Puffy Eye Attack™

Puffy Eye Attack™


turbo-boost hydragel

Loaded with BOTANICAL PEPTIDES, OXYGINSENG™ TECHNOLOGY, HYPER HYDRATORS and COOL-CUCUMBER-X™, Soap & Glory™ Puffy Eye Attack™ is fast-acting, improves skin-firming GENIUS IN A JAR! • Tackles the appearance of tired eyes • Firms, tones, rehydrates • Cools, soothes and moisturises • For all skin types • Plus-caffeine complex known to help reduce appearance of puffiness

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2.7 out of 5 (7) Review(s)

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kee from chicago,il said on 05/08/2017

i had really bad puffy dark eyes and i promise you my eyes have debloated and look so much better now to work on my dark circles i think the products works for me i like it

Hanz from New Orleans, LA said on 24/05/2017

I love this product. Its gently on my eyes, but works. I don't experience any burning or splotchiness that some of the other reviewers experienced. I'm 29 and have very little wrinkles, but wanted to amp up my eye care to combat future puffiness and I do have dark circles. I've been using it daily for about 2 weeks and my eyes are brighter and feel more firm and smooth. I am also using this in combination with the face wash and the moisturizer. I also love that Soap & Glory doesn't test their products on animals. I've recommended it to all my friends and I love, love, love it!

Sean from St. Louis said on 29/03/2017

So the only burning I've experienced is the peptides plumping up my eye bags. the peeling too - it was not my skin, but the congealed cream itself (part of the firming action is not only nourishing dry skin, but a physical layer of invisible gel that holds your skin in place. It peels off when you rub it, best for night time application as it's impossible to apply makeup over)

Aislinn from Indiana,US said on 16/03/2017

I bought the puffy eye attack and it has done nothing for my eyes except burn then and make my skin splotchy. I wouldn't not recommend to someone else

Aislinn from Indiana, US said on 16/03/2017

I bought the Puffy Eye attack along with the face moisturizer and night cream and the puffy eye attack has done nothing for my puffy eyes. It just burns and making my skin red and splotchy.

Cmw from USA said on 20/02/2017

Sorry but not seeing any difference.

kara from Brooklyn said on 18/01/2017

I used this cream under my eyes for about 4 nights in a row. every time I would put it on, it burned my skin immensely but I thought that meant the product was "working". anyway, I stopped using it after those 4 days. under my eyes are literally red, they are sore, and they feel raw. they are even peeling and I cant wear makeup because it burns and it makes the peeling parts look flaky. I do not recommend this product. it does the opposite of what it should do. I am trying everything to help heal the damage this product has caused me.
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