Smoothie Star™ Body lotion

Smoothie Star™ Body lotion


Deep moisture body milk

Feel like rubbing shoulders (and knees, and elbows) with the elite? Loaded with skin-softening cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and Soap & Glory's WATERLOCK™ moisture-trapping matrix, it also conditions thanks to its delicious (but in this case, definitely not edible) oat, yoghurt & honey formula. With its delectable almond, oat & brown sugar scent, it pairs perfectly with Soap & Glory's Rich & Foamous™ Bath & Body Wash and maple-fragranced Breakfast Scrub™ Body Smoother. Soap & Glory is obliged to inform you that despite the hunger-pang inducing scent, Smoothie Star is not a food.

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韩梅梅梅梅梅 from Sweet and smoothy said on 23/11/2018

This lotion makes my skin smoothy and soft. I like the sweet smell of it. But like many other body lotions, it should be applied soon after the bath, or will be hard for skin to absorb and feel a bit sticky.
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LINDAW55 from Fabulous product said on 30/09/2018

I love this product smells amazing might not suit every ones taste but i cant get enough of it.
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Jackiedelrey15 from Brilliant! said on 04/07/2018

This product is excellent, I have noticed a huge change in my cellulite, my thighs have always been bad for cellulite after using this 1/2 times for about 4 months, my legs look great. My skin is very smooth, and it always makes my fake tan go on very nice. I love it :-)
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Wuzzy bear from Not a fan of smell said on 18/06/2018

Got this in a Christmas set_x000D_
Its good moisturizing wise etc but don't like the smell. I prefer original smell of s n g. Who wants to smell like an almond oat cookie? Not ME! I LL USE IT COS I HATE WASTE AND IT WAS A GIFT
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Jackie27 from No complaints! said on 13/05/2018

I got this in a gift set and have loved using it. It is the perfect consistency, not too thick or too greasy and it leaves my skin so moisturised. I also love the smell and an added bonus is it smells so similar to the Laura Mercier almond and coconut milk soufflé!
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Helda from Amazing! said on 29/04/2018

Absolute skin saviour! It smells fantastic, feels fantastic and I can’t get over the results it’s made to my skin. _x000D_
I used to get really itchy skin on my legs after any form of hair removal, shaving being the worst. Since using this moisturiser I’m no longer clawing at the backs of my thighs or shins. I don’t know what it is about this stuff but I use it every other day and I haven’t been scratching like some mad ape since! I’ve tried all sorts of creams, lotions etc aimed at sensitive, eczema prone skin but I’ve found this to be the best with the added bonus of it smelling great. I even use this as a hand lotion now because having recently got into gardening my hands are a mess. Please don’t discontinue this lotion Soap & Glory! I only wish it was made in a mini size so that I could take it in my handbag.
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Jo from Not for me said on 19/01/2018

Love this lotion for it's amazing moisturising properties, but the smell was awful ~ it's smells like damp biscuits. Unfortunately, I shan't buy it again.
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Hann45 from IN LOVE said on 19/01/2018

The best thing to ever bless this earth. I use it every single day, it’s so enriching and creamy without being sticky or too oily. The smell is so dreamy, like freshly baked cookies! I get tons of compliments, also adds to my confidence, smelling and feeling gorgeous!
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Ramses27 from Fabulous said on 08/01/2018

I put this lotion on my arms at 2pm and went to work. The smell is still on my arms 12 hours later. It is a sweet vanilla smell. I have never known such a smell to last unless very expensive perfume. Amazing!
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Shehreen from Smells amazing said on 28/12/2017

Smells so nice and long lasting & leaves skin smooth and soft
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Anna from Horrible smell said on 28/10/2017

This product feels great on the skin but I had to stop using it as the smell was awful. Far too sweet and sickly. I didn’t feel clean wearing it because of the smell. It’s the honey smell that reminded me of dirty feet. The pump bottle is a great feature making application nice and easy so would buy in a difference scent. I got this in part of a gift set and will never puchase this scent from soap and Glory. Skin did feel really soft and moisturised though.
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Auntied from Fantastic body lotion said on 15/10/2017

