Puffy Eye Attack™ EYE CREAM

Puffy Eye Attack™ EYE CREAM


Suitable for all skin types

Loaded with BOTANICAL PEPTIDES, OXYGINSENG™ TECHNOLOGY, HYPER HYDRATORS and COOL-CUCUMBER-X™, Soap & Glory™ Puffy Eye Attack™ is fast-acting, improves skin-firming GENIUS IN A JAR! • Tackles the appearance of tired eyes • Firms, tones, rehydrates • Cools, soothes and moisturises • For all skin types • Plus-caffeine complex known to help reduce appearance of puffiness

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3.7 out of 5 (61) Review(s)

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MrsAshby18 from DOES NOT WORK said on 25/02/2021

I have been trying to improve my skincare regime and have previously loved S&G products so thought I'd give this a go. I took before and after pictures and quiet frankly it has done absolutely nothing. Don't waste your money!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Tania from Puffy eye attack said on 01/02/2021

I've been using this for over a month waste of money
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

tee247 from it DOES WORK if you aply night and morning said on 30/01/2021

i am so happy that it does really work and got it on offer too, in fact i use the eye make up remover too now, i had previously been using and hoping that a certain red heads magic eye cream would help but it never did and cost £40 i will stay with this from now on only took a couple of days to notice a difference LOVE IT
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Michelle from It works!!!! said on 22/01/2021

Only been using for a couple of weeks .....puffy eyes greatly reduced. Tried other products in past, but this one works ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Dee corky from No good said on 21/01/2021

Doesn’t work used for 3 weeks no difference at all
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Happy shopper from Seems worth it said on 20/01/2021

Bit expensive, but seems to work definitely buy again.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lolly 12 from Puffy eyes said on 09/01/2021

I have been using this for 2 weeks now and there is no change wat so ever _x000D_
Very disappointed
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

from said on 23/12/2020

Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

trisha from amazing results, said on 20/12/2020

I had only been using it a week and so many people k commented how good my eyes look including my mother. my young niece my daughter my carers. i didnt say anything to anybody what i was doing or using, so with there great comments said it all to me, i could see it my self but it really gave me great confidence with the product, especially when the results are so visible . after loosing so much weight so quickly i really jad ssuch baggy eyes and very very swollen on the top lids. i now have eye lids again xoz the swelling used to hang over on to my lids. pleased to say its all gone/
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

from No puffy eyes said on 19/10/2020

I love this product. I have been using it for years. I never have puffy eyes . You just use a little. The jar lasts a long time and is good value
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Chloeleigh1 from Silky smooth - does exactly what it says said on 11/10/2020

I absolutely love this eye cream - it does exactly what it says on the label and leaves your under eyes feeling so smooth
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jules75 from OK not great said on 06/10/2020

Brought this a month ago. Definitely improved the dark circles around my eyes but they are still puffy. Slightly better results on one eye which is strange.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

from Seems to be a waste of money so far said on 25/09/2020

I have been using it for 2 weeks and no change yet
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kelly from Brilliant!! said on 10/08/2020

I suffer with bags and dark circles and have tried most brands with no results I got this a few weeks ago and it has definatly reduced me bags. Even though it is a small pot its an affordable price and little goes a long way I will be buying those product again!!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Minnie from Made me get permanent eye bags said on 30/04/2020

Brought this a year ago for a wedding as soon as i tried it the next day i woke up with darker wrinkled under eyes. From this day my eyes have never recovered and the the bottom part of my eyes have in fact got bigger. Writing this review to save any of you thinking of buying it.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Teee from Not the best said on 07/09/2019

I haven’t tried many eye creams but I can tell this was only satisfactory if even that. It does hydrate and de-puff temporarily but doesn’t sink into the skin or have any long term affect. My undereyes are a big problem for me they’re dry and wrinkly and very dark so I was looking for something that would give me long lasting hydration without paying £40 for a decent pot but all this did was give me a little hydration for maybe 4 hours and that’s all. If I put it on during the day and rubbed my eyes it would ball up and crumble off it’s only a layer of hydration. Wouldn’t buy again but it did last a long time.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

JayTee from Outstanding said on 01/04/2019

I have tried numerous products to reduce my dark under eyes that I’ve had for years, ranging from expensive to inexpensive products, and there is no comparison, this product is superb. Within 5 days of usage twice a day the visual effects were incredible. It’s gludes on when applying, isn’t greasy and is easily absorbed. I wouldn’t be without it, the results have improved my confidence also and I don’t need to use under eye concealer. A complete winner
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Dtzebra from Temporary effect said on 15/05/2018

