Hydrating day cream

Astonishingly silky-light yet amazingly potent, our fabulous, fast-absorbing day fluid is a full-throttle attack on dry skin. Loaded with a souped-up mix of oxygenators, a super-hydrating watermelon extract, a wrinkle-smoothing marine plant and elasticity-promoting raspberry stem cells – it will leave your skin brighter, tighter, dewier and plumping for joy.

- Gives skin a miracle moisture makeover
- Instantly plumps up moisture from within
- Smoothes fine lines & wrinkles
- Energises & refreshes skin
- Locks in moisture for 24hrs
- Gives skin a youthful dewy healthy glow

For a full-throttle attack on dry skin, team this day cream with our silky-light, fabulous, fast-absorbing:

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Polly1956 from Amazing stuff said on 07/03/2021

I love this cream, it makes my skin feel really nice, I’ve used it for a couple of years now and I love all soap and glory products too
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Michelle Mortimer from Literally the best said on 10/01/2021

Over the years tried many different moisturisers, both budget and high end. Nothing compares to this, no more dry skin all year round, amazing silky feeling, will never buy a different one now
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Lou87 from Brilliant said on 26/10/2020

I use this along with a drop of the Glow and Dew It Concentrate every morning and my skin has never looked or felt so good!! Love it!!
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Tonijayne from Lightweight said on 12/10/2020

This moisturiser seemed to be very lightweight on my skin. It did not feel super hydrating but was good during the summer (not sure it would be great in winter) _x000D_
Towards the end I started to mix with foundation to create a tinted moisturiser and it blended very well
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Chloep from One of the best I’ve used said on 11/10/2020

Love this moisturiser! Sits so well, non greasy and doesn’t budge makeup!
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Ac20x from Totally transformed my skin! said on 06/07/2020

I’ve been using this along with the speed plump overnight miracle mousse and all I can say is wow! My skin has went from being extremely dry and flakey to being hydrated, _x000D_
smooth, glowing, brighter and tighter. It really has done everything it’s said on the tin. I can’t believe how much it’s transformed my skin and I couldn’t recommend it enough!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

ebrima23 from horrible said on 07/06/2020

i bought this product a month ago and my skin does not feel hydrated or moisturised what so ever my skin suffers from dryness so i really placed my trust into this product seeming that this is the only product i found online by Soap and Glory that had anything to do with dry skin i am very disappointed and heartbroken.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

harry from Really did not work for me said on 01/06/2020

This would be a good moisturiser for people with combo/dry unproblematic skin who just want a basic moisturiser with nice packaging and smell. However for me, the sheer amount of fragrance doesn't resemble something that seems suitable for the face at all, and it just didn't moisturise my skin very well, once it dried down my normal skin felt the same as it did prior to applying it. I also broke out whilst using this (despite not finding it hydrating), however i really think it was more due to the amount of irritating ingredients and fragrances and pore blocking ingredient too. _x000D_
That being said even though it didn't work for me, i do think this would be a decent moisturiser for people with normal skin who can handle strong fragrance and don't break out, and just want to use a moisturiser to give them a bit of extra hydration.
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dina__ from great moisturiser said on 17/05/2020

i got this as a gift and i immediately fell in love with it. it has a little bit of shimmer in it which illuminates my skin and makes it look healthy and glows in the right parts. the main thing though, whenever i’d wear a moisturiser during the day my skin would feel greasy and had that oily kind of shine even thought my skin is more on the dry side, however this moisturiser never did that for me! it feels quite heavy at first but after about 10 minutes it feels very nice and light on the skin. i definitely noticed that i’ve got far less dry, flaky spots but that may also be from other things in my routine but this definitely played a role in changing my skin. overall this is a great product and i recommend it however still look into each ingredient (there is a website called skincare carisma which does that) to make sure it’s suitable for your skin!
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Tara from Relief from tight dry skin said on 31/03/2020

I tried this product after many cold, windy, winter dog walks and central heating had left my combination skin feeling tight, dry and flaky in places. It gives me instant relief when i apply it, like a little hug for my face. It also works well under makeup.
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KateKosma from One of my favorite face creams said on 03/03/2020