I saw this on display and I thought I would give it a try, just o see if it was as moisturising as it claimed._x000D_
I will admit I didn't think much of the smell at first, I thought it was horrible but after a while I got used to it and started to love the smell._x000D_
The body lotion is really good I'm shocked on how soft it makes my feet and it lasts too. This is also not bad value wise as the bottle does last a good few months too._x000D_
After buying this and getting used to the smell I have purchased the other items in the range that have this scent.
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Katie19 from Smells gross said on 05/09/2017

Got this as a Christmas gift and although the moisturiser it was self is nice and leaves me skin feeling soft the smell is very very sweet and overpowering want to get out the shower smelling fresh not surgery, but don't wanna waste the product so am using until gone but I definitely wouldn't purchase this product again as the smell is to much
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Kimrubypaige from My favourite shower gel said on 19/05/2017

This is my favourite one love how soft it leaves your skin and it smells amazing
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Bethany from Madison, IN, USA said on 11/05/2017

This is my first S&G purchase and may I just say THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. Holy Grail product right here! So, you know when you're out somewhere and someone walks past and they smell so good that you fall in love with them for a few minutes? Well, this lotion will make you that person! This stuff smells positively DIVINE and is SO moisturizing! I have used it 3-4 times this week after showering and it has made such a difference in my skin already! I have a fair amount of cellulite on my thighs, as well as stretch marks on my inner thighs; this lotion makes the dimples so much less noticeable! No, it isn't a "firming" product and it won't necessarily heal any marks, but it smooths things out nicely. It's also great for softening elbows, knees, and ankles. If you're looking for a fast-absorbing lotion, this stuff isn't for you- it stays on the skin for quite a while, so you'll have to give it time to really soak in. But it smells SO GOOD and works so well, it's worth it! I want to try so many more S&G products after trying this stuff!

Image from Smells too sweet said on 07/05/2017

Bought as a set at Christmas for myself and daughter. Usually like Soap and Glory but this was far too sweet We both didn't want to smell like a white chocolate fudge brownie when going out. Stick to fresh fruity odours please!
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Isla0401 from Smells incredible! said on 19/03/2017

This smells incredible and has made my skin so smooth! Highly recommended!
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kkaattee from Amazing product, a smell from heaven said on 12/02/2017

What an excellent product! Moisturizes very well, it's thick enough but doesn't leave a tacky feeling on the skin. The smoothie star line of soarp and glory is by far my favourite! Smells a little cinnamony, even though it isn't an actual ingredient. Would and will buy again!
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Kathy from USA said on 27/01/2017

This is my favorite lotion! I'm so glad my Walgreens sell it because the minute I tested it I fell in love. It leaves my skin feeling velvety soft. I noticed its been helping with reducing the appearance of one scar as well as keeping my skin nourished from the winter dryness. My skin looks a lot healthier, smooth, and glowing. My coworkers complimented the way I smell so the scent lingers for a while. Also, my boyfriend started cuddling me. I can't go without it. Im addicted!

Kit kat from USA said on 27/01/2017

This is my favorite lotion! I'm so glad my Walgreens sell it because the minute I tested it I fell in love. It leaves my skin feeling velvety soft. I noticed its been helping with reducing the appearance of one scar as well as keeping my skin nourished from the winter dryness. My skin looks a lot healthier, smooth, and glowing. My coworkers complimented the way I smell so the scent lingers for a while. Also, my boyfriend started cuddling me. I can't go without it. Im addicted!

