Smoothie Star™ Body Buttercream

Smoothie Star™ Body Buttercream


Luxurious Body Butter

A super nourishing, pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla scented body buttercream for irresistibly smooth and ultra-soft skin.

Want silky, sexy, famously soft skin? Rub elbows (and legs, arms, shoulders, knees and feet) with this luxurious, lightly whipped, super nourishing 5-OIL™ body buttercream, which features pistachio, almond and coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.

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CARMYROBERTS from FLORIDA said on 03/02/2017

I'm in love with this product it's in between a lotion and a butter!!! This makes me wanna moisturize all the time. At first, the smell was a little overwhelming when it was in the jar but, when it's on your skin it smells/feels amazing and not that strong (which is a good thing).

CARMY from FLORIDA said on 29/01/2017

When I smelled it out of the jar I kinda regretted it, but after I put it on my skin I was in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the smell wasn't as overpowering as I thought. It's so moisturizing and leaves your skin silky soft.

Julianna from USA said on 13/01/2017

Bought this from Walgreens as an indulgent splurge. So glad I did!

I have OCD (so I do 20 times the normal daily amount of hand-washing) and I live in a dry climate. If I need lotion, it better kick ass. The lotions I've tried before (both mass-produced stuff and small specialized companies, some cheap and some pricey) aren't fun. In order to get any benefit from it, I have to glop a bunch on like I'm icing a cake. And then when it finally dries, my hands are covered with this gloppy cakey gloop of lotion remnants. It's also a pain in the butt because then my hands are greasy all day.

I bought this stuff because the Walgreens sampler felt and smelled nice (and "lightly whipped body buttercream" just SOUNDS amazing. I know companies are taking advantage of my baseless assumption that anything good to eat must also be good to slather on skin. I don't care).

I just happened to brush my hand with a finger, and... WOAH. My hands are actually SOFT for the first time in recent memory. They smell great, but best of all... A minimal amount of oily residue! I want to take a bath in this stuff and never get out.

Taylor from Pittsburgh said on 12/12/2016

I absolutely love this body butter I cannot get enough of it. This is the only lotion I have found that really helps with dry skin. I recommend this product to anyone who has not tried it yet.

CurlyCurls from Miami said on 29/10/2016

Holy Moly this smells amazing! Like most, i fell in love at the store and took it home with me. I lovingly smother myself in the cream and the smell lasts alllll day. Oh yeah, it moisturizes too, but the smelll. Please bottle the scent, or make a shampoo or something. I need more of this scent in my life.

Nattie from USA said on 27/05/2016

I finally bought this the other day after hearing and reading about it for some time. I'm so glad I did! I've never been one to tote lotions and creams around. I own lots of lotions and love them all but this is the one that I take with me just about everywhere! The smell is so warm, sweet, and comforting. I love that it leaves me feel soft without being overly greasy too. I noticed the other day that the scent seems to last throughout the day even through all the times I wash my hands! Love this!!!!

Grayson from Chattanooga said on 20/12/2015

I am in love with this body lotion! The smell is intoxicating! I keep on catching a whiff of it when i move and I just love it. Such a wonderful product!

Lisa from California said on 09/07/2015

I broke out in very sever hives after using this product only once. If you have even slightly sensitive or reactive skin stay away from the Smoothie Star. I've been happy with Clean On Me Cleanser and no really issues with Righteous Body Butter.

E from NJ said on 03/04/2015

I love this body butter! I wish sephora wasn't discontinuing soap and glory products because they will be hard to find near me. This product really does smell like buttercream and is very hydrating.

ella from cleveland said on 10/11/2014

The moment I smelled this product in store I fell in love with it. To me it smells like pistachios and almonds and vanilla...and the fragrance is very sophisticated and warm (its really good before going to bed at night in summer and in the winter I like to use it all day). And it does moisturize my body quite well. I cant believe its not as popular as its other body butters.

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