I absolutely adore this cream.Smells beautiful. The consistency is perfect, not too light, not too greassy. My skin feels very soft and hydrated.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Polly from nice texture said on 25/11/2019

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and the first thing I noticed was that this has a nice thick consistency and it smells beautiful. _x000D_
The downside to this product is how much you need to use to cover the face neck and chest._x000D_
Since using this product my skin appears clearer and smoother, however I feel that if you have a lower budget, this is quite expensive for what you get.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Makeupjunk from Great base for make up said on 16/11/2019

Amazing daily moisturiser and primer for many foundations, not greasy, but yet makes your skin supple.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kerry86 from Another great product said on 07/11/2019

Yet another great soap and glory product. Use under foundation in day...
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lina from Great base for make up said on 26/10/2019

This moisturiser was the best product I have came across in few years, I couldn’t find a good moisturiser which doesn’t make me oily, but keep my skin supple all day. Very good and very cheap, highly recommend.
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Lottie22 from Amazing results said on 03/08/2019

I bought this after not using it for a while and it’s amazing. My wrinkles are vastly reduced and my skin is so soft. Beautiful packaging. Wonderful product.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

fashionlover from Amazing said on 26/04/2019

Ohh I’m in love ! Amazing cream having very sensitive skin I always find hard to find a good face products but this is so far best I use every day under makeup and before bedtime my skin feels amazing and yes the smell is great too
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jenkins555 from Amazing product! said on 09/03/2019

Love this product on its own or under makeup! Great for dry skin, have been searching for ages for something that will help my dry skin and this really does the job and more! Leaves your skin looking fab!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Susieross 66 from Super fabilicious said on 08/03/2019

I came across this by accident , it must have been in a set that I bought._x000D_
Wow it's just amazing it really is. I pop it on under my foundation & it's just the best for holding my foundation in place all day . No touch ups needed at all . I love it :)
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Ellis123 from Fabulous said on 07/01/2019

I absolutely love this product! I got it a few christmas’ ago in a soap and glory gift set but have been buying it ever since. I mix it with my foundation and it works perfectly. My skin is wonderful and it also helps my foundation to stay in place all day. I love it!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Katy47 from love it said on 22/09/2018

Great primer as it is a bit sticky. Doesn't feel heavy and is really nice through the day makes me skin feel soft and hydrated. I don't know how hydrating this would be on dry skin you might need something a little richer.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Water Lilly from Excellent product. said on 31/05/2018

I love this cream.It is exactly what my skin loves.No greasy at all.Marvellous.Definitely will order again.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jusweelou from Best moisturiser ever said on 24/05/2018

I actually got this few Christmas’s ago in the big soap & glory set & I was so surprised that I’d found one to actually work on my skin I’ve dry skin round the edges of my face but oily everywhere else & this works wonders on me plus you get loads for the price I’ve bought it from then onwards.. PLEASE don’t stop doing this as it’s took me so long to find one that actually works on my skin it doesn’t leave me greasy & doesn’t break me out in spots
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lottie22 from Amazing moisture said on 12/03/2018

I recently bought this again, after not using for a couple of months, the results were amazing. My skin stays moisturised all day and the crapiness on my hands has gone. It smells amazing, I can not believe how great this is. I love it and the smell. will definitely re purchase. Fantastic product.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Pixnmix from Great under makeup said on 21/01/2018

Love this had it for over a year before i used it wished i used it a lot sooner. Great unde makeup as doesnt go bitty or horrible when u apply ur makeup like other brands do. Perfect for my dry skin and lips
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

yazzy from Super moisturising and not greasy feeling said on 07/01/2018

I have combination skin so it's difficult to find a moisture that hydrates my skin to get rid of my dry patches and doesn't get greasy or oily on my skin. This moisture does this for me, its smooths my skin and controls my oiliness.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

SarahJ123 from Best Moisturiser said on 04/01/2018

I got one in my Christmas box last Christmas, i didn't use it until august as most moisturiser that i have leave my skin oily and make my acne worse however when i used this it was the total opposite it made my face look more plump and my acne does not get affected by it. I just bought a new one last week as it does everything that i need it to do plus it is affordable.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

