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FLAKE AWAY™ is a superhero-strength, skin-sationally smoothing body scrub with shea butter, sweet almond oil, apricot seed powder, sea salt and sugar. This super-smoother helps you buff your way to beautiful, softer and fresher skin. Scented with our ORIGINAL PINK™ fragrance.

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canuckinfla from Tampa said on 31/03/2017

I love love love this product. And, I am obsessed with the smell. I wish there was a body butter to match but for now I spend most of my days and nights in my shower "flaking away".

Siobhan1984 from Great product said on 29/01/2017

I have used this product many times and love it. I find this body scrub to leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed.
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MamaChelleXO from San Jose, CA said on 26/10/2016

I really loved the concept and quality of this product, but it smells TERRIBLE. It wreaks of cologne and as a woman, I would want either a neutral or 'feminine' smelling product. I had a lot of fun using this in the shower, but had to hold my breathe during the whole process because it was making me feel lightheaded. I'm not giving up on this brand, I'll just try out other products!

mehrfarbig from Good said on 04/09/2016

Scrubs skin really well. I have a skin condition which causes excess skin growth and this is a great product to reduce the problem.
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lynea from greater kansas city said on 22/07/2016

I love this stuff. Unfortunately, I have tons of great scrubs that were given to me as gifts that have never been opened because of this stuff. I simply can't stop using it. I know that I'll never get that weird, greasy feeling from it, but will just get a good scrub, with excellent moisture left into my skin, and a lovely, feminine, lingering scent. I want to bring myself to eventually try the other Soap & Glory scrubs, but I am so loyal to this scent that it is difficult.

Sarah from A little disappointing said on 19/07/2016

I have been looking for a decent body scrub since SuperDrive stopped their vitamin E one which was cheap and amazing. Unfortunately this one didn't come close and was expensive. Smells ok, disappears quickly on the skin. Ok if you want that sort of thing.
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julie from soap glory flake away said on 06/07/2016

excellent product as always from soap & glory, smells lovely leaves skin feeling sliky
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deedeee7 from AMAZING!!!!! said on 07/05/2016

I absolutely adore this body scrub and wouldn't be without it, it rubs in really nicely into the skin and smells divine, it is great for anyone who suffers with 'chicken arms and legs' and ingrown hairs. My arms and legs have improved in appearance a great amount since using this, it has become one of my bathroom staples. I would recommend using the righteous body butter/lotion after using the scrub for maxium smell and softness of the skin.
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Nichola from Flake away said on 18/04/2016

As I only have to apply this ones or twice a month I feel this makes it good value for money. The smell is very pleasant and even though the texture is meat to have a roughness about it I do not find it unpleasant. _x000D_
I had a pimple on my face, after the second time I used flake away it cleared up so I was very happy with the product._x000D_
I do enjoy using soap and glorys products, I love how they leave you smelling and how your skin feels while using and after using. Bearing in mind I'v only used, body wash's, cream and flake away, very happy so fare.
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erikajayne from Love this product said on 14/03/2016

This is my absolute go to for an exfoliator. It smells divine and leaves me skin feel soft for days after use. _x000D_
There's a lot in the tub too, so absolutely a worth while spend. Must try if you've not had it before!
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