This goes on nicely but it doesn’t sink in, so if you touch that area later it rolls off.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Louise91 from Brilliant! said on 26/01/2018

I have the worst dark circles! I’ve used so many eye products including expensive designer brand that turned out to be rubbish! Puffy eye attack is the best one yet! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks morning and night and it’s changed my eyes so much I can’t believe it! I will never change eye cream again!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

kee from chicago,il said on 05/08/2017

i had really bad puffy dark eyes and i promise you my eyes have debloated and look so much better now to work on my dark circles i think the products works for me i like it

Hanz from New Orleans, LA said on 24/05/2017

I love this product. Its gently on my eyes, but works. I don't experience any burning or splotchiness that some of the other reviewers experienced. I'm 29 and have very little wrinkles, but wanted to amp up my eye care to combat future puffiness and I do have dark circles. I've been using it daily for about 2 weeks and my eyes are brighter and feel more firm and smooth. I am also using this in combination with the face wash and the moisturizer. I also love that Soap & Glory doesn't test their products on animals. I've recommended it to all my friends and I love, love, love it!

Sean from St. Louis said on 29/03/2017

So the only burning I've experienced is the peptides plumping up my eye bags. the peeling too - it was not my skin, but the congealed cream itself (part of the firming action is not only nourishing dry skin, but a physical layer of invisible gel that holds your skin in place. It peels off when you rub it, best for night time application as it's impossible to apply makeup over)

Aislinn from Indiana,US said on 16/03/2017

I bought the puffy eye attack and it has done nothing for my eyes except burn then and make my skin splotchy. I wouldn't not recommend to someone else

Aislinn from Indiana, US said on 16/03/2017

I bought the Puffy Eye attack along with the face moisturizer and night cream and the puffy eye attack has done nothing for my puffy eyes. It just burns and making my skin red and splotchy.

Cmw from USA said on 20/02/2017

Sorry but not seeing any difference.

kara from Brooklyn said on 18/01/2017

I used this cream under my eyes for about 4 nights in a row. every time I would put it on, it burned my skin immensely but I thought that meant the product was "working". anyway, I stopped using it after those 4 days. under my eyes are literally red, they are sore, and they feel raw. they are even peeling and I cant wear makeup because it burns and it makes the peeling parts look flaky. I do not recommend this product. it does the opposite of what it should do. I am trying everything to help heal the damage this product has caused me.

Sindy12 from Amazing!! said on 16/01/2017

My first eye care product. Day 2 and my 20 years puffy eyes are gone!! Skin around feels so much tighter. The volume is really small, but could last as all you need is just a tiny dab. No obvious improvement on dark circles, yet.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Danni2 from Genius in a jar is an apt description said on 18/12/2016

For the price and performance, this is unbeatable value. It really does moisturise and reduce puffiness and shadows, and makes you look more rested than you perhaps are!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Mavin09 from Nice for my eyes said on 15/12/2016

Use this twice a day for my dark circles. Nice and soft to apply. Not noticing much change in dark circles but still nice to use.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Michelle from Mmmm said on 29/11/2016

Not to impressed to honest wouldn't buy again unfortunately
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lauraeb from Hasn't worked for me said on 29/11/2016

Having read all of the positive reviews, I was so excited to buy this product and be rid of my dark circles and puffy eyes._x000D_
I've been using this twice a day for almost two weeks now and have seen absolutely no difference. _x000D_
I'll persevere in the hope that maybe it just takes a little longer but so far I'm disappointed.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Alison from So refreshing said on 27/11/2016

I don't think I've been using this long enough to see any major improvements,but I do think the darkness under my eyes has lightened slightly,but does feel nice and refreshing for tired eyes.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Ellyn from Awesome said on 14/09/2016

This stuff is awesome. The only downfall is that it's so small! I tend to always have bags under my eyes as well as dark circles and this does the trick!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Angelastevie from Puffy Eyes - GONE!!!!! said on 17/08/2016

I had gone to Boots to buy an expensive brand for puffy eyes but had read before that Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack had been voted one of the best 10. I was susceptible as loads of products don't do as promised BUT Puffy Eye Attack does work. I suffer with puffy eyes but this is absolutely brilliant and goes on lightly. From the first use I noticed a difference. I would definitely recommend and will definitely be buying it again.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Anne B from Simply brilliant! said on 14/08/2016

