name, for the purpose of contacting you;

b)    transfer to (and store) copies of the Photo, and your contact details, to a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”); and

c)     share the Photo and your contact details with third parties who need this to be able to provide services to us.


  1. The terms of this agreement shall be governed by and construed with the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


  1. If any provisions of this agreement shall be held illegal, void, invalid or unenforceable under the laws of any jurisdiction, the legality, validity and unenforceability of the remainder of this agreement in that jurisdiction shall not be affected and the legality, validity and enforceability of the whole of this agreement shall not be affected in any other jurisdiction.


  1. If you respond with #YesSoapAndGlory you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and to agree to be bound by them.


  1. The Boots Company plc is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 27657 and registered office situated at Nottingham NG2 3AA.


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