EmmyW84 from greasy said on 28/12/2017

I have dry skin and decided to give this moisturiser a try. I’m starting to wish I hadn’t bothered as it left my skin feeling like an oil slick and overly greasy. I love soap and glory products normally, but this one I just didn’t get on with
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

jackie3456 from Great moisturiser and primer said on 23/10/2017

This is a great moisturiser and it leaves your skin feeling so nice and smooth. _x000D_
Some people complain that it's sticky and that is purely because it has glycerin in it, therefore it makes a great primer as makeup clings to it and stays on all day. _x000D_
Also, you only need to use a small amount, a pea sized amount is enough or, yes, it will feel sticky but it's only because of the glycerin.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

CLC89 from Speed Plump said on 23/10/2017

A friend recommended this product and I am so happy she did. I have acne and not many products improve or make my skin look better but this has. My scars have reduced and the product gave me an all round healthy glow!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Beckyboots38 from Fantastic said on 07/10/2017

Wear everyday under Estée Lauder double wear foundation keeps my face hydrated and makes my skin look amazing. Best one I've tried!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lawner from Fab said on 27/09/2017

Been using this 4 about a year now and it has worked amazing on my skin
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

RMH123 from Amazing! said on 26/09/2017

I’ll be honest, I haven’t used it in a while as it’s been sat at the back of my makeup drawer, but I used it the other day and someone even asked me if I’d had Botox because my skin looked so plump. It’s fair to say that it’s now going to sit firmly at the front of my makeup drawer._x000D_
This is the only moisturiser that helps to hydrate my skin (especially the dry parts of my face) without leaving my face feeling ‘greasy’, and I have tried so many different moisturisers.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Laurenyhhhh from Amazing said on 21/08/2017

I use this on top of a dry oil just for a little more hydration and this product does the job wonderfully. I love the consistency and smell of the product
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Rachel8 from Holy grail said on 26/07/2017

I love this!!!!! Got this moisturiser as part of a present and it quickly became my all time favourite cream. It makes my skin look so good and works well with my make-up ( have been using it as a base primer and have noticed that my makeup lasts a lot longer ). 100% will purchase this again and again.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Sophiejean from Worth the money said on 21/07/2017

Soap and Glory have been my go to company for 10 years now and they never fail to impress. This being another impressive product. _x000D_
I have stupidly sensitive skin and break out/ get horrible rashes at the drop of a hat (If I use the wrong products) _x000D_
This is my go to face cream every day before I apply my makeup as it plumps up my skin, smooths it out and makes me look wide awake (even when I'm half asleep thanks to my toddler!)
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kimrubypaige from The only face cream I use said on 19/05/2017

Received this as a gift at Christmas iv fell in love with it it's the only face cream I use now
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Louis30 from It's definitely worth it! said on 02/05/2017

I have really dry skin which is also super sensitive (how fun to be me right) while off work during xmas holidays I thought I'd give this marvel a go just invade I had a reaction... and oh my gosh I haven't looked back! What an absolutely amazing product, the tiny amount leaves your skin (and hands) feeling super soft and moisturised, leaving behind a fabulous smell. I have recommended to all my family (were all big s&g fans) I literally cannot get enough.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Patsycline359 from Wonderful face cream said on 01/05/2017

Have been using this for a while now and from the start could tell the difference from my other face creams. My skin feels a lot better and it looks better too. This product does what it says. For me anyway.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jane72 from Face cream said on 21/04/2017

I tried this product after loads of others , I have sensitive skin absolutely brilliant !!!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

ClareK from Does what is says. said on 21/04/2017

A lovely soft smooth experience. _x000D_
Sinks in really quickly._x000D_
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Fayf from Soap glory speed plump said on 14/04/2017