Samntha from Great said on 16/01/2017

Brought this as my daughter got it for Christmas and loved the smell and they way it made my skin feel had to get it for myself ! Smells great and leaves skin feeling fab
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Sarah from Lovely moisturiser said on 31/12/2016

Very pleased with this product would definitely buy it again
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Linda from This product smells gorgeous said on 26/12/2016

I just love all soap and glory products and they smell delicous
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Aisha from soap&glory smoothie milk lotion said on 17/12/2016

This.. smells... Also it keeps my skin moisturised, perfect for winter. Definitely worth the price as it last ages. Awesome product, will buy till the end of time.
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Sylvia D from Love Smoothie Star scents said on 19/11/2016

I decided to try this as I love the smell of the smoothie star body spray and it seemed to have good reviews. I wouldn't say it smells exactly like the body spray but it's still lovely. I have support workers coming to help me at the moment, as I've been very unwell and one of them who was moisturising my back for me, described the sent like that of baking cookies and that can't be bad. I also love the Daily Smooth body lotion too, my only criticism is that they are both slightly tacky after you first apply them but this wears off quickly and is a small price to pay to have soft moisturised skin that smells so lovely.
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Justyna from Best product ever said on 17/07/2016

Best body lotion I've ever had! It smells like cookies and once you've used it once, you can't stop :)
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zebez from Smells delicious said on 25/02/2016

I love this product. It is quite expensive so I only tend to buy it as a treat but it does last forever. Smells gorgeous, literally edible. And is really good as a moisturiser, lasts for a long time too.
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Sarah from Excellent product said on 19/10/2015

I have love the smell of this product, smells amazing.
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MGM7 from Incredible scent & feels lovely! said on 20/09/2015

The most incredible smell & a good everyday moisturiser as well. Really lovely after the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub & great if you like warm, gourmand/foodie scents. Applies quickly & isn't tacky. A little pricey for some maybe, but it is a large pump bottle & I don't need to use a lot.
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AgentEm from Great Body Lotion, Shame About the Bottle said on 23/07/2015

Really great lotion - goes on nicely, sinks in fairly quickly so not left feeling really sticky or slimy. Smells lovely and the same quality you'd expect from Soap & Glory. It's also lasts for ages.

Only downside, which I've found with other Soap & Glory body lotions in the pump bottle, is that the pump can become clogged quite quickly. I usually end up having to decant the lotion into a pot; in which case I may as well buy a body butter or something!
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Dominique2386 from Amazing body lotion. said on 19/07/2015

This lotion is amazing. Very moisturising for all over your body. Smells gorgeous. Leaves skin feeling hydrated for ages after but not sticky and sinks in straight away. Lovely.
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Eve28 from Smells amazing!! said on 07/06/2015

I love this body lotion! The smell is just gorgeous. It makes your skin silky smooth. A little goes a long way, the bottle is a good size so it's really good value for money. I would definitely recommend!
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CeeM from Good moisturiser and amazing smell said on 23/02/2015

This lotion's scent is my joint favourite along with the sugar crush scent. It smells like just baked cookies with a lovely sugary scent. It's a good moisturiser also which leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. You might think that the body butter in the same scent range will smell exactly the same but it does not. This lotion smells much better than the body butter by a mile.
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guruswabey from I smell scrumptious! said on 21/09/2014

I bought this on a whim due to the "buy one get one half price" deal! And oh my!

Teamed up with the soap and glory 'sugar crush' i actually smelt like a smoothie! My partner ran after me saying i smelt like CAKE and he wanted to eat me! Haha!

Some may find it too sweet, mind, but im a massive fan!
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carol from soap and glory body lotion said on 04/09/2014

this product is easy to apply absorbs quickly and smells lovely, it never leaves your skin greasy or tacky but leaves it soft and smooth
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millerscat from Great for after tanning! said on 27/06/2014

I love this product, I never used to because of the smell being rather over powering. It really does smell like cookies baking in the oven, but it's grown on me and now I adore it. I find it to be great after a bath/shower at night and also after tanning, sun or sunless tanning, as it completely softens your skin and makes it feel and look great. Half way through my bottle, lasts forever, very happy and I will repurchase.
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makeupgirlx from Smells AMAZING said on 15/03/2014

needed a new moisturizer and i heard this smelt nice so i thought i would check it out and let me tell you it smells amazing and it soaks into the skin really good to. I will defiantly be trying out more of the soap and glory range
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AshleyR6 from Absolutely love this product! said on 21/02/2014

I don't think I can rave about this product enough! I've recently treated myself to a whole bunch of S&G products and this is a favourite! It's easy to apply, smells good enough to eat - almost like cookies and cream?! Maybe not for people who don't appreciate sweet smells but I am in love! Leaves my skin feeling good as new and makes me want to wave my arms in peoples faces so they can stroke and sniff!