This product is simply BRILLIANT. It's not the prettiest colour, being a kind of off-white – though that might be the shadows in the bedroom, LOL! But it’s totally amazing in getting rid of puffiness and bags, and after I have this on, I look about 10 years younger – or at least my eyes do. Since wearing it, nobody at work has remarked how tired I look, which they usually do on a fairly regular basis – so that’s a total plus point for me._x000D_
So I’m seriously hooked on this and I will definitely be buying it again.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Hazelnut26 from Still Asleep said on 31/05/2016

Had thus about one week and use twice a day. Can':t see much difference as yet but we shall see.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Oxford123 from Irritated my skin said on 29/02/2016

I thought this product seemed expensive, but as I usually adore Soap and Glory products, I thought I would give it a go._x000D_
I have normal skin and have never had a bad reaction to a product before, but this really irritated me. I felt a tingling sensation and assumed that was the active ingredients working, but I had redness all around my eyes that looked like sunburn. I quickly washed it off. As it was expensive, I couldn't bare to throw it away and tried it again a couple of weeks later but got the same reaction.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Monica1455 from Magic said on 07/02/2016

I tried lots of products for my very intense panda eyes, nothing worked so well as this one! Dark circles are not totally gone but they're way more lighter than usual. It worked the magic for me. Strongly recommend it
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

harriet23 from Amazing! said on 07/02/2016

I wanted to start using an eye cream just as a preventative measure for when I'm older. As that was the only reason I wasn't expecting to fall inlove with this product, but I did!

I've been using it for a few months and it's completely reduced the bags under my eyes and helped plump the skin under there to make it look more full and less wrinkly. I didn't even think I had that bad of problems with my eyes so to notice a change is amazing. It's so refreshing to put on and feels so lightweight but moisturising. It lasted me about 6 months and that's with me using it twice a day. It says to replace the eye cream after 6 months anyway!

I'm thoroughly impressed and I can't see myself switching to another eye cream for a long time!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

blue1231 from did not work for me said on 06/02/2016

It never worked for me my eyes are not that puffy so I thought it would work from all the other reviews I read.Does anything really work /?
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

zowie from It is good for puffy eyes said on 24/12/2015

I was introduced to this product from a review in the newspaper, I struggle with under eye bags so I thought this product would help fade them away, I must say I haven't noticed any change yet but maybe I need to use it for a little longer before I actually notice a difference , as for the puffy eyes it does help with them so overall yes I would recommend it to anyone with the same issues
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Unicorngirl101 from Great product! said on 16/12/2015

This is a new purchase for me but I will buy again. I have bad dark circles due to lack of sleep but this is lovely. Very refreshing on the under eye. Says use it morning and evening and this definetley makes a difference so use it twice a day as it says!
Also if u know you'll have a long day and eyes will be particularly puffy then stick it in the fridge before u put it on for an extra boost.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

sue from soap n golry puffy eye attack said on 11/12/2015

Fantastic, fantastic . i have been looking for a product that delivers what it promises .Found it ...
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

LucyHughes2 from :/ said on 13/06/2015

I was really disappointed in this product. After reading so many good reviews on it so I decided to treat myself and buy it but it just did nothing for me
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Sammykin from Lovely said on 07/03/2015

This is a great eye care product. It is quite a strange consistency sort of a jelly-like cream. It is easy to apply a light film of the product around the eyes. It moisturises well and doesn't cause any irritation unlike richer creamier alternatives. It is an excellent price and is beautifully packaged.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

CrazyDaisy77 from Another amazing product said on 11/01/2015

I keep this handy little tub in my makeup bag and it goes everywhere with me. I apply it every morning and night as part of my skin care routine, if I start to look tired during the day I dab a little more on and it gets rid of puffiness and dark circles.
I wouldn't be without it
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Faye from Excellent product said on 23/12/2014

First product ive tried that works very well at reducing puffiness and minimising dark circles which i have suffered from since a very young age, the only down point is its a very small tub for the price but i will be buying this again but might try elsewhere for a cheaper price.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Helen from Great Product said on 12/10/2014

After paying lots of money out for various eye products to tackle under eye bags this is the best one I've found so far(and believe me I've tried loads!)
It helps with the swelling(although doesn't make them disappear) and help the eye area feel more comfortable.I recommend.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Heather from Refreshing eye cream! said on 16/07/2014

I really like this product and although i'm a little useless and sometimes forget to use it every night I have still found it to be working (although probably not as well as if i'd have used it every night) - I really just like the way it makes my eyes feel refreshed and bright!