I got this cream in a gift set . Wow !! The smell is gorgeous! . You don't need a lot either , goes on really easy . absorbs in to the skin nice . My face looks glowing , tighter and more youthful and am in my 40's . I would definitely use this all the time . I love it that much I purchased the night cream too. I usually use olay , well since I was 12 yrs old . I am converted to soap and glory . Did I mention the smell oooo I love it ! _x000D_
Definitely recommend this cream !
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Leema from Starts off good - ends up peeling into a goo. said on 28/03/2017

Nice and fresh in the morning, peels off into a goo by midday. Literally tried the product on its own one day to make sure that was it, and it was - such a shame! defintiely unsuitable for wearing under make-up.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

alanamair from Fantastic said on 22/01/2017

I got this cream in the case gift set and I absolutely love it! The texture isn't too thick, and it absorbs well into your face. It doesn't feel heavy either. Lovely smell, made my skin feel really smooth within a few days!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Angelortanya from I'd give this 10 *********** if I could! said on 19/01/2017

I bought this in the Christmas set this year and decided to try it instead of my usual day cream. Genuinely, this is better than what I use that coats £74 a pot! It's intensely moisturising, without residue or shine, and it leaves my skin so soft and supple, ideal to apply my foundation onto. Love love love this product and will be recommending and repurchasing
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

XxZoeBxX from Love it said on 17/01/2017

Omg I love this moisturiser makes ur skin feel so soft smells beautiful,, yet another soap&glory must have :-)
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

MrsSBurge from Brilliant said on 08/01/2017

Love this product noticed the difference almost instantly
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

amyperry1996 from Amazing! said on 07/01/2017

I only need to use a tiny amount for my whole face and my skin feels amazing after using this for a week; really couldn't recommend it anymore.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Aharper from Tried it by chance said on 03/01/2017

I received this moisturiser in the vanity case gift set for Christmas so have been using it for a week! yesterday I was out and thought how great my skin looked and really smooth and thought I haven't done anything different then remembered I had been using this, so think I will be changing to this as u only need a tiny amount for smooth skin all day
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kathrynd92 from Great item said on 10/05/2016

After another product had dried out my skin, I took a chance on this moisturiser to fix the damage. Within a couple of days, my skin was even more smooth than it was to begin with. Also it smells amazing. Can't tell if it's done much plumping but that's not the reason i bought this.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

St4r from Skin plumping moisturiser said on 06/04/2016

A great moisturiser and skin plumper which minimises creasing and makes my skin look awake in the morning. It hydrates all day and leaves my skin soft.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Meme me from Feels sticky on the skin said on 18/03/2016

I am usually impressed by soap&glory products but this was a let-down. I don't have overly dry skin but I found that I needed to apply a lot to my skin to make it feel hydrated. It also left a tacky feeling on my skin that I didn't like. I won't be buying it again so the search for a good day cream goes on.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Leralk from Disappointed said on 16/03/2016

Normally love soap&glory products, but this is just not working for me at all! _x000D_
Sticky, non drying formula and is not mean to be used under the make up (effect is completely opposite to what packaging says). _x000D_
My skin is dry and dehydrated ( the reason i bought this cream) but apparently it makes my skin even dryer and leaves it looking dull and tired. _x000D_
Price does not justify quality.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Banton from Dont Belive The Hype said on 11/11/2015

I haven't got particularly dry skin but this just didn't do the job. I've been using it for 4 weeks now
It has left my skin feeling dry and I noticed the increase of sun spots due to the fact is does not have a sunscreen which I ended up having to put on top.
I was hoping it would of been as good as the wish upon a jar before they changed the formula of that product.
I wasted my reward points on this one:(
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Sunnyjh from Fantastic said on 30/10/2015

This product works wonders, after just a week I can see the difference. My skin looks younger, pores are reduced because of the plumping effect and the general condition has improved overall. I've used various premium brands over the last year, persevering for a couple of months at a time and none have come close to what this does! I'm also using the night cream in this range and recommend them both.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

bagpuss21 from hydrating and soft skin said on 01/09/2015

This is a great every day moisturizer. Its very hydrating without overloading your skin. My skin feels really soft and perfect base for makeup. It smells amazing and doesn't feel greasy or heavy. Great value for money as you only need a little.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com
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