Definitely recommend and will be buying back up supplies when this one is at least half way down - also another good point! I've owned this bottle for months and apply it daily and it's still pretty full!
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KatieKLM from Amazing said on 28/11/2013

Mmmm this is divine. I wish they did a spray in this scent. I LOVE almondy scents, the original scent makes me feel sickly its too sharp for me. This however is beautiful!
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LuciMS from I would 100% recommend said on 25/11/2013

I 'm a huge fan of soap and glory products and this one was no exception, i absolutely love it. The body lotion does exactly what it is supposed to and the smell is divine! I will buy it again for sure. The only tiny problem i had was that the pump stopped working after a while.
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SarahPh from Effective moisturiser said on 21/11/2013

This is an effective moisturiser for the following reasons:

It is a thick moisturising cream which smells like cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil and honey. A small amount is needed to moisturise the body which in turn is cost effective.

It is initially expensive but the product lasts long. I use it everyday and twice a day, it has lasted between four to six weeks.

The cream is stored in a bottle pump.

My skin feels very soft and smells lovely!
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TweedleDee from Wow S&G managed to bottle the biscuity fake tan smell... said on 13/10/2013

This scent really isn’t for me, it’s so sickly sweet, it almost smells a bit like digestives and slightly reminds me of cheap fake tan. The moisturiser itself does a good job but I can’t stand the awful pong.
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brainy82 from not as good as daily smooth said on 29/07/2013

I love soap and glory, and the award winning daily smooth is definitely one of the vest and this unfortunately doesn't stack up against it. I found the smell sickly sweet, and becomes somewhat overwhelming when applied to the skin. Each their own where scents are concerted but if you don't like sweet smells or have a sensitive nose thus us not the product for you. I also didn't find it as nourishing to the skin as daily smooth. So what I would say to anyone thinking of buying this is if you want a moisturizer then buy daily smooth if you want a scented body lotion then you may want to try this.
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Jane from Love it! said on 27/07/2013

Feels thick & creamy but soaks in quickly and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. Smells so good you could eat it! Your skin feels smooth, soft and silky afterwards. Love it, would definately recommend it to my friends.
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LucyJ76 from Never had skin like it before!! said on 28/06/2013

I cannot rave about this enough. I used it on my growing baby bump and am now a very proud mum to be with no stretch marks at all and the smoothest bump ever!!!
I had no idea my skin would actually ever be this smooth, my arms are now smooth like my bump and am looking forward to being able to use it on my legs when I can reach them again!!
I used to have skin envy as mine has always been dry and now I am promoting the product to everyone!!
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Lishax from It smells just like cookies! said on 23/06/2013

This product is definitely my favourite smelling thing I have ever bought! It smells just like cookies and milk, absolutely heavenly, and the smell last for such a long while as well!

Excellent moisturiser used best after your bath/shower as part of your daily routine.
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arara123 from sooo good said on 15/06/2013

smells so nice and natural. melts into skin straight away and moisturises skin so well. 1 of the best body moisturisers ever
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Teresa from Lovely feel to the skin after using this and smells gorgeous too! said on 08/06/2013

This really is a Smoothie Star. It smells absolutely gorgeous and is really well absorbed in to skin. Light to feel on the skin when applying. Highly recommend it!
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PICKYH from NO MORE PARCHED SKIN said on 05/06/2013

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bethm from A great moisturizer for dry skin said on 24/04/2013