I have very sensitive skin but usually okay with S&G but when I apply this it does leave a slight tingling sensation for about 5 mins but not painful and fine after that but just be wary if you have sensitive skin.

God value for money as although the pot is small, you don't use that much - had mine a few weeks now and you can barely tell i've used any.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

aroosa2010 from Works fast! said on 13/06/2014

I apply this under each eye morning and night and the puffiness disappears, as well as the redness. It has a cooling effect which is great for combatting irritable eyes especially for hayfever sufferers. It lasts a long time too, as you only need to apply a little. Within an hour, see the immediate difference!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Edi_Liv from Finally a cream that really works for puffy eyes! said on 14/05/2014

As a 38 year old ex-smoker and former sun-worshipper with hormonal acne I usually invest in high quality (and fairly pricey) skin-care to help keep age and damage at bay. But none of the many products I've tried have helped sort out the seriously puffy eyes I'd developed over the past couple of years (nor did a 'vampire facial' despite the promises of amazing results).

Then I tried S&G's 'Puffy Eye Attack' and 'You Won't Believe Your Eyes' (which has rolling balls to massage the cream in) on a whim when they were on offer and I'm so glad I did - they have absolutely worked wonders for me! The puffiness has literally disappeared. I would say of the 2 products Puffy Eye Attack is my favourite as it's easier to apply make-up over the top, but both are good. Just gently pat it on lower and upper eyelids morning and night. For this price and level of effectiveness I think the product is a complete bargain!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lizzie828 from Good Value said on 27/03/2014

To be honest Im not sure I believe in a "miracle cure" for eye bags, but this comes pretty close. I haven't noticed any reductions in my fine lines over the months I have been using this. However, if I have had a lack of sleep and my eyes are particularly puffy, this helps to smooth and cool the area, reducing the bag. The cream is more of a gel to me and a little goes a long way. my eyes feel instantly hydrated. overall its not going to change your life, but it is at least as efficient as the clinique cream I used to have at twice the price.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Christine from Soap and Glory Eye Gel said on 27/02/2014

I have purchased this product a few times and love it, I bought it on line because it wasn't available in store.

Very good for under eye puffiness, keep it in the fridge for a nice cooling wake up in the morning.

Good price too, unlike many competitors who are vastly overpriced, and not as good.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Sandra from It works! said on 18/02/2014

My usual eye cream had ceased to be as efficient as it had been, so i started looking around for another product....didn't know if this would do the trick, but for the price I thought I'd give Puffy Eye Attack a try......very good results within a few days and soooo easy to apply.....it's in a pot that you dab your finger in, rather than a little fiddly tube..I'm telling all my friends!!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Swimmer933 from Soap & Glory™ Puffy Eye Attack™ Turbo-Boost Hydragel 14ml said on 04/02/2014

It's great, i'm a 63 yr old competitive swimmer & train for 6hrs a week with googles on the whole time. I use this straight after & it cools my eyes down & helps my 'panda' eyes disappear.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

catherine2244 from Not great for sensitive skin said on 04/01/2014

It make my eyes sting, i don't know weather it's because i have sensitive skin or weather its the way it reacts with my skin but i would not recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. But after all the stinging it made me look more awake but for i had to put on about an hour before i put my make up on because it made my under eye skin feel a little but like plastic. I have now stopped using the product and changed to a different under eye cream for sensitive skin.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Vicki1511 from Surprisingly effective said on 29/12/2013

I bought this after seeing some good reviews, and the fact that I love soap and glory products. I have always had dark circles and bags under my eyes, and whilst concealer can cover up the circles, I needed something to reduce the puffiness under my eyes.
I'm amazed to say, this actually works. I have noticed a dramatic reduction in the puffiness under my eyes, and although it doesn't reduce dark circles, it doesn't claim to :) I would recommend this product very highly.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Audrey from Puffy eyes said on 14/12/2013

This is most amazing product. Really does work. No more tired eyes
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Chloe from Loving it! said on 22/10/2013

Really hydrating for the eyes, they look a lot brighter! I use every morning and just before bed.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Frances from Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack said on 09/10/2013

Definitely recommend. Have tried others but this one definitely works.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Razzle from Could be better said on 20/08/2013

Not convinced it works as good as it should. You only need a little bit of this white coloured gel-cream and goes on easily and absorbs. It hydrates immediately. Unfortunately, like my last eye cream I felt a tightening effect, was cooling and puffiness was gone within the hour. With this I find the puffiness doesn’t go for a couple of hours and has no cooling or tightening effect.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com
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