I've been looking for a good skin moisturizer for so long now, I used to use soap and glory's 'righteous butter' but found the consistency too thick and it didn't do much to help the dryness of my skin. I've found that this moisturizer is much better for dry skin and after a couple of applications my skin feels so much better already. The smell is really lovely...can really smell the almond and honey! Another huge bonus about this product is it's so easy to apply, it goes on almost like an after-sun lotion (but not as slimy). I hope this review helps if you are feeling unsure about buying this should definitely give it a go as the price is also great. A good value moisturizer.
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Bex30KP from Excellent value for money said on 11/04/2013

A little of this product goes a long way. I get really dry skin and this product is so much better than all the others I have tried. It soaks in really quickly so I can dress straight away. The only downside for me is that unlike other moisturisers this does not have any lasting fragrance which makes me resort sometimes to my old standby ginger one.
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Ammej85 from Smells PERFECT but slow to absorb said on 04/04/2013

I smelt this and thought I'd died and gone to heaven! If you like the smell of vanilla/maple syrup/sweet etc then you will love it! Everytime I put it on I love the smell.
I also like the fact it's in a pump dispenser so it's a one handed job and no squeezing a tube with slippy hands.
However for me I was slightly let down with how slow it absorbs into the skin. Left me feeling a bit sticky despite every time I use it I'm putting less and less on.
Compared with the Righteous Butter it just hangs around for too long. Probably will be better for summer use when I haven't got to put clothes on and I find my skin dryer in summer due to tanning. Will continue using purely for the smell but will limit to once a week. As I'm using it so sparingly will easily see me through the year so EXCELLENT value!
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NW15263 from Good buy said on 23/03/2013

Has that smell when you leave a bowl of cheerios sitting in milk for too long. Reminds me of babies for some reason. Not saying it's a bad thing, but takes getting used to when plastering such a scent all over your body.

The application is perfect, absorbs so nicely and feels so great for hours after.

Easily my favourite S&G moisturiser I've used so far. On par with Righteous Butter. Try it!
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emily1502 from lovely smell said on 24/02/2013

i love love love the scent of this, it reminds me of cake batter, some may like it and some may not but it does it for me. My skin always feels amazingly soft afterwards. The bottle is quite big so i'm hoping this will last me a long time.
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mei696 from Smell like cookies!!! said on 17/02/2013

I can't describe how muh I live this scent! It literally smells like baked cookies out of the oven. It's a very sweet smell. I personally adore it on the other hand my by doesn't quite agree with me. I do prefer this over the righteous butter. The texture of this body butter, is very smooth and easily to spread into my skin. It leave my skin vey soft and smooth! No complaints what so ever from me. Lovely product. Soap and glory has sure did it again for me!
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EMAJEK from It stinks like corny old feet!!! said on 05/02/2013

I love Soap and Glory products, especially firm favourites like the righteous butter and scrub your nose in it. However, this lotion is absolutely awful. Not for me at all.
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SLReid from Smells funny! said on 24/01/2013

This cream goes on really nicely but does anyone else think it smells like digestive biscuits? Really dislike the smell but got it as a Christmas gift so will use it anyway. Won't be buying again!
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CherylCole from Nice but not the best S&G product said on 10/01/2013

Got this in the 'Best of All' set for Christmas.
First thoughts were, 'wow this smelles amazing'
but after a while i thought it smelt quite sickly.

I do like this product but its not as moisturising as the S&G butters. Its good as a hand lotion though and does look good on my dressing table
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CuryWurly22 from Smells Delicious said on 30/12/2012

I got this product in this best of all set when it was on offer
this product smells amazing and has gotten rid of the dry patches of skin i get on my arms in winter!
I will defiantly be purchasing this product again
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Becci837 from Love love love love love love love said on 30/12/2012

My favourite Soap&Glory product so far (and I have alot), smells like cookies. I couldn't stop smelling it all day. And it actually moisturises, amazing product!
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Blackstrawberry from Smells incredible and my skin is sooo soft said on 29/12/2012

What can I say? Amazing! Great value, great pumping mechanism to avoid mess and get you the right amount of product (so none wasted), smell is amazing, and most of all it's an excellent light moisturiser!
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simranx from Smells like heaven. said on 28/12/2012

I got this in the Best of All box set for christmas, and it is amazing.
I cannot even explain how good it smells, like biscuits but so much better. i find myself sniffing it throughout the day. It makes me hungry!
It does the job well, leaving you moisturised and smelling good for ages.
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1992deedee19 from Smells good enough to eat! said on 23/12/2012

I got this in the best of all gift set when it was on offer and all I can say is the smell of this is gorge! Reminds me of custard creams and the smell stays on for hours, plus it's a light moisture for throughout the day which is perfect! BUY IT BUY IT
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SadiaNadeem from lovely smell with light moisturising effect said on 20/12/2012

I am huge fan of soap and glory products but I only like those things which really impress me. this is a very lovely moisturizing milk with divine smell of freshly baked cookies when you applied it and after some time it convert to such a precious smell as you have used very expensive perfume. I applied it everyday and like to sniff it almost thousands of time in my bed before sleep. It's a bit pricy but bottle is very big so price doesn't matter at all. Before it I was using rightous butter which smell is really very strong and I don't like that smell. But this is best in all aspects.
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Pinksparklelips from GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said on 29/09/2012

I bought this after reading the reviews & I'm not disappointed. I put this on after showering with Rich & Foamous shower cream, which I also absolutely love. It glides on easy, leaves my skin looking & smelling so lovely, in fact I love the smell so much I've stopped wearing perfume! The only thing I'd like different is the time it takes to fully absorb but that's only because I've got a thing about tacky skin (I can't bear it), but because it's so good I can cope with it. My skin feels lovely all day & looks healthy & smooth. I love it, & it's such a big size it's going to last ages so worth every penny, or should we say pound these days?!!!
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ANN from A very effective body moisturiser. said on 16/09/2012

I noticed someone using this product's hand-cream and looked it up on-line and in- store and decided to give it a try.Instead of buying the hand cream I chose the body milk and I have not been disappointed.It has a lovely smooth consistency which rubs in well and isn't too greasy.I'm not too enamoured of the perfume but can live with it.The price is high but overall the product is worth it.
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Sarah from Yummy! said on 31/08/2012

Another excellent body lotion from the girls at S&G, smells yummy and goes fantastically with Breakfast scrub and Rich & foamous, obviously even better if done as part of a 2 minute rinse! :-)
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Hannah from Smells amazing! said on 17/08/2012

Had one sniff of this and had to buy it! It smells like cookies and vanilla and is absolutely gorgeous! I've always found the soap & glory body lotions not moisturising enough for my very dry skin but this moisturises all day long and doesn't irritate my eczema. It's not cheap but am completely hooked on this new range! Thank you Soap and Glory!!
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Dinabrok from Smells heavenly, and matches with performance! said on 11/08/2012

I have sworn by Righteous Butter lotion and normal butter for a good couple of years now. I tried other Soap and Glory moisturisers but never found the smell or performance matched up. Until now. I bought this along with Rich and Foamous body wash as I'm one for complimenting scents. The smell is absolutely delicious. It's like freshly baked cookies with hints of vanilla, almond and oats. It's slightly thicker than Righteous lotion but not as thick as the butter. It comes in a pump bottle as the lotion does and one pump is enough for one of my incredibly dry and rough shins! It rubs in easily and leaves a delicate shine and coating on your skin. Not oily or sticky but akin to perhaps suncream. I like this because with Righteous lotion my flaky bits reappear quickly but the butter often leaves my skin too heavy. This is a fab inbetween job! It also seems to actually improve the condition of my skin between uses! Despite its scent, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin even straight after shaving which often leaves me red raw! The scent is much stronger than Righteous lotion in my opinion and more sweet as opposed to fresh, but still light enough to not be overpowering although it might make people want to lick you! I can't fault it and if righteous lotion is anything to go buy, several uses a week will see a bottle last up to two months. Well worth it.
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